Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1239 - A Precious Treasure That Can Increase Strength

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Ye Chen, along with Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin started to enter the second door, according to Ye Chen this door was the best and easiest for them to pass through.

Ye Chen started the journey very leisurely, he didn't appear to be in a hurry on this trip.

On this trip, Ye Chen met several dead people, they seemed to be in pretty bad shape.

"Looks like a lot of casualties have already started." After seeing this, Ye Chen could tell that there had been a lot of casualties.

"This place is very dangerous, why are there so many traps in this place?" Xing Mei started to ask why this place was filled with traps, what exactly was hidden in this place.

"Most likely there is something that Heavenly Thunder Valley Sect's predecessors are trying to protect, they must have made this thing to prevent people from entering their place" Ye Chen said uncertainly "Ye Chen himself doesn't know what's inside, himself I wonder what the Heavenly Thunder Valley Sect is protecting.

"We won't know until we get to the deepest part, so let's continue our journey." Feng Xuanyin invited Ye Chen to continue the journey, they must not lose to the people in this place..

"You're in too much of a hurry, do you know something?" Ye Chen felt that Feng Xuanyin was in too much of a hurry, she looked like she was aiming for something very important and precious.

"Know what ?, I don't know anything at all" Feng Xuanyin told Ye Chen if she do not know anything.

Feng Xuanyin didn't want to share the information she had with Ye Chen, so she tried to hide the item she was after.

Feng Xuanyin's behavior grew even more suspicious, Ye Chen firmly believed that this woman was hiding something.

"What do you think she's aim?" Ye Chen started to ask what Feng Xuanyin was aiming for.

"she is aiming for an item that can quickly increase one's cultivation." Chu Yuechan answered Ye Chen's question, Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that Feng Xuanyin was aiming for something that could increase strength very quickly.

" what's that?" Ye Chen wanted to know the full details of what Chu Yuechan said, Ye Chen was very sure that Chu Yuechan knew what Feng Xuanyin was after.

"If you really want to know the answer, you should go to the deepest part, there you will know the answer to your question." Chu Yuechan refused to tell Ye Chen what was hidden inside. 

Chu Yuechan only knew that deep within were hidden treasures that were extremely precious to a cultivator like Ye Chen and Feng Xuanyin.

"You're just making me more curious, tell me if there's an interesting item inside." Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, he wanted to know if there was an interesting item in there or not.

"Of course there is, you should be able to get it, don't let this woman get the item." Chu Yuechan nodded, she told Ye Chen that there were a lot of very valuable items in there.

Ye Chen became excited when he heard this, it seemed that this trip would bring him a lot of benefits.

Ye Chen was happy that he took part in events like this, this way Ye Chen could get a lot of benefits for him.

Ye Chen, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin continued their journey, the three of them continuing their journey to the deeper parts.

On this journey, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin saw countless people who had died because of being trapped or torn apart by the monsters in this place, all of whom looked familiar to Ye Chen, most of these people were people who had dared to insult abilities owned by Ye Chen.

"Looks like these are the people who have insulted you before." Xing Mei remembered very clearly that they were the ones who had insulted Ye Chen earlier.

"Yes, I remember, it seems they had quite a bad luck" Ye Chen still remembered these people, he was not at all upset or angry with these people, he considered what the people who insulted him said to be dog barking.

There's no point in listening to the ramblings of people who don't even have the strength to protect themselves.

"Watch out for some magical beasts ahead." Feng Xuanyin warned Ye Chen and Xing Mei about several monsters approaching them.

Ye Chen and Xing Mei sensed that several monsters were approaching, judging by the sound of footsteps alone, there should be quite a number of them.

A few moments later from the distance appeared several large lizards, these lizards shot towards Ye Chen.

This lizard has large fangs and very strong poison, plus this lizard has a very strong tail that can be a weapon to cut his opponent.

"Lizard Stone" Xing Mei's instantly knew what was approaching towards them.

"Just a few lizards, it won't be difficult to fight them." Ye Chen said that it wouldn't be difficult.

"Lizard Stones have a strong physique, it will be difficult to break through their skin defenses." Feng Xuanyin told Ye Chen about the Lizard Stone which had a fairly strong physique.

"So what, I'll cut them all down" Ye Chen didn't care if the Lizard Stone had strong skin and great physical strength, he could definitely crush them with his sword skills.

Ye Chen used the Black Dragon Sword he had, Ye Chen immediately entered into the Dao of the sword mode.

The Lizard Stone charged at Ye Chen, they used their powerful tails and fangs to attack Ye Chen's

"Slash" with a very light slash, Ye Chen cut the body of the Lizard Stone that was heading towards them, the Lizard Stone had not even had time to attack.

With great ease, Ye Chen cut the Lizard Stone's body, the Lizard Stone's hard body didn't have any resistance at all when facing Ye Chen's slash.

"Great" Xing Mei didn't expect that Ye Chen would defeat the Lizard Stone in just a few steps, this was a truly extraordinary thing for Xing Mei to see.

Xing Mei didn't expect that Ye Chen would show such great improvement when he hadn't seen each other for several months, Ye Chen's strength was definitely above Xing Mei's imagination.

Ye Chen went to see the Lizard Stone he had killed, Ye Chen tried to find something worth taking.

Lizard Stone has a strong body skin, this skin can be used as a pretty good defensive Armor.

Ye Chen decided to keep this thing, in case someone might need it one day.

Ye Chen was a person who didn't waste anything valuable, as long as it could be useful, then Ye Chen would keep it to himself.

Feng Xuanyin and Xing Mei had no interest in dirty things like this, so the two of them let Ye Chen handle this matter alone.

After taking the skin from the Lizard Stone, Ye Chen continued on his journey together with Feng Xuanyin and Xing Mei.

The journey this time was a little challenging, the three of them had to go through several traps and obstacles on the way.

As of now the conditions of Ye Chen, Feng Xuanyin and Xing Mei were fine, the three of them were in good shape and they had not the least bit of abrasions.

This is of course thanks to Ye Chen, Ye Chen guides them to the right path, this makes the journey easy to pass.

"Master, there is an acquaintance in front who is having a bit of trouble." Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that there was an acquaintance in front.

"Let's see who" Ye Chen wanted to know who Chu Yuechan was referring to, he wanted to see who was in trouble.

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