Keyboard Immortal-Chapter 1484: It’s Everywhere

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Chapter 1484: It’s Everywhere

He’s way too daring! This is completely reckless! The witch and Yu Yanluo are still here! Yan Xuehen thought, her heart beating crazily.

She reflexively glanced toward the two other women. She saw a bright red band fly out, wrapping neatly around their waists. She quickly realized that Zu An was using the Primal Skysilk to rescue the others. She couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed when she thought of that.

She was startled by that thought. Why am I having these kinds of thoughts? Isn’t his skill already gone? Don’t tell me that was just a trick Zu An and Mo Xi played together?

No, I saw it myself. Besides, Mo Xi wasn’t his slave at that time, so there was no reason for her to work with him. Additionally, I sensed something being cut at the soul level.



Yan Xuehen’s chaotic thoughts were quickly interrupted by two delicate cries. As she reflexively looked in their direction, her expression turned strange.

Perhaps intentionally, but perhaps not, the Primal Skysilk wrapped around Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo’s waists in a way that made both of them simultaneously slam into each other before finally enveloping both of them. As a result, there was no way the two of them would continue falling; however, they were stuck facing each other, their bodies pressed tightly together. They were just way too close to each other!

Each of them felt a soft sensation against their chest. After being pressed against each other so tightly, it was natural that the one whose physique was a bit worse felt inferior…

Yun Jianyue’s face heated up. However, she was still the Devil Sect Master. She reacted quickly, hooking her finger around the chin of the beauty before her. She remarked, “As expected of the number one beauty who has left so many men bewitched. Even a woman like me can’t help but want to give you a kiss.”

After her initial shock, Yu Yanluo snapped out of her daze. She had been with a man before, so how could Yun Jianyue’s ‘paper tactics’ work on her? She reached out and gave Yun Jianyue’s chest a squeeze, saying, “Big sis Yun, your physique is so amazing. Any man who married you would really be blessed.”

Yun Jianyue’s entire body trembled; naturally, her defenses were broken. She shot Zu An a hateful look, exclaiming, “Damn brat, are you doing this on purpose?!”

Zu An was stupefied. No wonder online posters in his previous world had always shouted for pretty young women to be stuck together. It really was an incredible sight! However, he was forced to reply, “Ahem, I really didn’t. I was just in a rush to save you two, so it ended up catching both of you together.”

“Then why did you go to get that stone cold woman…” Yun Jianyue muttered unhappily. However, when she saw Yan Xuehen’s loosened dress and the long Primal Skysilk, she realized what had happened and swallowed her words back down. However, she still looked upset.

The group descended. Only then did they notice that the Fiend Emperor’s corpse had already become a complete mess from the fall. The sight made them fall silent for a moment. After all, this was still the glorious emperor of an age, someone who had inspired awe throughout the world. The fact that he had ended up in such a state was simply too tragic.

“What do we do now?” Yan Xuehen asked, freeing herself from Zu An’s arm. She was worried that the other two would notice something and quickly changed the topic. “If the Fiend races find out that you killed the Fiend Emperor, they might just hunt you down wherever you go!”

If news of the Fiend Emperor’s defeat first got out, Zu An would enjoy a great reputation. However, apart from that, there wouldn’t be any other benefits. Instead, it would only create problems for him.

First, it would make the human emperor Zhao Han feel wary. After all, in this world, only the Fiend Emperor was on par with him. If Zu An could kill the Fiend Emperor, didn’t that mean that he could kill Zhao Han too?

Second, it would draw the attention of many hidden experts. There were many people who couldn't win against the Fiend Emperor, but could theoretically defeat Zu An. They would definitely go after Zu An for the sake of fame.

Third, even though Zu An’s current cultivation was outstanding among his peers, he was only at the hero form of the master rank. That rank wasn’t sufficiently intimidating to deter challengers.

Lastly, the Fiend races had many wild and ambitious individuals. They could use revenge for the Fiend Emperor as a pretext to unite all of the Fiend races. If that happened, Zu An would be in huge danger.

Yu Yanluo suggested, “Why not pretend to be the Fiend Emperor and rule the Fiend races in his place for now?” She had already separated from Yun Jianyue, her red cheeks revealing how embarrassed he was.

In the past, Zu An’s impersonation of Cloudcenter Duke had been extremely successful. Yu Yanluo reflexively suggested the plan because the previous time had left her with a deep impression. However, that meant Zu An could really end up with the Second Empress. How annoying…

“Pretend to be the Fiend Emperor?” Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen both exclaimed. They had already been around him for a long time and understood him well. They knew about his ‘Face of a Thousand Identities’ skill, so the idea tempted them. However, after thinking about it, both women shook their heads.

“This plan is unreliable. Impersonating the Fiend Emperor might work in the short term, but you won’t be able to fool those he’s truly close to.”

“The main problem is that the Fiend Emperor is at the earth immortal rank. Zu An cannot imitate his power, even with that skill. The Fiend King Court is filled with old monsters, and their eyes are all viciously sharp. If they recognize that you are a fake, they will act immediately.”

“Besides, the Fiend Emperor nearing the end of his lifespan is something everyone knows about. The ceremony this time was to pass on the position to the crown prince. Even if you impersonated the Fiend Emperor, you couldn’t keep the throne either.”

Each of them bounced ideas off the other, speaking about all sorts of possibilities.

Zu An nodded as he listened. If it were a normal person, he could just impersonate them without too many worries, but the Fiend Emperor was too special. There would be countless eyes on him. He couldn't live openly as such a figure.

“If those options don’t work, what is Ah Zu supposed to do?” Yu Yanluo asked worriedly. When she thought about the situation her lover would have to face once they left, her heart began to beat nervously.

Yun Jianyue replied with a smile, “Isn’t that easy enough? You’re all losing your heads with worry…”

Suddenly, she noticed something. She fell silent and looked in a certain direction. Zu An and the others followed suit.

A chubby figure ran toward Zu An’s group, leaving them all stunned. He exclaimed, “You don’t know how happy I am to see you guys!”

Zu An exclaimed in surprise, “Wu Liang? You didn’t die?”

The one who had appeared was naturally that damn fatty Wu Liang. He said with a chuckle, “Pah pah pah, what do you mean die? That’s so ominous and unlucky sounding. This young master’s ancestor passed on a life-saving method that fortunately allowed me to keep my life.”

Now, even Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were shocked. Someone who could escape alive from Gonggong… Even though Gonggong hadn’t been fully revived at the time, it was still shocking. Just how ridiculous was that life-saving method? Still, it was taboo to ask about the secrets of other cultivators. They couldn't really ask more about it.

“I saw that terrifying explosion earlier and quickly rushed over to see what happened. Then, I ran into you guys,” Wu Liang said as he looked around vigilantly. “Right, how come I only see you? Where is the Fiend Emperor?”

Zu An replied, “All around you.”

“What do you mean, all around me?” Wu Liang asked, sounding a bit stunned and confused about what had happened.

Zu An pointed at the ground, saying, “Look, that piece you’re stepping on is part of him.”

Wu Liang was bewildered, quickly leaping aside in shock.

However, Zu An simply continued to say, “That thing you’re stepping on right now is also part of him. And that one, that one… All of it is.”

Wu Liang was speechless.