Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1454 - Leave The Valley Of Memories

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"I've tidied everything, let's go" After tidying everything up, Huang Ying took Ye Chen away, she was now able to rise to the surface.

Ye Chen grasped Huang Ying's hand, Ye Chen took Huang Ying to the surface.

The two of them swam very fast, in no time Ye Chen and Huang Ying had reached the peak.

Ye Chen and Huang Ying emerged from the lake, both of them jumped and descended right at the lake's edge.

"husband" saw this, Li Jingyi could confirm that this must be Ye Chen, only Ye Chen could emerge from below.

Li Jingyi's guess was indeed very correct, the person who came out from within was indeed Ye Chen, but beside Ye Chen was someone who was very beautiful.

"Who is this?" Li Jingyi started to wonder who was beside Ye Chen, the woman beside Ye Chen seemed very foreign to Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi decided to go over to Ye Chen, she wanted to know about the woman beside Ye Chen.

"It's been a very long time since I visited this place" Huang Ying looked around, she looked around this place, to be honest Li Jingyi hadn't been upstairs in a long time.

"hello goddess, why did you come out?" The water dragon immediately rushed towards Huang Ying, he immediately lowered his head and gave Huang Ying a salute.

" you?" Huang Ying asked about the dragon in front of her, to be honest Huang Ying didn't remember that the dragon guarding this place was the dragon in front of her.

"I am the new dragon that replaces the previous senior." The water dragon said that he was a new person who replaced the previous senior.

"Oh, I see, then your task is over, you can return to your place." Huang Ying freed the dragon in front of her, she told this dragon to return to its rightful place.

"Really" the water dragon looked very happy when he heard this, he seemed happy to be able to return to where he came from.

"um" Huang Ying nodded, she made it clear that what he just said was the truth.

"Thank you very much, young master, I hope we can meet again" the water dragon said goodbye to Ye Chen and Huang Ying, after which the water dragon flew away from this place.

"He's not your pet?" Ye Chen asked Huang Ying, Ye Chen thought that the dragon just now was Huang Ying's pet.

"No, they are not pets, they are the dragon race assigned to guard the entrance." Huang Ying explained to Ye Chen who the dragon was just now.

"Oh, yes, I see." Ye Chen now understood where the water dragon came from.

Since Ye Chen had the knowledge of Huang Ying, Ye Chen naturally knew which dragon race Huang Ying was related to.

"You inherit the inheritance from Azure Dragon, if you go to the dragon realm you will definitely be highly respected by them" Huang Ying said to Ye Chen, if Ye Chen went to the dragon race realm, then Ye Chen would definitely be very well received.

Considering that Ye Chen was the one who had inherited the Azure Dragon, then he would definitely be welcomed.

Azure Dragon is the strongest dragon race in the entire God Realm, its existence can truly terrify all beings.

"Maybe if I have time" Ye Chen replied uncertainly, he didn't know when he would be able to go to the Dragon Race Territory.

"Husband" Li Jingyi suddenly approached, Li Jingyi immediately hugged Ye Chen who was in front of her.

Ye Chen hugged Li Jingyi back, Ye Chen could feel that Li Jingyi was very worried about him.

"Sorry it took me so long" Ye Chen apologized to Li Jingyi, Ye Chen apologized for taking so long and making Li Jingyi wait.

"No, I'm glad you're okay." Li Jingyi shook her head, relieved that Ye Chen was fine, that was enough for Li Jingyi.

Huang Ying looked at the woman who had just hugged Ye Chen, Huang Ying looked straight at Li Jingyi who was hugging Ye Chen.

"This woman, she has a special body." Huang Ying could immediately feel that Li Jingyi had a special body, this woman had a special special body.

"Jingyi introduces this is Huang Ying, I met him, he will come with us" Ye Chen introduced Li Jingyi to Huang Ying, Ye Chen explained who Li Jingyi was to Huang Ying.

"husband, you? . . ." Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen if Ye Chen already had a relationship with the woman in front of her.

"Um" Ye Chen nodded, he said that he did have a relationship with Huang Ying.

Li Jingyi was a little surprised when she heard this, she didn't expect that Ye Chen would bring a woman as beautiful as Huang Ying.

As for beauty, Li Jingyi had to admit that Huang Ying was very beautiful, this woman could be comparable to Chu Yuechan's beauty.

Li Jingyi saw Huang Ying's temperament, this woman seemed very friendly and smiling, it seemed that Li Jingyi would be easy to adapt to this woman.

"Hello" Li Jingyi greeted in front of her.

"Your name is?" Huang Ying asked Li Jingyi's name.

"My name is Li Jingyi." Li Jingyi introduced herself to Huang Ying.

"Jingyi, a pretty good name" Huang Ying said to Li Jingyi.

Huang Ying is very friendly to Li Jingyi, Huang Ying knows how to interact with the same sex.

Li Jingyi couldn't help but smile as she listened to what Huang Ying had to say.

"You are also beautiful to" Li Jingyi returned the compliment given by Huang Ying, Li Jingyi told Huang Ying that she was also quite beautiful.

Huang Ying and Li Jingyi were both friendly to each other, just seeing the two of them made Ye Chen happy.

"I hope you two can get along with each other, you two are beautiful women that I have" Ye Chen said to Huang Ying and Li Jingyi, Ye Chen really hoped that his two beautiful wives could get along with each other.

Ye Chen was happiest when he saw the two women getting along with each other, there was a feeling of satisfaction when Ye Chen saw something like this.

Huang Ying and Li Jingyi both stretched their claws towards Ye Chen's waist, Ye Chen was too honest, this man couldn't refrain himself.

Even though Li Jingyi and Huang Ying were approaching each other to get closer, but Ye Chen instead told them to get along with each other which made their efforts in vain.

Ye Chen didn't understand what had happened, why did Li Jingyi and Huang Ying suddenly pinch his waist.

"Where's Chi Shui?" To lighten the mood, Ye Chen asked about the whereabouts of Chi Shui.

"She leave." Li Jingyi told Ye Chen that Chi Shui had already left.

"Why did she leave?" Ye Chen asked the reason why Chi Shui left first.

"She told me that there was a bit of trouble in the Sect, so she decided to go back first." Li Jingyi explained where Chi Shui had Leave.

"Will she be okay when she leaves this place?" Ye Chen was quite worried about Chi Shui, he might not be able to leave this place.

"You don't have to worry about it, the water dragon has given her a map of the valley of memories, so she won't get lost when she leaves this place" Li Jingyi said to Ye Chen.

"Then she must have already left" since Chi Shui had obtained the map of the valley of memories, then she should have been able to get out safely.

"Then let's go out" Ye Chen took Li Jingyi and Huang Ying to leave this place.

"Let's go." Li Jingyi and Huang Ying nodded, both of them followed Ye Chen to leave this place.

Ye Chen herself had already obtained a map of this place, Huang Ying's memory was extraordinary, her knowledge was truly vast.

Since they already have the map of the valley of memories, it is not difficult for Ye Chen and Huang Ying to leave the valley of memories, they are the second person to successfully leave the valley of memories.

Ye Che Li Jingyi and Chi Shui finally arrived in front of the valley of memories, in front of the entrance it was still quite crowded, there were countless people who still wanted to enter and get the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

Now that the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower is in Ye Chen's hands, it is already inside the fairy gate and is being cultivated by Chu Ning'er, soon there will be many Yin & Yang Awakening Flowers thriving within the fairy gate.

When that time came, Ye Chen could use the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower as he pleased with his women.

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