Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! - Chapter 100 - Gifting A Phone

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Chapter 100: Gifting A Phone

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Zuo Weiyi thought about it for a while but shook her head after. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Rest up for today, don’t go to the office.” His tone was deep and there was a touch of gentleness in his voice.

Zhong Chenghao saw everything with his own eyes while he was staring at the two of them from the sidelines.

Shi Yuting rubbed the back of her head and got up to leave the room.


Staring at his back, Shi Nuannuan could not help and open her mouth. “Even if it’s for Weiyi, shouldn’t you punish Jing Xinlei?”

Shi Yuting stopped in his tracks for a moment but soon, continued to march forward after a second.

Staring at his disappearing figure, Zuo Weiyi dropped her eyes, her face veiled with darkness.

Punishing Jing Xinlei for her, how could he?


There was no need for her to go to work in the afternoon so, Zuo Weiyi was stuck watching TV on the sofa.

Shi Nuannuan headed out after picking up a phone call.

She did not return before dusk arrived.

During dinner, Zuo Weiyi dined alone in front of the huge dining table.

Aunt Yu suddenly came over and placed a white box in front of her.

She glanced at the box, then raised her eyes and stared blankly at Aunt Yu.

Aunt Yu looked at her with a serious expression. “This is the phone Mr. Shi wants to give you.”

Zuo Weiyi was stunned at the appearance of the white box. As she received and opened it, a new white phone was indeed in the box.

Her old phone was crushed by a car on the day her mother passed away. It was quite inconvenient to not use a mobile phone for such a long time.

Putting down the chopsticks, she picked up the phone. As soon as she picked it up, the screen suddenly lit up, accompanied by a ringtone.

Looking down, she saw a series of numbers displayed on the screen.

Zuo Weiyi frowned, and could not help but feel a little surprised.

Who would call a new phone?

Pressing the answer button, she brought the phone to her ear. “Hello?”

“Have you eaten?” It was Shi Yuting’s signature low voice that was on the other end of the speaker.

Zuo Weiyi was slightly stunned, but she quickly recovered after half a second. “Just did.”

“I am leaving Country Z for a while. Before I come back, don’t go out. Just stay at home.”

She was slightly startled after hearing his words. Subconsciously, she asked, “Where are you going?”

“Country C.”


The other end went silent after her short reply.

The two of them held their phones, but neither one of them spoke.

After a long silence, Shi Yuting started again, “I’m about to board my flight. Eat more, and rest earlier.”

He was about to hang up his phone but heard an anxious question from her.

“How long will you be there?”

Shi Yuting pursed his lips. “How long do you wish for me to be there?”

Zuo Weiyi paused and realized the unease in her voice.

“Uh, I was just asking…”

She lowered down her head and fiddled with the hem of her pajamas as if she was hiding her guilt.

Yet Shi Yuting could not help but feel a bit upset at her explanation.

“I’m not sure too, but I’ll come back as soon as I can.”


She answered and the call ended.

She watched the television after dinner, but there was nothing interesting, so she headed upstairs to examine her new phone.

There was no one in her contacts. She logged in to her social media and told her best friend, Bei Xingchen, her new phone number.

A few moments passed before she received a call from her and they talked for more than an hour.

It was 9:30 in the night, Zuo Weiyi was still lying on the bed with her eyes wide opened, she was having trouble falling asleep.

She turned her head to the side and stared at the empty space that belonged to Shi Yuting.

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