Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System - Chapter 658 - If You Aren’t Leaving, I’ll Bury You Here (1)

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Chapter 658: If You Aren’t Leaving, I’ll Bury You Here (1)

“Wang Xian!”

Sui Huang and Old Xiao were ebullient to see Wang Xian as they hurriedly headed in his direction.

“Xiao Yu, Elder Fang!”

Sect Leader Tang and Vice Sect Leader Lei from Thistles and Thorns Sect walked towards Xiao Yu and Elder Fang with broad smiles.

The arrival of Wang Xian and the gang immediately became a supporting pillar for them.

Five thousand Martial Artists behind them remained silent, watching them.

“What’s the matter? The Spiritual Energy is like a waterfall over here. Cultivating under it is a great chance for any Martial Artists. Just a month of cultivation and the Underworld will regain its peak period!”

Wang Xian chuckled as he spoke, looking into their eyes.

“Wang Xian, we were chased out of the mountains. Those strong overseas forces won’t allow us to practice around this area unless we become their lackeys or subordinates!”

Sui Huang shook his head bitterly, revealing a dreadful look.

“Those that are behind us did not agree to join those overseas groups. Now, we only have these Martial Artists from the Underworld left. The rest have become the lackeys of the overseas forces!”

Xiao Quanshan darkened his expression.

The Underworld was bound together for good. Now that the Underworld had come to such a state, none of their facial expressions looked good.

“Oh? They are in our territory, and they are asking the Martial Artists of the Underworld to get lost?”

There was a flash of cold radiance in Wang Xian’s eyes.

As he spoke, he headed inside. “Ask them to get out of China’s territory!”

Sui Huang and Xiao Quanshan were stunned as they quickly continued, “Wang Xian, those overseas forces are very compelling!”

Wang Xian gestured a dismissive sign. “We shall see!”

Hiak hiak!

A clap of grisly laughter came from behind.

Sui Huang, Xiao Quanshan, and the rest were shocked as they looked behind Wang Xian immediately.

More than thirty people led by a middle-aged man, Mo Qinglong, whom they were familiar with, were walking behind Wang Xian.

But they had not seen the rest.

There were eight elders whose heights were less than one meter, holding daggers in their hands.

The one who chuckled was an old man, exhibiting a sinister smile on his face. Everyone felt their hearts skip a beat.

Apart from the eight elders, there were other middle-aged men and elders with heavily-tattooed faces. The killing and murderous aura being exuded were rather apparent.

None of these middle-aged men and elders looked normal. Their demeanor made everyone uncomfortable.

Those Martial Artists that were rather weak were even more aghast.

Sui Huang and Xiao Quanshan exchanged a look as they followed behind Wang Xian.

“Dragon King!”

Upon seeing Wang Xian walking over, the three Dan Realm experts from Reeds Spirits quickly gave way to him while humbling themselves with a bow.

“Mm, follow me. We cannot let some outsiders flaunt their prowess before us in our territory!”

Wang Xian nodded gently and spoke softly.


The three Dan Realm experts of Reeds Spirits slightly paused for a moment before they nodded their heads with radiance flashing in their eyes.

Over five thousand Martial Artists around him were taken aback. They took the initiative to give way to him and followed him. All of them were wondering about the group of peculiar experts following behind Dragon King.

“I wonder which world is at Mt. Taibai!”

Wang Xian looked toward Mt. Taibai in the distance as he walked towards it. He whispered something that none of them could understand.

“Wang Xian, there are six overseas forces, including the one that just arrived, at Mt. Taibai. Among which, there are over ten Budding Realm experts and close to forty Dan Realm experts!”

Sui Huang and Xiao Quanshan dropped reminders to Wang Xian by the side.


Wang Xian nodded as he craned his head slightly, looking at the mountains that were being cleansed by the Spiritual Energy.

On the peaks of the mountains sat various Martial Artists. Some of them were exuding imposing aura from within.

Bang, bang, bang!

Wang Xian led the group of Martial Artists slowly to the middle of the mountain range.

“Hur? The trash from the Underworld is here to submit to us? Become our subordinate, and you’ll have a chance to cultivate. Haha, you guys had better submit to us now!”

Seeing over five thousand Martial Artists return again, the elder who had struck just now shouted at them with arrogance from one of the mountains.

His face was filled with arrogance since he had just made a breakthrough in his cultivation level.

What he said darkened all the expressions of the Martial Artists.


Hearing his voice, a tinge of coldness welled up in his eyes as he swept his gaze across the peaks. “Do you know where we are?”

“Do you know where we are?”

A thunderous voice exploded within a radius of ten kilometers, instantly alerting all the Martial Artists who were cultivating.

“Who is here for his doom?”

A grumpy old man stood up straight away as he hovered in the air.

“Those who interrupt our cultivation shall die!”

A middle-aged man swung his arm, and a long blade emerged in his hand.

On the highest peak, the experts from Creepy Snake Group narrowed their eyes. At the same time, their samurai swords were giving off a cold radiance.

“Get out of China!”

Wang Xian looked at the experts hovering in the air without any expression.

His voice traveled over a distance of ten kilometers once again.

Upon hearing the thunderous voice, all the Martial Artists behind him were shaken as they looked at Wang Xian with reverence.

“Haha, get out of China? Can you guys chase us out? What a surprise to see a Budding Realm expert in such a trashy place!”

An old man chuckled hysterically at Wang Xian from a peak.

“Ss, that is…the Dragon King!”

“It’s the Dragon King. He’s here. His arrival is unexpected!”

“Dragon King is here!”

At this moment, those Martial Artists of the Underworld who had given themselves up to the overseas forces were shocked when they saw Wang Xian.

They drew in a cold breath and spoke in horror with twisted expressions.


Upon hearing what they said, those overseas forces were puzzled.

“Who is the Dragon King?” asked the experts from the forces in low voices.

“He’s the most terrifying existence in the Underworld. We used to have a couple of Budding Realm experts too. But they were all killed by the Dragon King. Also, the Underworld is not as weak as what you are seeing now. Just a month ago, the Dragon Sect established by the Dragon King annihilated half the clans and sects in the Underworld!” said these Martial Artists with trepidation.

Those two days marked the darkest days in the Underworld a month ago. All of them were afraid of the Dragon Sect experts showing up on their doorsteps.

“Dragon King?”

All the experts of the overseas forces spun around and stared daggers at Wang Xian.

“So I see. The most powerful force in China, Dragon King. Hehe. But so what? You want us to leave here? Fat chance!”

“Today, I’m announcing that this will be the territory of the Creepy Snake Group. Any martial artist from the Underworld who isn’t willing to surrender will die if you take a step in!”

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