Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System - Chapter 551 - The Outside World Is Weak

Chapter 551: The Outside World Is Weak

Back at the training field of Da Hong Immortal Sect in Mt. Fengyu of Yong Chang, more than a score of young men and ladies were gazing at Wang Xian in astonishment.

Hua Yu was stupefied as he stared at Wang Xian with disbelief.

He did not expect that a newbie who had just joined could trounce him. As someone who was prideful, he found this hard to swallow.

Since there is an Illusory sword, could I make my own phantom images too?

Wang Xian was not even paying attention to the surrounding group of youngsters. He was holding the sword and pondering to himself.

Gazing at the stream of water and the reflection in it, he revealed a faint smile on his face.


At this time, a water clone that looked exactly like Wang Xian appeared beside him. However, the clone was transparent.

Wang Xian grasped his sword, yet again.


Water vapor began to condense around him, encompassing the clone and him altogether. In the blurry mist, it was hard to differentiate between the two of them.

However, there was a flaw in this method. Any experts would be able to sense and differentiate easily since the principal would be stronger than the water clone.

Connect us together?

Wang Xian thought about how the five elements interact with each other. With his mind control, he tried to connect the energy from the water clone with him through the thick water vapor.

Subsequently, the clone was able to explode daunting power that could camouflage him.

“Not bad!”

Wang Xian grinned as he tried to control his water clone to launch an attack. This was not that difficult either.

Next, he tried to create a mechanical water clone which duplicated all his actions.

“Senior Ling’er, he’s compelling and aloof!”

A female disciple came to Yu Ling’er, fixing her disbelieving gaze on Wang Xian.

“This… He…”

Yu Ling’er did not expect Wang Xian to be such a compelling figure who could triumph over Hua Yu with ease. His strength was already much stronger than hers.

Yu Ling’er, who had been unhappy with Wang Xian, parted her lips with a complicated look in her eyes.

Seeing Wang Xian practicing by himself, ignoring all of them, she pouted again and answered in frustration, “Aloof, my foot!”

“Let’s do our training!”

After Senior brother Hua Yu walked away, and Wang Xian did not seem to be concerned about them, the disciples hesitated before continuing with their training.

However, they would peer at Wang Xian occasionally during their practices.

“Have your breakfast. After your breakfast, my mum will bring you to the registration at the ancestral sect!” said Yu Ling’er coldly to Wang Xian after an hour.


Wang Xian nodded his head gently while his mind was all focused on the use of water energy.

After he went back to his residence, a disciple who had yet to reach Inborn sent breakfast to him.

“The ingredient used is rather fresh, with some energies contained in it. This place is indeed different from the outside!”

The Spiritual Energy was four, or even eight times more than what the outside world had. All the food over here contained Spiritual Energy too. To advance to Inborn Realm in one’s twenties was totally possible.

“Mentor Yu!”

After breakfast, Wang Xian came to Mentor Yu’s room and called out for her.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to the registration!”

Mentor Yu walked out in the air as she nodded to Wang Xian. She brought him to the entrance of Da Hong Immortal Sect.

Along the way, there were pavilions, bridges, and waterfalls, adding on to the beauty of the fairyland.

“Wang Xian, Inborn disciples are considered to be adequate in Da Hong Immortal Sect. But there are thousands of them in Da Hong Immortal Sect. When you advance to Dan Realm, only then will you get to enjoy some prestige. Work hard in your cultivation, and strive to advance to Dan Realm!”

The lady spoke to Wang Xian as she strolled.

Wang Xian nodded. “I’ll work hard, Mentor Yu.” After some hesitation, Wang Xian continued. “Mentor Yu, what kind of qualifications do I need to have in order to get the best Cultivation Technique of Da Hong Immortal Sect?”

“The best Cultivation Technique?” Mentor Yu was slightly stunned. Soon after, she chuckled and said, “It seems like there are things you do not understand.

“There are only three sects in Yong Chang world. There’s no stringent requirements to obtain the Cultivation Technique of the various sects. As long as you have the resources, you can even obtain the Cultivation Technique of Yong Chang Immortal Sect.

“Resources are all you need to exchange for the most formidable tactics and battle techniques of Da Hong Immortal Sect.”


Wang Xian froze for a moment. I can exchange the techniques directly with resources? That’s way too easy.

But soon, Wang Xian understood the reason behind it.

Yong Chang world was too small to have three major Immortal Sects. Having three sects in such a small world would, in fact, be overcrowded. Thus, each sect had relatively fewer people.

Since the three Immortal Sects could stay together in a world, that must have been due to them being on good terms with one another.

With a smaller population and smaller land, they did not value a Cultivation Technique of their own.

It was to the extent that the offspring of Da Hong Immortal Sect’s disciples could switch to Yong Chang Immortal Sect.

This world was a rather peaceful place.

Following Mentor Yu, he soon arrived at the foot of a vast mountain.

“Peak Wushi is the registration location for all disciples. There are other mountains like Scriptures Depository, Sword Cleansing Peak, and Assessment Peak. You’ll find out when the time comes!

“There’s a big city just outside of that mountain entrance. All the daily supplies can be bought with Spiritual Stones over there. You can earn Spiritual Stones through work or exchange for them with resources!” Mentor Yu explained to him.

Wang Xian nodded slightly, as this was similar to how the real world worked.

“Oh? Mentor Yu, you’re here. The timing is just right. I don’t have to notify you on a separate note!”

A middle-aged man spotted the lady and spoke to her with smiles upon entering Peak Wushi.

“I brought a disciple here to join Mt. Fengyu. What’s up, Attendant Liu?” asked Mentor Yu to a middle-aged man with a flat voice.

“Big news! Here!”

Attendant Liu swept a glance at Wang Xian before he tossed a jade stone to the lady.

“Hur? Memento Stone?”

The lady froze for a moment before instilling her energy in it, and a screen suddenly popped up before Wang Xian.

He was super shocked to see the screen in front of him.

On the screen was an iPad. Yes, it’s a tablet.

Some real-life scenes were playing on the tablet.

“This is the situation of the outside world for the disciples to prepare themselves for the future,” Attendant Liu said slowly, “We have not come into contact with the outside world for three hundred years. Never did I expect it to undergo such a drastic change.”

“This is amazing!” Mentor Yu exclaimed in surprise as she checked out the pictures on the screen.

“Hehe, they called this ‘technology.’ But the Underworld outside is said to be very weak. I heard that Dan Realm experts can proclaim dominance in the Underworld. The entire Underworld only has a few hundred Inborn Experts. Haha, the outside world is just too weak!” said the middle-aged man, chuckling.

“Is that so? The Spiritual Energy is too sparse outside as compared to our place.” Mentor Yu shook her head slowly. “Their resources are simply too little!

“We have been consuming our resources over here for more than a thousand years. They’re almost depleted too. I wonder when the Spiritual Energy in Yong Chang Cauldron will be exhausted, and when our Spirit Array will disappear!”