Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 352 Bear-san, was Unnoticed Day 2

Chapter 352 Bear-san, was Unnoticed Day 2

When I got out of the beach house, there were men and women walking on the beach carrying some luggage. I don’t think they came here to complain. Everyone are smiling.

Are those fisherman’s clothes? I have seen it at the port.

[O~i, kids. I’ll cook some delicious food, so look forward to it.] Man

One of the men yells at the children at the beach. The children who were playing noticed the fuss and gathered.

Ah, don’t go to people you don’t know. But I think it’s okay because Gill and Lurina-san are together with them. Occasionally the behavior of an innocent child makes me uneasy. That’s why I want them to be a little distrustful of strangers. Though I can’t say that strongly because there are many good people.

I will tell the director and Liz-san about that.

[What is this, rice?]

[There are a lot of fish~]

[Oh, I’m going to make delicious food right now.] Man

The man pat the child’s head lightly and began to build a stall.

The children are happily watching the scene. For the time being, I told Gill and Lurina-san to keep their children out of the way.

But what does this mean?

I asked Fina, who’s behind me.

[Fina, have you heard anything from Tirumina-san?] Yuna

[No, I haven’t heard anything.] Fina

Of course. Tirumina-san went to town early in the morning and has not returned. The same goes for Morin-san and Anzu’s group. I haven’t heard anything about it this morning.

I asked the man to confirm the situation.

[Ano, what is the meaning of this?] Yuna

[Young lady and the others, you’re all probably acquainted with the Young Lady Bear who’s always dressed as a bear.] Man

The Young Lady Bear you said. However it may be, that person is right in front of you now. But, it’s a hassle to name myself, so I’ll just nod.

[So when I heard that the Young Lady Bear was coming to the sea with many children and came to cook.] Man

[Who did you hear that from?] Yuna

[Everybody knows that Anzu-chan is here, too. I heard it from Anzu-chan.] Man

Apparently, the source of the information leak was Anzu.

[So, where is the Young Lady Bear? I’d like to get permission immediately.] Man

I’m right in front of you. But if I give him my name, it’s going to be a huge commotion. And if he don’t believe me, the damage will be deep, so I’ll keep quiet for now. Next to me, there is a figure of Fina giving her best to endure her laughter.

[Then I shall tell her about you.] Yuna

[Is that so? I appreciate it. But first, please tell the Young Lady Bear to show her face.] Man

I left the man.

And so, while I was wondering about what was happening, I found the figures of the offenders, Anzu and Seno-san. Anzu came to us, looking around (kyoro-kyoro).

I tried to talk to Anzu, but she went past me and instead, talked to Fina who’s standing next to me.

[Fina-chan. Do you know where Yuna-san is?] Anzu

[Yuna-oneesan?] Fina

Even though I’m standing next to Fina. The same reaction as the man I talked to earlier. When Anzu asked, Fina glances at me as if she was in trouble.

[All the fishermen decided to have lunch here. I thought I’d tell Yuna-san about that.] Anzu

As expected, they were all fishermen. But I already knew the story when I asked a fisherman.

[Hey, Yuna-san is famous, but she don’t want to stand out. But all the fishermen are saying that they wanted to see Yuna-san, so I don’t know what to do.] Anzu

I can’t refuse what they’re doing anymore and all the fishermen are working hard on preparing the food.

[So Fina-chan. Do you know where Yuna-san is?] Anzu

Fina keeps glancing at me as if she’s in trouble, so I decided to talk to Anzu.

[Anzu.] Yuna

[………Etto, what is it?] Anzu

Anzu tilts her head. I knew it, she doesn’t seem to recognize me. I showed her the Bear-san’s puppets and picked up Hugging Bear at my feet.

[Don’t tell me, Yuna-san?] Anzu

It seems that Anzu finally realized who I was.

[I didn’t recognized you for a moment because you’re not dressed as a bear.] Anzu

No, you wouldn’t know if I didn’t show you Bear-san’s puppets and Hugging Bear, let alone for a moment.

That excuse doesn’t work for me.

[I think I know the situation, but can I ask you about it?] Yuna

[When I went to buy some ingredients. I was asked if Yuna-san was here, then everyone said that I didn’t need to pay, but I thought it would be bad so I refused.] Anzu

Yeah, that’s the correct reaction from Anzu.

[Then why is this happening?] Yuna

[. , so when I tried to refuse, the other fishermen started to participate… and that lead to this situation.] Anzu

Anzu looked at the fishermen preparing food.

There are more than 10 fishermen on the beach.

[I’m sorry about this.] Anzu

Anzu, looks dejected.

I knew this would happen. Anzu is not in the wrong either. So I’m not going to get angry with Anzu.

Also, if I come to Mereera, sooner or later the same situation would happen. Maybe I should have gone out to the guild today and told them not to make a fuss, instead of going out to the sea.

The fishermen are cooking the food on the sandy beach and the children are happy, so today I’ll give it a try. But I don’t want them to make a commotion every time I come, so I’ll ask them not to do this again later.

Looking at the preparation site, another group brought in new set of baggage. There was a familiar person among them. It looks like Damon-san whom I saved in the snowy mountains.

Damon-san noticed me and came here.

[Anzu-chan. Isn’t the bear girl here yet? I’ll be meeting her after such a long time, so I’d like to say hello.] Damon

Apparently, he came here because he saw Anzu, not me.

Counting this one, I don’t know how many times this happened today. No one realized that it was me. I kinda feel a little lonely.

I usually don’t like standing out, but I feel lonely if I don’t get noticed. It’s complicated, but that’s me.

[Etto, Yuna-san is right in front of you.] Anzu

When he asked, Anzu revealed my identity to Damon-san.

[…………Bear girl?] Damon

He’s looking at me with a surprised expression.

It’s like seeing something incredible.

Do I look that bad in my swimsuit?

[I didn’t recognized you because you’re not dressed as a bear, but I didn’t think the bear was such a cute girl.] Damon

Again, being stared at while in a swimsuit is embarrassing. I took a step back.

[Even so, it’s been a long time. Now that you’ve built a house, why don’t you stay in the town a little longer? Yuura also wanted to see you.] Damon

[Well, I’m busy with a lot of things.] Yuna

After defeating the Kraken, I have been doing many things. Working as escorts for Shia and her classmates, building Anzu’s shop, and subjugating golems. Making a stuffed animal and going to the royal capital, making a cake and going to Misa’s birthday party, going to the elven village, going to the school festival, going to the desert, etc. I’m doing various things. Am I being overworked?

[Yuura will come later, so please come and see her.] Damon

[Yeah, I wanted to see her too.] Yuna

[Well then, we’ll prepare lunch, so eat a lot.] Damon

Damon-san went with the others.

Then, the people who came to make lunch for us seem to be preparing the food while looking for something (Kyoro-Kyoro). They’re definitely looking for me.

The man whom I had the first conversation, Anzu, Damon-san. Moreover, Gill and the children. No one noticed me. In that case, there is no choice but to dress as someone who everyone knows so well.

I silently return to the beach house. Then, when I enter the changing room, I don-in my bear costume. And I, wearing my bear costume, goes out of the beach house. Then everyone’s eyes gathered at me.

[Young Lady Bear, there you are!]

[I’ve been searching for you.]

[You’re still dressed like that.]

[Where have you been?]

[Ah, Yuna-oneechan!]

[It’s Bear-san~]

The reaction and expression of the fishermen and the children varies.

I was in front of them for quite sometime, while I was still dressed in a swimsuit, nobody noticed me. So now I’m wearing my bear costume.

And did the children suddenly became lively? I guess I’m just overthinking it

[I heard it from Anzu, but thank you very much.] Yuna

[Don’t worry. We’ll cook delicious food, so eat a lot.] Man

Everyone nodded to the words of the man.

I thought I would be surrounded and thank me for killing the Kraken, but that wasn’t the case. They only call out to me from a distance and they don’t selfishly approach me.

[Maybe it’s because Kuro-ojichan told everyone that it would be a nuisance for Yuna-san.] Anzu

Anzu said it with a bitter smile. I thought that old man was influential. But it turns out, he really is.

Didn’t he said that he was one of the influential people in the town? I guess I have to thank him later, don’t I?

[Yuna-san is a very popular person here. What did you do in this town?] Shia

Shia brought Noa and the others.

[I just dug a tunnel leading to Crimonia.] Yuna

I don’t know how much Shia and Noa heard from Cliff and Eleanora-san. So I’ll will answer like that. I can’t say anything nasty because Misa and Marina and Eru are also on my side.

[So that’s why there were bears in front of the tunnel.] Shia

Shia has a slightly implied face. Didn’t she hear anything about it?

But I can’t confirm how much she knows. Shia doesn’t even ask about it, so I’m not going to answer either.

[But Yuna-san. You’re back to your usual bear-like appearance. You look good in a swimsuit. But Yuna-san looks better as Bear-san.] Noa

[I think so, too!] Misa

Following Noa, Misa agreed to it.

It seems that the formula of have been concluded in everyone’s mind.

I can’t take it off now that they said it like that.

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