Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1240 - Helping The Woman From The Frozen Cloud Sect

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Ye Chen along with Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin stepped forward, in front of them saw several women who were battling a worm monsters that had quite a lot of strength.

It was seen that these women were trapped in the threads made by the worm monsters.

This is a group from Frozen Cloud Sect, they are in trouble against the worm monsters in this place

"It seems they are in trouble" Ye Chen saw that Xue Muer was in trouble, it seemed he had to help them.

"Are you going to help them?" Xing Mei asked Ye Chen.

"Of course, there's no way I would let a beautiful woman get into trouble" Ye Chen said to Xing Mei.

Ye Chen couldn't possibly let these beauties into trouble, he had to go and help them all.

"Girls, do you guys need help?" Ye Chen asked the women from the Frozen Cloud Sect, wanting to know if they needed help or not.


"We don't need your help, we can handle this on our own." Xue Muer refused Ye Chen's help, she didn't want Ye Chen to help her.

"Oh, what a shame, but I wanted to help you Girls." Ye Chen was a little disappointed when Xue Muer chased him away, even though he had very good intentions.

Since Xue Muer didn't need any help from Ye Chen, Ye Chen decided to just look from the side.

The worm monsters saw the arrival of Ye Chen, they immediately attacked Ye Chen who was near them.

Ye Chen used his fist to fight worm monsters, Ye Chen easily smashed the caterpillar monster's body into pieces.

This made the worm monster feel scared, they immediately retreated and didn't dare attack Ye Chen.

The worm monsters decided to attack Xue Muer and the female disciple from the Frozen Cloud Sect, they decided to attack and capture them all.

"Ah. . ."A Moments later Xue Muer and the woman from the Frozen Cloud Sect were captured, they were all captured and tied up using the strong thread that the Worm had.

All the women from the Frozen Ice Sect were helpless, they were all caught by the strings that made them unable to move anymore.

After successfully capturing the women from the Frozen Ice Sect, the worm monsters opened their jaws, they intended to eat the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Are you sure you don't need help?" Ye Chen asked all the women from the Frozen Cloud Sect, he wanted to know if they really didn't need his help.

"Please help us" Xue Muer had no choice but to agree with Ye Chen's help, she agreed to Ye Chen's help.

"You should ask better, I don't like your tone of voice" Ye Chen said that he didn't like Xue Muer's method of speaking, Xue Muer was not sincere when asking Ye Chen for help.

"What are you saying, you don't see that our situation is already in a bad state quickly help us" One of the female disciples from Frozen Cloud Sect said to Ye Chen that she wanted Ye Chen to help you.

"Whatever, if you don't want to then it's fine, I'm not the one who needs it after all," said Ye Chen indifferently.

If Ye Chen didn't get the sincerity of the women from the Frozen Cloud Sect, then Ye Chen would not help them.

The jaws of the worm monsters are getting closer, these jaws are very scary and disgusting.

"Ah no, help me" the female disciples from Frozen Cloud Sect asked for help, they didn't want to die in this place.

"Master, please save us" Xue Muer finally softened, she asked Ye Chen to help them.

"Very good, that's what I need" Seeing Xue Muer asking softly, Ye Chen decided to help them out of this situation.

Ye Chen took out his Black Dragon Sword, directly cutting the threads that bound the female disciple of the Frozen Cloud Sect.

The female disciples of the Frozen Cloud Sect were finally released, they were freed from the trap that the worm monsters had.

After freeing the prisoner, Ye Chen swung his sword to kill the cworm monsters.

Ye Chen slashed and destroyed the worm monsters that were in this place, the worm monsters had absolutely no resistance against Ye Chen, they were all very quickly exterminated by Ye Chen.

"He's so powerful" the female disciples from Frozen Cloud Sect were shocked when they saw Ye Chen's strength, they didn't expect Ye Chen to easily defeat all the monsters in just seconds.

"I told you before, this man is strong" Xue Muer said to all her friends that Ye Chen was a strong man, he could easily defeat a Monster that even they had a hard time fighting against.

After defeating all the monsters, Ye Chen sheathed his sword, himself headed towards Xue Muer and the woman from the Frozen Cloud Sect.

"Are you okay?" Ye Chen asked the situation of Xue Muer and the woman from the Frozen Cloud Sect.

"We are fine." Xue Muer said that they were fine.

Ye Chen was happy to hear that they were fine, it seemed that Ye Chen saved them in time, otherwise they would most likely have been eaten by the caterpillar monster.

"Then let's go first, thanks for helping" Xue Muer said goodbye, she had to continue on her way.

"let's go" Without waiting for Ye Chen's answer, Xue Muer invited all her group members to go on their way.

"uh. . , just like that?" Ye Chen didn't expect that Xue Muer and the female disciples from Frozen Cloud Sect would leave so soon, these ladies were too cold.

Xing Mei didn't like the attitude of Xue Muer and her group, it seemed that the previous lesson had not given any deterrent effect to Xue Muer.

"Looks like they ignored you, you shouldn't have helped them and let them be eaten by monsters" Feng Xuanyin came to Ye Chen's side, she laughed at Ye Chen who had been treated like this by the women from Frozen Cloud Sect.

"It doesn't matter, there's nothing wrong with helping beautiful women." Ye Chen immediately went against Feng Xuanyin's words, he had no problem with this, as long as he could help the beautiful women of the Frozen Cloud Sect, then it was fine.

"What the hell, why are you so good with them, and not with me?" Feng Xuanyin felt irritated when she heard this.

Feng Xuanyin felt that she was far above all the women from the Frozen Cloud Sect, but Ye Chen's treatment was completely different.

Feng Xuanyin knew that Ye Chen's attitude was slightly different towards her, it was obvious that Ye Chen had a crush on the women from the Frozen Cloud Sect.

"You are very strong, so why are you complaining like that, you can protect yourself" Ye Chen said to Feng Xuanyin.

Feng Xuanyin was a strong woman, so she shouldn't need any help from Ye Chen.

"Who said I am a strong woman, I am a weak woman" Feng Xuanyin said that she was weak and needed Ye Chen's protection.

"Who would believe that after seeing you destroy a group from the Poison Viper Sect" Ye Chen would not believe Feng Xuanyin's words.

How could someone who could easily kill everyone from the Poison Viper Sect be such a weak woman.

"-_-" Feng Xuanyin was helpless, it seemed that she could no longer pretend to be a weak woman and wanted to be protected.

"Let's continue our journey" Ye Chen took Feng Xuanyin and Xing Mei on a journey, they had to try to get to where the treasure was stored.

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