Keyboard Immortal-Chapter 1485: This Fatty Is So Wise

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Chapter 1485: This Fatty Is So Wise

“Fiend Emperor, you’ve died such a terrible death!” Wu Liang exclaimed, falling to his knees and grabbing a pile of what might have been internal organs or miscellaneous flesh. He looked as if the one who had died was his own father.

Zu An couldn't help but say, “Uh… There’s no one else here. You don’t have to show your loyalty or anything.”

“What about the Golden Crow Crown Prince?” Wu Liang asked. He didn’t get up, merely looking around frantically.

“He was sent out of the Unknown Region by the Fiend Emperor ahead of time,” Zu An replied with a smile.

“Oh,” Wu Liang said, immediately climbing to his feet. The tears on his face were already gone without a trace. He tossed the flesh in his hands aside nonchalantly, asking, “Is the Fiend Emperor really dead?”

Zu An was nearly dumbfounded. He replied, “Look at what condition he’s in. Could he still have survived?”

Wu Liang was speechless for a moment. He moved closer, looking disdainful as he asked, “Big bro, just how did the Fiend Emperor die, and like this, no less?”

The group was stunned, as they had been wondering how to answer such a question. They hadn’t managed to reach a conclusion yet.

Yun Jianyue pointed at the sky, saying, “Heavenly judgment suddenly descended, and the Fiend Emperor just ended up like that.”

“Heavenly judgment?” Wu Liang repeated, looking as if his eyes would pop out.

Yun Jianyue retorted with a sneer, “Otherwise, what do you think happened? Do you think we were the ones who killed him?”

Wu Liang rubbed his hands and said with a chuckle, “Sect master must be joking.”

With the Fiend Emperor’s cultivation, even if another ten of them showed up, it still wouldn’t be enough for them to even stand a chance. How could they possibly reduce the Fiend Emperor to such a state?

Yan Xuehen and the others had strange expressions, but they sighed inwardly in relief. They had been there when it happened, and yet they were pretending they didn’t know a thing! With the difference in strength between both ends, no one would believe them even if they said Zu An had killed him.

“Was that terrifying explosion the heavenly judgment?” Wu Liang asked, feeling a twinge of fear as he looked at where the explosion had happened. After cultivating for so many years, he had never seen such terrifying destructive power before.

“Exactly. Back then, we saw several shooting stars suddenly fall from the skies, and then there was a huge mushroom cloud,” Zu An added, lying through his teeth.

“No wonder it was so powerful. So it was heavenly judgment!” Wu Liang gulped.

Previously, he had witnessed the power of those from the heavens when he was traveling with the Fiend Emperor and his son. The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s Sun Slaying Bow had been seized by a mysterious power that not even the Fiend Emperor could stop. If such a power were to summon heavenly judgment, it could very well display such tremendous strength.

“By the way, I saw two terrifying explosions. The second one was even stronger than the first. Don’t tell me there were two heavenly judgments?” Wu Liang asked as he realized something.

“Yeah. When the first heavenly judgment happened, the Fiend Emperor successfully escaped it. That was why there was a second one,” Zu An replied. His face didn’t even turn red as he spoke. The three women all felt strange, but they also knew what was most important, so they didn’t dare to laugh.

Wu Liang sighed and said, “As expected of the Fiend Emperor. He really was incredible, even able to escape heavenly judgment once.”

“You’re absolutely right,” Zu An said. “The Fiend Emperor was already invincible beneath the heavens, but he ended up coming into contact with those above the heavens.”

Wu Liang’s expression was strange. Beneath the heavens…? Above the heavens…? Could such a thing even be explained like that?

“Right, why would the Fiend Emperor suffer heavenly judgment?” he asked, unable to figure it out at all.

“How would I know? Maybe he was just too arrogant and too ugly, so he drew their disgust,” Zu An said willfully.

Wu Liang was speechless. He thought, Hey, is that something a human being should say?

Yan Xuehen also felt that Zu An’s wording was too ridiculous. She quickly said, “It might be because the Fiend Emperor desired the immortal medicine, and so the will of this world could not tolerate him.”

Wu Liang immediately expressed that he understood, but he couldn't help but say with a sigh, “We’ve received quite a bit of information about the immortal medicine during my trip with the Fiend Emperor. It seems this world really does have an immortal medicine! Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with us.”

“You’re not going to go and look for it?” Zu An asked in surprise. Wu Liang was someone he knew to always be of the greedy sort, and yet he didn’t seem interested at all.

“Even the Fiend Emperor was blown to pieces! Would I add myself to the casualties for no reason?” Wu Liang’replied, his face heating up. He had actually already gone to look for the immortal medicine after he barely escaped from Gonggong’s hands. Unfortunately, he hadn’t found anything.

Fortunately, he had eventually found some other good things, so the trip hadn’t been made in vain. Of course, he couldn't tell Zu An such things. They had too many people on their side. If they had any ill intentions toward him, he’d be done for.

Yun Jianyue suddenly cried out in surprise, “Oh no, that exit might close soon!”

Perhaps because the nuclear explosion was too powerful, the entire world’s spatial elements had become extremely unstable. The spatial vortex also showed signs of collapse.

All those present shivered. If the exit closed, they would be forced to remain here forever! Even though this place was rich with ki, they all had too many things to worry about in the outside world. They weren’t willing to be trapped within. That wasn’t even factoring in that if they really stayed behind, no one could guarantee that this entire world wouldn’t be destroyed once the passage closed.


Wu Liang quickly began running toward the spatial vortex with everything he had. The others hadn’t expected his chubby body to actually be so nimble! However, what drew even more attention was the pair of small wings that had grown on his back.

The chubby body and small wings didn’t seem to match at all. The group had no idea how they could even help him fly.

“It’s a magic artifact. That damn fatty has quite a few good things,” Yun Jianyue said with a sigh of admiration.

Zu An didn’t have the strength to create another Golden War Chariot. He took out the Wind Fire Wheels, then picked up the three women before immediately following behind Wu Liang. Owing to the sheer speed of the Wind Fire Wheels, Zu An quickly caught up, even with the three women in tow.

Wu Liang frantically flapped the wings behind him. Huge drops of sweat slid down his chubby cheeks. When he heard the activity behind him, he turned around and just happened to see Zu An’s group. His eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

What? Am I seeing right? Zu An has the human race’s number one beauty on his back, the Devil Sect Master in his left arm, and the White Jade Sect Master in his right. Most importantly, none of them look embarrassed at all, as if they were already completely used to this.

For a man to have a woman in each arm is already enough to draw envy, let alone right now when he has three; besides, and every single one iss an extraordinary beauty! Most importantly, these women aren’t even in the service industry, but rather all giants of their respective fields!

Damn this Zu An, just how did he do that? Is there still any justice in this world?

If there really is heavenly judgment, this guy needs to be hacked to death! How are other men supposed to even live?!

“What are you looking at?” Zu An couldn’t help but ask, noticing Wu Liang’s strange expression.

“Hahah, I’m envious of Brother Zu’s blessings. Do you have any tricks that you could share with this brother?” Wu Liang asked with a chuckle.

The three women’s faces all turned bright red. Yu Yanluo was one thing, because she was Zu An’s proper lover, but Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue immediately felt that the hand around their waist was especially hot. However, they had already used up all of their strength and couldn't fly anymore. They could only let Zu An carry them.

Yun Jianyue shot Wu Liang a hateful look, saying, “Damn fatty, if I hear a single rumor once we leave this place, I’m going to rip your tongue straight out of your mouth.”

The Devil Sect Leader's killing intent was tangible. Wu Liang shivered and asked weakly, “That’s not fair… What if it was one of them who leaked that information?”

Yun Jianyue said indifferently, “I’ll still pull out your tongue.”

Wu Liang was speechless. However, he also noticed that Yan Xuehen’s gaze was ice-cold, knowing that she probably had similar thoughts. He felt a bit unhappy. These women already did what they wanted to do, and yet they didn’t want anyone else to talk about them? His previous jealousy immediately disappeared without a trace. Brother Zu can have these violent and domineering women to himself and work hard for them. Please don’t let them roam free and harm other men!

“Please don’t worry, Sect Master Yun. I absolutely won’t tell a third person about what happened here once we leave,” Wu Liang said, raising his hand in a pledge.

At the same time, he added inwardly, Unless someone adds money.

The glorious Devil Sect Master and White Jade Sect Master were famous arch-enemies! Now, however, they were lovers serving the same man. Tsk tsk. If such explosive news were released, it would definitely sell for a good price.

I only promised not to tell a third person, I didn’t say I wouldn’t tell the fourth or fifth. Hahahah, this fatty is so wise!

The group quickly moved along. Fortunately, the exit wasn’t too far away, so they managed to arrive in time.

Just as they let out sighs of relief, however, their expressions changed. The spatial vortex was rapidly shrinking. It had initially been a few dozen or so meters wide, but now, it was just a few meters wide.

At the rate it was shrinking, it could simply disappear completely a second later!