Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1452 - Get The Beautiful Goddess Huang Ying As A Wife

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Huang Ying was much stronger than Ye Chen thought, Huang Ying was able to withstand Ye Chen's attack for quite a long time.

If Huang Ying's position was replaced by a normal woman, Huang Ying would have been defeated very quickly by Ye Chen.

Huang Ying's body was currently shaking, it was obvious that Huang Ying was trying to hold back the immense pleasure.

What Huang Ying had just felt was very pleasant, Huang Ying really liked the feeling she had just had.

"Huang Ying, are you okay, was it comfortable?" Ye Chen asked Huang Ying, he wanted an honest opinion that Huang Ying had.

"That was amazing" Huang Ying said thanks to that it was extraordinary, she felt comfortable with what Ye Chen was doing.

For Huang Ying, what had just happened was a new experience, Huang Ying felt that she had just discovered a new world that he had never known.

"I'm happy with your feelings, looks like it's time to be more serious, this time it will definitely be much greater than before" Ye Chen said to Huang Ying.

"Is it not over yet?" Huang Ying asked Ye Chen, Huang Ying thought it was over.

"Of course not, it's still just the beginning." Ye Chen said that earlier it was just the beginning, the main game was about to start.

Huang Ying didn't expect that it wasn't over yet, she wanted to know what Ye Chen would do.

Ye Chen started to take off his clothes, this time it was his turn to show off his abilities.

when Ye Chen took off his clothes, Huang Ying could see Ye Chen's perfect body, Huang Ying's first time seeing a man like this.

Huang Ying turned her gaze downwards, under Huang Ying saw something extraordinary, she saw a weapon that looked extremely powerful and domineering.

Huang Ying kept her mouth shut, she didn't expect that a man could have something this big.

"Does Ye Chen have a disorder?" Huang Ying started to think that Ye Chen had a disorder, this man might have a disorder.

As Huang Ying recalled, Men's sizes shouldn't be this big, so this was very strange for Huang Ying.

Ye Chen would probably be dumbfounded if he heard what Huang Ying was thinking, how could he possibly have such an abnormality.

Huang Ying approached, she wanted to see more clearly about this kind of thing, Huang Ying's curiosity was very big, Huang Ying wanted to know about A man from Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen, why is it so big?" Huang Ying weighed on Ye Chen, she didn't look embarrassed when she asked something like this.

Ye Chen just smiled at Huang Ying, Ye Chen felt proud when Huang Ying asked about this matter.

"It's because I am a great man, not all men are bestowed with something like this" Ye Chen replied to Huang Ying.

Ye Chen gave his answer to Huang Ying, Ye Chen told Huang Ying what he thought.

Huang Ying nodded, she understood what Ye Chen meant.

Ye Chen held Huang Ying's body, he started to hug and kiss Huang Ying who was in front of him.

For starters, Ye Chen will make Huang Ying drunk with love, once Huang Ying is ready, it's time for Ye Chen to get Huang Ying.

Huang Ying again had a passionate kiss with Ye Chen, Huang Ying started to like the kiss she shared with Ye Chen.

The feeling of kissing is so beautiful, it's something that people can become addicted to.

Huang Ying started to look aggressive, she asked for more from Ye Chen, it seems that because of the Passion Goddess technique, Huang Ying started to get serious with Ye Chen.

After Huang Ying started to get drunk in love, it was time for Ye Chen to get Huang Ying.

Ye Chen laid down Huang Ying's body, now Ye Chen was on top of Huang Ying.

"Are you ready for the main event?" Ye Chen asked Huang Ying, Ye Chen's voice was full of love and tenderness, he knew very well how to please someone like Huang Ying.

"What are you waiting for, quickly become a real knight" Huang Ying asked Ye Chen to become a knight worthy of herself.

"I will definitely become a worthy person for you" Ye Chen said that she would definitely become a worthy person for Huang Ying.

Huang Ying was pleased with Ye Chen's answer, absolutely certain that Ye Chen would be able to do that, the person she chose would not disappoint her, Huang Ying firmly believed in it.

Ye Chen started to raise the weapon, he prepared to do battle with Huang Ying.

When Ye Chen was about to start a war, Ye Chen discovered that Huang Ying had a very beautiful honey cave, just looking at it made Ye Chen's blood boil.

Huang Ying looks already very damp, she must have been holding back the feeling of discomfort for a long time, Ye Chen must immediately help Huang Ying resolve this matter.

"I'll get it soon" Ye Chen said that he would soon get Huang Ying's first time.

Ye Chen began to position his own in front of Huang Ying's honey cave, Ye Chen was going to venture into the unknown, whether the terrain ahead would be very difficult or easy.

Huang Ying was starting to get scared, to be honest Ye Chen's was too big it looked scary to match such a thing on her, Huang Ying hoped it wouldn't hurt.

Ye Chen's soldiers started to advance, Ye Chen's thing barged in and tried to gain victory.

"Um" Huang Ying raised an eyebrow, this was quite painful, it felt like her body was torn into two pieces.

Huang Ying tried her best to defend herself, herself trying her best to defend against Ye Chen's rude warrior attacks.

Ye Chen saw that Huang Ying could hold his own, that meant it wouldn't be a problem to start a battle.

Ye Chen started circulating the Passion Goddess technique, he would cultivate Dual Cultivation with Huang Ying.

Huang Ying felt a very comfortable feeling from Ye Chen. This feeling was extremely comfortable.

"What is this, why does it feel good and comfortable, my head is going blank." Huang Ying started to feel that her head was melting, she felt a very comfortable feeling from Ye Chen.

this feeling was very comfortable, Huang Ying really liked the feeling that Ye Chen gave.

"It's too narrow, it grips me too tightly" Ye Chen felt troubled, Huang Ying's was very narrow and tortuous, it was very difficult for Ye Chen to attack, Ye Chen looked like he was wrapped in millions of delicate flower petals, this was a feeling unrivaled.

Ye Chen felt a very comfortable feeling, to be honest Huang Ying gave Ye Chen a very great feeling.

"This woman has a good artifact, it's too comfortable" Ye Chen first felt this kind of feeling, the feeling that Huang Ying gave was different from Ye Chen's wife, every woman has their own abilities, they can't be compared to each other.

This comfortable feeling was too dangerous for Ye Chen, Ye Chen might be easily defeated if Ye Chen let his guard down.

"I have to be more serious" Ye Chen had to be more serious, lest Ye Chen embarrass himself in front of Huang Ying, it would be very embarrassing.

Ye Chen had found a formidable opponent, if only Huang Ying was experienced, then it would definitely not be easy for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started pumping in a fast motion, he showed all the strength he had as a man,

"ahh . . . "Huang Ying groaned, he let out a voice that sounded very soft.

Huang Ying's voice was comfortable enough for Ye Chen to hear, Ye Chen's bones melted when he heard Huang Ying's voice.

"This goddess, she really is born with talent" Ye Chen was really starting to feel a great pressure, Huang Ying's temptation was too big this would be quite a tough battle.

Huang Ying stretched out her hand towards Ye Chen, she wrapped her arms around Ye Chen's neck and started asking for a kiss like before.

Huang Ying really liked the feeling she was currently feeling, this was a whole new world for a lonely goddess like Huang Ying.

"Ye Chen, it's very comfortable, you really have made me see a new world" Huang Ying said to Ye Chen, she said that she had seen a new world that he had never seen.

"I told you, I will definitely make you mine" Ye Chen said to Huang Ying.

Ye Chen said that if he was going to make Huang Ying his own, he should be able to make this goddess his own.

"I'm already yours, do whatever you want" Huang Ying told Ye Chen to do what he wanted to herself, Huang Ying would bear it all.

"Then don't blame me, I will be very serious" Ye Chen accepted Huang Ying's challenge, Ye Chen will start seriously in doing Huang Ying.

"Pah. . pah . . pah . . . pah . . Ye Chen used his full strength, his thing started to expand again to its maximum size.

Huang Ying could feel that Ye Chen's property was getting bigger, Ye Chen could still grow, this was something Huang Ying couldn't believe.

Huang Ying's stomach slightly swelled due to Ye Chen's actions, Huang Ying's flat stomach was unable to withstand Ye Chen's which had already fully demonstrated its strength.

Ye Chen actually didn't want to do this because Huang Ying was still the first time, but seeing Huang Ying who was a worthy enemy, it seemed that Ye Chen had to give everything, otherwise he would be eaten by Huang Ying.

Huang Ying got even more pleasure, she actually felt a much greater feeling than before.

Huang Ying is getting addicted, there seems to be no turning back for Huang Ying, Huang Ying has just eaten the forbidden fruit, naturally it will be very difficult for Huang Ying to return to the peaceful life she had.

Ye Chen and Huang Ying enjoyed their intimate session, 30 minutes passed quickly, the two had changed positions during these 30 minutes, and now Ye Chen was no longer able to withstand Huang Ying's resistance.

Huang Ying was indeed a worthy opponent, she had only reached the peak a few times, if these were ordinary women who were still innocent, then they would have been exhausted to death by Ye Chen.

"Shit, I can't stand it anymore." It seemed that it was time for Ye Chen to give in, he really felt happy with Huang Ying.

"wife, I can't take it anymore, feel this" Ye Chen roared the eunuch couldn't take it anymore.

"Give it to me" Huang Ying told Ye Chen to give it to herself.

As Huang Ying orders, Ye Chen gave the purest essence to Huang Ying, he gave this to Huang Ying as proof that Huang Ying was his.

" Byur. ." Huang Ying's body was filled with warmth, this feeling was very comfortable for Huang Ying.

"It's convenient, you have a very extraordinary Yang Qi, there must be many women who are after this" Huang Ying could feel Ye Chen's overflowing Yang Qi, this was something that women in the God Realm would seek.

"I will always give it to you," Ye Chen said to Huang Ying.

"Husband, do you still want more?" Huang Ying asked Ye Chen to do it again, he still wanted to do Dual Cultivation together with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when he heard this, Huang Ying was still asking Ye Chen again, this woman really has a strong desire.

it wasn't strange that Huang Ying still wanted more, she was a lonely woman, so she needed more attention from someone like Ye Chen.

"Hehehe, as a man of course I will accept this" Ye Chen couldn't possibly back down, real men shouldn't back down from the fight.

Ye Chen and Huang Ying continued the battle, the two of them continuing their pending battle.

Ye Chen and Huang Ying had completely forgotten about everything, both of them had really enjoyed their love to the point of forgetting time.

Ye Chen taught Huang Ying various moves and ways to please a man, as an intelligent Huang Ying of course able to learn everything perfectly, the innocent Huang Ying had now turned into a veteran worthy of fighting Ye Chen.

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