Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 1557: A Coincidental Meeting!

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Chapter 1557: A Coincidental Meeting!

Truly wonderful abilities were contained within the Atlatl of Reality as Noah's eyes sparkled when he read them, each of them without a doubt containing the quality of their attacks being capable of ignoring even veils of Reality to chase and hit their intended enemy!

Can one imagine sleeping or just sipping tea as in the next second, a Spear of Reality thunders onto their origin?! Or endless Unstable Cosmos smash onto them out of nowhere?

The possibilities for how Noah wished to play with this Sui Generis Enlightened Primordial Relic were endless as he grasped onto the Spear of Reality within his hands tightly while those behind him finally couldn't help it any longer and erupted into a bustle of questions for what had just happened and what the changes were.

Little Henry had been observing everything with shining eyes as his grandmother had her mouth still wide open, not understanding the shocking scenes she saw at all as she looked towards her son for questions!

As Noah made his way towards the domains of the Celestial Vines to establish an identity and begin his incursion into the Primordial Bloodline, he was also continuing to plan and look out for contingencies on how all of this would be achieved!

After all, he was an existence with a Bloodline of an Emperor of Old as just this alone was enough to turn many heads, but there were a few paths he could take with this in the picture to still get what he wanted.


The Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality tore across the Boundary Between Realities as Noah talked with Victoria and Lucia, Little Henry's clone watching by the side with great interest as he soaked everything in.

"Your Legend?"

"He rarely shows himself these past millions of years. He only descends occasionally to observe the direction of the Bloodline…" Victoria replied lightly as she was still dazed from Noah's words about his Origin and the fact that he wasn't even in the Scales of the Firmaments of Ascendancy weeks ago!

Her insurmountable pride was already ground down as she voiced out lightly, Noah taking her words seriously as he gazed at the blank emptiness of the Boundary Between Realities while speaking to himself.

"Descending…just where are these Legends Descending from?"


A thought that required some time and attention into it, but before Noah could focus on it too much…

"Hmmm?" His eyes rose up sharply as the essence of a Quasi-TABOO Nomological Edict erupted from him instantly!

It was a passive activation of this wondrous Edict as his destiny warned him of something terrific.

BZZZT! ꜰʀᴇᴇ ᴡᴇʙ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ

His hands rose as a golden book came to be within it, radiant sets of white words being written within that caused him to furrow his brows while looking to a faraway location towards the direction his vessel was going towards!

The reason why he elevated Dictum Emperor was to catch known and unknown threats before either hit him blindsided, and such a thing came to aid him at this moment as he read truly fantastical sets of paragraphs that showed a chance meeting that could be a disaster or a point of opportunity depending on how Noah reacted!

Not everything could be under his control as things could happen at any moment in time, and this was such an event as on their path towards the domains of the Celestial Vines, a shockingly enormous vessel appeared before them as they came across another party!


Seas of Flames roiled below the Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality as it was forced to come to a stop, Noah's eyes rising up to meet a shockingly humongous cuboidal vessel that was larger than even 100 Cosmos put together.

It was shining black throughout as it had golden runic lines lining it all around mysteriously, and what seemed like two Resplendent auroras of white wings erupting at the top of this vessel that almost made it seem like a living creature!

It released waves of power at the level of an Enlightened Primordial Relic as it even exceeded Noah's Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality, and it seemed like a beast that could devour them whole as from it, a calm voice filled with regality echoed out.

"Interesting. Identify yourselves."


A sonorous voice of undeniable authority echoed out as it caused the faces of Lucia and Victoria to change, while Noah's eyes shone with a hidden golden glow of destiny as the three of them replied at the same time!

"Elder Primordial Victoria of the Celestial Vines."

"Elder Primordial Lucia of the Primal Foxes."

"Elder Primordial Alexander of the Celestial Vines."


The first to answer were Victoria and Lucia as these beings bowed their heads respectfully, while Noah's figure did not bow…but it simply gave a nod of acknowledgment!

This was because all of them had knowledge of what vessels like the one they saw indicated, especially because this one had a golden ring of light that gave off immense grandeur at the very front of it.

A simple golden circle.

But all knowledgeable Primordials knew that it stood for something stupendous- it indicated truly special factions of the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines of the Primordials!

None of those here were of the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines, so they had to give their show of respect even if they were Primordials themselves. But this wasn't enough as for Elder Primordials to bow towards others, they had to be even more distinguished! And this was truly so as within the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines, there were 5 unique Bloodlines from the over a dozen that were given special distinction.

Of the Cardinal Royal Bloodlines, there were 5 within that were known as the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Bloodlines!

A unique distinction that held its own meaning to be explored later on, but the circular golden ring etched on the enormous cuboidal vessel distinguished the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human Bloodline.

"Oh? I hadn't heard of a Bloodline of Old appearing within the Celestial Vines yet. Alexander, you said?"

The voice filled with ancientness and regality continued to ring out as it focused on Noah, the obsidian outline of the enormous cuboidal vessel changing as light contracted and refracted to reveal a portion of this vessel that showed multiple existences situated regally within!

All of them were adorned in a unique manner, with over ten glorious existences standing to the left and right of a single one that sat on a tall white throne.

She…was dazzling to the eyes and soul as her presence alone caused even Victoria and Lucia to look on with dazed expressions, her attire being somewhat similar to those who guarded her sides as they wore tight gold clothing that wrapped over their shockingly robust and muscular bodies…along with serenely waving capes over their shoulders!

The men could put to shame any bodybuilders who even took steroids in Noah's home world as they were sculpted to near perfection, their faces obscenely handsome as their stature was double that of any normal human being.

Adorned with the tight golden wrapping that hugged their muscles closely, they seemed like shocking forces of nature that could tear apart Realities with their bare hands alone!

There were unique white inscriptions over their golden attire as the cape over their shoulders were entirely white, the woman on the throne rising as when she rose, the 10 Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans at her sides kneeled.

Her body and muscles were also sculpted to shocking levels as Noah could see the outline of eight packs where he stood, the tight golden wrapping she wore also hugging her blessed chest in a way that would cause weak men to die with happiness from a single glance as her behind was even more shocking!

The tout muscles on her didn't cause any imbalance as she showed off both beauty and power seamlessly as while a white cape waved majestically behind her, an illusory golden crown rotated serenely above her.

A respected existence of the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human Bloodline that at the same time also held a Bloodline from the Olden Times! It was a shocking personage for them to come across as her identity was not light, the 10 Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans kneeling around her alone all boasting power at the Eighth Firmament of Ascendancy as a single one was even…at the Ninth Firmament!

Just…who was this existence?!