Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1420: You Are Already Dead! III

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Chapter 1420: You Are Already Dead! III

Cecilia's Origin vibrated powerfully as it answered her call and churned out all of the Essence of Reality within her reserves!

Even though a unique power restricted her from utilizing her Cosmic Filaments and allowed the might of a single Cosmos to be used- she still had her Cosmic Filaments.

Her pure and shocking power was still there as hidden within were the reserves of Essence of Reality from multiple emerging Realities, her strong will sacrificing all of them to go towards completing her second Ascendancy Halo!

'Bend to my thoughts and change the workings of Reality! Let me obtain the might to put this insect in his place!'

Her soul screamed powerfully as the multicolored essence of Reality weaved to complete her last Greater Nomological Edict.

The burning flames that were already rotating within her gained a 15th one, the essence of Reality bathing them and pulling them all together forcefully! Large amounts of this unique essence were sacrificed as it would never be done even by Elder Primordials in this manner, but Cecilia knew she didn't have a choice.

The abomination before her could never reach the level of a Primordial's feet, but he did possess power to threaten her! So she would do all she needed in order to put him in his place!


An illusory blinding ring of light erupted out around her glorious figure of a Celestial Vine as it roared out with majesty and power!

It was not white at all as in the surroundings, a regal light of blue began to spread out wildly.

A Blue Tier Ascendancy Halo!


It spun madly around the figure of the golden green Celestial Vine as her golden blood stopped flowing, the faceless Celestial Vine gazing towards Noah with malice as her voice echoed out when watching this being actually wave his hands to put away her ripped out central golden trunks along with her two Quasi-Primordial Relics.

"Now…you shall perish without a doubt along with your abominable Reality!"


Cecilia wanted to now put on a dominating show as she moved, her non-fused and newly forged Blue Ascendancy Halo releasing powerful waves of light as it expanded to attack Noah!

As the blue light filled everyone's gazes, Noah looked at it calmly as his recently freed hand went forward, once more using his palms to actually dare to grasp onto a coming Ascendancy Halo!


A scraping sound as if metal was grinding upon metal echoed out, Cecilia's consciousness lighting up as she saw even though the hands of the being before her weren't ripped apart…he was rebuffed for the first time since his dominating pace of battle began.

A cerulean blue light flashed dangerously as Noah's body was pushed back a little, but his eyes remained calm! This was because even as he gazed into the details of his fused Ascendancy Halo of Catastrophe, he didn't see any changes to its rank as he could confidently say he could suppress the Blue Tier Halo before him!

The rank of his Ascendancy Halo would only be decided if he met another Halo that it couldn't suppress.

This new Blue Tier Halo below him…he could suppress!

This was why he could counteract it with his bare hands as wondrously, even though the Primordial had now displayed two Ascendancy Halos…his power was enough to stand against it!


His body surged with power as he felt the fused flames of edicts coursing through him through the lines created by the Runic Dao Lines- as if these inscriptions were always there for this purpose as the power he could display was increased by multiple levels over.

He had to take the time to understand the mysteries of this and what this True Form could fully display with the authority of his Ascendancy Halo, everything he was doing now felt natural as it brought out immense might and power!

The Flames of Apocalypse among many more were layered on his body as his hands alone released all of his fused flames of edicts while he withstood the authority of the Blue Tier Ascendancy Halo, and his body stopped being pushed back as he now tried to pierce through its authority and erase Cecilia once and for all.


His True Sanguine Clones thundered down with their own attacks towards the endlessly spreading branches and vines of the enemy before them, the four Cosmic Rank Outer Eldritch Terrors and Heralds of Apocalypse that answered his call fighting against the smaller vines of Cecilia as the attention of this existence was spread out in order to keep away from the baleful essence of Apocalypse and Pandemonium!

"The effects of your Quasi-Primordial Relic will be dispelled in the next few seconds…when that occurs, I will truly show you which of us is the sky and just what little thing is the frog!"


At such a time, Cecilia's piercing voice filled with pride echoed out as the reality was stated simply for the pace of the battle. Noah was dominating it, yes! He was withstanding two Ascendancy Haloes. He was even pushing his way within the authority of these Halos…but all of this was under the pretense that this enemy remained in the same Realm as him!

The words of Cecilia of what would happen when she regained her full Realm weren't false, and Noah knew this very well.

The Eonic Bell of the Unguarded was powerful- but it was only that. A powerful Quasi-Primordial Relic that after affecting a Cosmic Filament Realm existence this whole time…its effects were actually about to be dispelled!

In this short period of time, Noah had to bypass the might of two Ascendancy Halos as in such a limited time slot…it wasn't possible.

Even though his Ascendancy Halo of Catastrophe could actually suppress Cecilia's white and blue tier Halos, it still required him to spend some time before he could break through their authority!

Yet the time wasn't there as if Noah did not bypass them in the next few seconds…all would be lost.

And yet…his eyes were still calm.

This was because he had planned for a great deal of things, and he had spent quite a significant amount of time with the abilities from Kismet and the Dictum Emperor- the abilities of Reader's Viewpoint and Premium Reader!

He had seen this story.

He knew how it would end!

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