Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1487: The Fantastical Forsaken TreasureReality! Vl

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Chapter 1487: The Fantastical Forsaken TreasureReality! Vl

[Low Tier Soul Crystals]:: A collection of pure Soul Power in a digestible form, capable of slightly refining the soul of the absorber and elevating their status…

The description for the Low Tier Soul Crystals they had obtained was short and simple as it stated its purpose, Noah gazing down where the mountain of Soul Crystal used to be as he saw a swirling mass of gold essence that moved with a terrifying authority.

This…was the bottom of the Destiny Domain Space that gave birth to the cluster of Soul Crystals.

"A phenomenon of utter wonder within Forsaken Treasure Realities- a Domain Space that naturally forms specific treasures!"

Natalya's voice echoed out beside Noah as the Overseer appeared with her glimmering bow in hand.

"This is why Forsaken Treasure Realities are such tremendous things for anyone to get their hands on; they can gain access to sources of many special Domain Spaces that continue to form treasures over time. It's quite literally getting your hands on a treasure trove that just keeps on giving! This one that we have entered is far above my expectations as it seemed vaster and different than the one I entered before or any of the ones I have heard of, and we will have to send word to the Legend of our race as soon as we leave here as I truly don't think we can swallow everything here by ourselves…or be able to defend it in the rare chance that someone else ever finds out about the location of this Forsaken Treasure Reality!"

Her words were filled with many thoughts as the vast number of treasure islands they had seen was far too many and too vast compared to the knowledge that even this Overseer had!

But she was a normal Higher Existence like Noah and many others…they wanted to get their hands on as much as their stomachs could handle as everyone wanted to strive and scale the Firmaments. And Forsaken Treasure Realities…gave a clean pathway for scaling the Firmaments of Ascendancy from the overabundance of destiny and fortune one could hold within.

Noah didn't agree with letting anyone else know about this wondrous place, but he wasn't the one to find it as the decision currently rested on the shoulders of the Overseer! Yet…the eyes of this powerful woman were bright as she seemed to read Noah's calm eyes, her voice coming out again.

"Don't worry, Peerless Forger. I'll only share the location of this Forsaken Treasure Reality if I confirm we truly cannot swallow it ourselves. I also seek to reach the 8th and 9th Firmament in the future, not just to have you aid me in forging my Primordial Relic!"


Her words eased the greed that even the Grandmasters behind Noah were feeling as Noah smiled lightly, their figures shooting forward once more after they passed over the now empty mountain that used to hold Soul Crystals.

They went forward while collecting more and more Cosmic Essence Convergence Crystals that littered the golden pathway they followed, Noah even going as far as plucking the shockingly tall crystalline trees surrounding them which had the Cosmic Essence Convergence Crystals coming off as fruits!

As he did this, his eyes also gazed at the dangerous looking white gold Great Bow in Natalya's hands- the Quasi-Primordial Relic she had used to turn a Sixth Firmament Amalgamation of Greed into mere pieces of meat in an instant.

"This is The Heartstring Reaver…my first ever forged Quasi-Primordial Relic that has followed me for the past tens of millions of years!" Natalya saw Noah's eyes as she spoke with a knowing smile, her words continuing.

"The Heartstring Reaver is through Treasure I've been trying to elevate to a Primordial Relic this whole time as the materials I wish to find in this Forsaken Treasure Reality are strictly for this…"

Her words caused Noah to nod and smile as their figures actually came to a stop in the next moment, his voice replying out.

"We might just have the chance to look at rarer treasures soon that might fit those requirements…"

Noah said this as before them, the singular path had forked into 9 different paths that led deeper into the Treasure Island they were on!

Some continued straight, others were elevated and going higher, and others seemed to be heading down as they formed into caves if one continued further down!

9 paths were laid out before them as Natalya's eyes shone before she gave out commands to the Golden Titans behind her.

"You all have been under my banner for the last millions of years…listen to my words once more as I ask you to explore this dangerous place filled with opportunities and return back here alive!"


The Overseer looked at the oaths as she instantly decided for them to split up as they covered more ground on the Treasure Island, her voice continuing to ring out as she formed two groups- one led by the Sixth Firmament Titan and the other led by the Fifth Firmament Titan.

"Two groups are dangerous enough, but the Leaders should be able to protect everyone within the group as your main goal is Treasure collection. If you meet defenders on Destiny Domain Spaces that you cannot handle.. leave them be! Meet back at this exact spot after exactly 10 hours, where we will forge the path towards the next Treasure Island together."

"Yes, Overseer!"

Monos and the other Grandmasters reverently answered the commands as this being had utter loyalty to their Overseer, this being turning to look towards Noah with an enticing smile as she asked.

"Which path should they take?"


As an existence with a Bloodline from Olden Times, she sought his opinion on which paths led to profound treasures as Noah smiled while pointing to two out of the Nine.


Natalya called out as the two parties of Golden Titans nodded to each other before their two groups rushed towards two paths with haste!

Left behind were only Noah and Natalya as this overpowered Overseer continued to seek Noah's opinion calmly.

"Which path shall we take, O Peerless Forger?"

Her eyes carried a trace of teasing as she called out Noah's title, a smile appearing over him as he looked towards a single path.

A path that his Flames of the Resplendent Treasure Emperor and Destiny Goblin King Bloodline were crying out for- a path that his Authority as a Treasure King cried out for him to take!

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