Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 701 - Old and New Shall Work As One! I

Chapter 701 - Old and New Shall Work As One! I

At this moment, it seemed to be the period of the calm before the storm as many beings moved about and prepared.

The clone of Alexander used the medallion that granted the Authority of an Imperial Ruler to occupy the fortress that the Imperial Adjudicator had given him. This Dannicus fortress was filled with protectors and maids as it brimmed with life, but like much of the Nexus Galaxy, Noah would not get to enjoy it too much!

He thought this because even though he had been in the Nexus Galaxy for over half a month now, he had only remained in the Brightgold Monarchy Realm where the core of the Imperials resided. Even though this was the location where the most powerful gathered, there were still millions of other Realms and billions of worlds in the starry space of this Galaxy that he did not explore, simply because it wasn't his focus and he did not need to.

Noah was lamenting this fact as he loved exploring and enjoying the cultures of different beings, but his focus had been very narrow and locked on as time passed! Even now, the clone was helping with enhancing his Realm by absorbing Cores at the rank of Black Hole, utilizing the loot he received from the Fiends himself.

His Manifested Black Hole merely devoured all the coming Cores as it only got larger and enhanced its gravitational force, where even as Noah took out and absorbed the QUASAR Ranked cores that shone with multicolored splendor and were the size of his head, his Black Hole only grew ever larger as the oppressive air it released increased. But he did not break through!

Traversing through the Realms while keeping oneself at Grand Completion was hard, where the resources required to advance were even more numerous. This was why Noah had to absorb the cores of multiple beings a stage above him just to obtain the Manifested Black Hole while advancing forward.

"If I have to butcher tens of QUASARS or even a Lower Tier GALAXY expert to advance, so be it!" His gaze was cold as he said these words, continuing to absorb the many cores as he thought about the body of Noah in the Novus Galaxy.

Because of wanting to bring as much fire power as possible to the Galaxy he wanted to besiege, he would have both his bodies work together on the raid mission of the Burning Domains Galaxy.

This was also because if he did not put his other body to use, it would mean that an hour of [Invulnerability] gets simply wasted as both his bodies shared the effects of the Traits he held.

With his split Origins, some things between his bodies were separate, but the inscribed Traits given by his home Galaxies were one and the same! An example was the progression Realm being somewhat interlinked but separate, or how some skills like [Ancient Blood Clone] were treated entirely separate as he gained clones past the limits because of both bodies. The inscribed Traits of Infinite Mana and Protagonist were the things that were shared! When he activated the [Plot Armor] ability with the body of Alexander, it would also apply to the body of Noah in the Novus Galaxy as under Traits, both bodies were one and the same!

So why not have his other body participate when there was no threat to his life? Thus, he would have both the old body and the new one work together as they procured the most loot!

This was especially so since in the past few hours after the body of Noah in the Novus Galaxy obtained the wisps of the Dao of Summoning, two additional pets were also summoned! His Origin in the Novus Galaxy summoned and contracted the Animus Pets without any problems, whatever Universal Rules or Dao existing not being able to stop him as his two bodies exceeded possible limits on this aspect as well.

The Animus Summons brought forth by Noah were just as shocking as the ones the body of Alexander summoned, with two Ultra Rare Summons being brought forth!

Since he began on the path of a Summoner, not a single Common or Rare Pet, but all his pets had been of the Ultra Rank or above.

He even considered the Noah in the Novus Galaxy unlucky as no PRISMATIC Summons took the bait for him! Yet the summoned pets had their own splendor as both of them held Ancient Bloodlines!

[Variant Oculothorax](Ultra Rare) :: An Animus Summon at the Black Hole Realm. Its body is primarily an eyeball, and this particular Oculothorax has undergone a mutation through pure willpower after rejecting its grotesque appearance, mastering the Laws of Light and Fate in an effort to change its destiny. It contains a dreadfully strong soul as all its abilities carry potent Soul Damage. Abilities include Eye of Doom, Fate Extinguishing Light…

[Millennium Calamity Bear](Ultra Rare) :: An Animus Summon at the QUASAR Realm. A unique species of Bears that takes on the mantle of [Calamity], this Summon has mastered the Laws of Life and Earth as its body can barely be penetrated by physical attacks. Within it, the Bloodline of the Archaic Void Calamity Millennium Bear dwells. Abilities include Shield of Beginning, Hug of Life and Death...

From his two summons, Noah was able to bring forth two Ultra Rare pets, with one in the realm of Nebula that he raised to Black Hole, and the terrifyingly large Millennium Calamity Bear standing at 300 meters large that was already at the QUASAR Realm!

All he did for the Calamity Bear was enhance its Realm to Grand Completion, his heart trembling in excitement as he looked at its tanky abilities that would even be able to withstand attacks from a Lower Tier Galaxy expert once he merged with the pet.

You read that right! The defences of this Millenium Calamity Bear seemed terrifying enough that after Noah merged with it and enhanced its strength, he expected this Summon at the QUASAR Realm to be able to at least defend against a Lower Tier GALAXY Realm expert!

As for the Oculothorax...all he could say was that it was extremely interesting! What should have normally been a grotesque-looking summon as it was an eyeball floating in space actually contained within it the brilliant light of fate, resplendent white wings erupting on the back of the eye as the pupil shone half gold and white!

Who could have imagined that he could summon pets with such uniqueness? He was looking forward to advancing through Realm quickly so he could summon even more, wanting to catch as many unique Animus Summons as he could!