Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 708 - What Can They Do But Die?! II

Chapter 708 - What Can They Do But Die?! II

In the Central Realm of the Burning Domains Galaxy, a terrifying Entity disappeared as her body bellowed forth with power!

She had received numerous communications from multiple Elder Fiends of attackers besieging their Galaxy, and she also felt the life force of one of the Elder Fiends perish a second later.

Her face was filled with wrath as she warped through space and neared the closest Domain where she could sense the aura of one of the enemies that was currently facing another Elder Fiends. No more of her tools would be killed today no matter who the enemies were, they had to die!


The Entity appeared instantly in the domain where an enormous Void Serpent had actually enclosed the GALAXY Realm Elder Fiend within its large body as its serpentine body constricted, its tail striking out constantly while the Elder Fiend defended with starry attacks.

The moment that the aura of the Entity spread out to announce its arrival, Noah in the merged Void Serpent glanced towards this titanous being with shining eyes as one of the most powerful skills of the Void Serpent were cast towards the Elder Fiend he had been dealing with this entire time!

[Annihilatory Death Devouring].


The essence of Death fully erupted out to cover the surrounding hundreds of miles, submerging the Void Serpent and the Fiend it was battling within as the entire affected space...came to a halt. The only thing moving was the widening jaw of the Void Serpent, this jaw showing a transparent light connecting to the shocked Elder Fiend whose body was vibrating in the halted space while trying to move.

"Great Master!"

The Elder Fiend at the Lower Tier of the GALAXY Realm that was actually on the losing side of the battle utilized all of its essence to try moving in the halted space as a terrible devouring force began to call out to it, calling out to the newly arriving Entity with excitement and fear the moment she appeared!

The Entity herself glanced at this situation with experienced eyes as her body bubbled forth with power, seeing that the enemy was actually at the QUASAR Realm, yet its body released a terrifying aura at the Lower Tier of the GALAXY Realm.

Seeing this sight calmed the wisened Entity much, the first thing she did was waving her hands as an overpowering pressure spread out over the surrounding thousands of miles as she locked the space. She then glanced at the Void Serpent that had activated a skill that was releasing a horrible devouring force that even a Fiend at the Lower Tier of the GALAXY Realm could not defend against.

Amongst the wrath of the Entity, a light of interest appeared as when she looked closer at this creature, she picked up the aura Animus!

This was a type of creature she was familiar with, and from an Ancient Power she had come across before! As she stared at the Elder Fiend that was in a perilous situation, her bellowing voice resounded out.

"No matter your connection to the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, attacking a domain I have claimed will only result in your death!"


Her gaze was filled with wild power as the aura of the Dao erupted out, this aura going on to surround Noah in his Void Serpent form along with the Elder Fiend that was in the process of being devoured.

"Abysmally low comprehension in the Dao, and you dare to try and kill one of my people? You shall not touch a single hair on their bodies when I am here! What do you have to say for yourself before I erase your soul?"

The voice seemed to have everything under control the moment the immense aura of the Dao of Vitality spread out to cover everything, seemingly bringing all things around her control as even the horrendous devouring force released by the [Annihilatory Death Devouring] ability was reducing, the Elder Fiend gradually regaining control of its body as it stopped going towards the jaws of the Void Serpent!

This was the power of an Entity! A being that Noah could not even hope to defeat at his current state even if he brought all four of his Animus Summons to group up. This was because this being, even while injured, was at the Peak of the GALAXY Realm while backed up with the comprehension of a powerful Dao!

Noah's eyes shone with l.u.s.ter at this progression as in the halted space, he looked towards the Entity he had only seen in his memories as the ancient voice of the Void Serpent he merged with resounded out with calmness and arrogance.

"A mere Entity, and you think you can stop me from achieving what I want?!"

His shocking words were followed with him outwardly releasing the little comprehensions he had of the Dao of Summoning, a unique pressure that only those who had begun embarking on the Dao could release permeating out to offset the horrific pressure of the Dao that the Entity released just around the Void Serpent and the Elder Fiend. The moment Noah did this, he spammed the same ability that nearly devoured the Elder Fiend as immense mana was utilized!

[Annihilatory Death Devouring]![Annihilatory Death Devouring]![Annihilatory Death Devouring]!



Space seemed to crack and fracture at the casting of the ability multiple times, the devouring force from the jaws of the Void Serpent becoming unbearable as the Elder Fiend was sucked towards its jaws instantly.


The jaws snapped shut as the immense pressure of the Dao of Vitality that the Entity released covered Noah again, but the Elder Fiend was already being devoured inside it through and through as the gaze of the Void Serpent stared at the Entity fearlessly!

Even in its presence, he had broken control of its oppressive power for a second as he utilized this to cause the downfall of another Elder Fiend in the Burning Domains Galaxy.

At this time, Noah's voice in the form of the ancient Void Serpent rang out again in an arrogant fashion, his eyes locking with the newly enraged Fiend that had her authority questioned!

"I shall not touch a single hair while you are here? Hmph. If I want them dead, what can they do but die?! Even an Entity cannot change that!"


His words were released with regality and majesty as the crowned head of the deadly draconic-serpent rose up arrogantly, its body that was hundreds of meters large actually looking down at the powerful Entity that was proficient in a Dao!

Domineering! Shocking!

Noah could say such arrogant words and act so tough...because he knew he still had [Plot Armor] active for another 57 minutes...

Even a terrifying Entity that he knew he could not defeat, as long as he had [Plot Armor] active...he did not fear them!