Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Chapter 353 Bear-san, Avoids Sunburn Day 2

Chapter 353 Bear-san, Avoids Sunburn Day 2

For lunch, I decided to eat the food prepared by the fishermen.

All are delicious, they used fresh seafood. By baking it outside and eating it, the taste was increased by 20% and it feels more delicious. Morin-san’s delicious bread became even more delicious when I went on a picnic with Fina and ate it. It’s strange that eating outside makes it taste better than usual.

Not only the fish, but also the vegetables are baked so that the nutrition is not biased and the children are fed with a good nutritional balance. The children are eating with a big smile. I have to thank all the fishermen.

Even though they cook for us as a treat, it will bother Damon-san and other fishermen if they do it again tomorrow.

[Is it good?] Yuura

Yuura-san, also came to prepare the meal. Yuura-san is baking the vegetables and fish she brought. Then I asked her.

[About the boat.] Yuna

Tomorrow, the children will be riding on a fisherman’s boat.

It all started when one of the fishermen asked a child by his side, . The child who was asked was a bit reluctant to answer, . Then the fisherman said, . Then, the children around him raised their hands and their voices increased steadily with , , and . When other fishermen heard it, they started participating in the conversation as well, and then the turmoil grows.

I thought they would become a nuisance, so I tried to stop them. But the children look sad and the fishermen are on their side. I was about to become the bad guy there.

There are 30 children alone. In addition, it seems like he asked Liz-san and Elena-san to ride as well. I sighed and allowed them to listen to the adults. I also ask all fishermen to be careful if the children do anything dangerous. This is the first time for children to go to the sea and their first time to ride a boat. I don’t understand what kind of dangerous action they will do. There is a possibility of falling into the sea with a little bit of shaking. So I made them promise to listen to what the adults say.

Well, Gill, Lurina-san, and Anzu’s crew will accompany them, so it should be okay.

And so, in the end, the adults also went with them, so it was quite a large number.

[You don’t have to worry so much. Everyone wants to do something for Yuna-chan. Although if we do something for Yuna-chan directly, Kuro-jisan will get angry, so if we do something for the children instead of Yuna-chan it’ll be fine. So we thought we should do it. And Yuna-chan, I’m looking forward to take care of the children. That’s why I think Yuna-chan will be happy if the children are happy.] Yuura

Because men are simple beings. Yuura-san laughs when she added it in a whisper.

In other words, the kids will be my substitute. However, not coming to me directly, they seem to be scared of Kuro-ojisan. I really have to thank Kuro-ojisan.

But it’s not good to give children everything. If you do so, it’ll be scary to think that the children will ask me just about anything.

When I return to the Bear House, I talked to the director and Tirumina-san, and they said, , .

I’m not sweet. It’s just give and take. I agreed to it just because the kids are doing their best. But in the eyes of Tirumina-san and the others, it didn’t seem like that.

It’s strange.

[But is it okay for Yuura-san to approach me? Someone else might say otherwise or something.] Yuna

[That’s okay. Because we’re the ones brought Yuna-chan here. That’s why we’re special.] Yuura

Maybe Yuura-san and Damon-san are the ones being grateful for bringing me to Mereera?

[I haven’t thank you enough. It’s a coincidence that I met Yuna-chan. But isn’t it okay to get close to Yuna-chan as long as you don’t complain? Even though you complain too a lot.] Yuura

Yuura-san said so while laughing.

[But is it really okay to ride on your boat and the fishes?] Yuna

[We’re busy in the morning. When I come back from fishing, I just need to sell the fish. Though I’ll only have to leave the selling to someone else, so don’t worry about too much.] Yuura

In that case it’s fine.

Getting on a boat is also a valuable experience. Perhaps some of the children wanted to be fishermen. If there is such a child, it may be good idea to show him the work of a fisherman. I’ve heard that the work of a fisherman is difficult.

After lunch, the fishermen left after cleaning up.

I was surprised at the sudden appearance of the fishermen, but I am glad that the children seems to be excited.

In the afternoon, the not-so-hungry children swam in the sea, play on the beach, and rode on Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. Noa couldn’t stand it anymore so she came to ask for Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear. She said , so I gave permission add lent Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear to them.

Once again, I’m wearing my swimsuit so I can swim and play with Fina and Shuri, but soon after I’m at the limit of my strength, so I’m back at the beach house. If I don’t have the bear equipment, I really am weaker than a child.

Do I need to train a little?

But even if I do it, I can imagine that I will end up bed ridden with muscle pain.

And the sun goes down without any injuries. At the same time, my physical strength was reaching its limit. I decide to take a bath to get rid of the day’s worth of fatigue.

It’s okay because I’m wearing bear shoes now, but I’m so tired that I don’t want to walk a step without bear shoes. I may have muscle pain tomorrow. If that happens, can it be cured by magic?

Curing muscle pain with magic. I may be the only person who has transferred from another world to think about such things.

For the time being, I’m heading to the bath with Fina and the others to rest my body in the bath.

[Thank you everyone.] Yuna

Fina, Shuri, and Noa, who kept yesterday’s promise, prepared the bath.

Everyone gave me a gentle word, and let me rest. Then, as I started taking a bath, I came to the dressing room on the 4th floor.

As I slowly undress the bear costume, Noa and the others quickly undressed and entered the bathroom.

Then, the moment I finished taking off my bear costume and entered the bathroom, a scream echoed in the bathroom.

[What!? What happened?] Yuna

[It hurts. It hurts. My body hurts.] Noa

[U~u, my body hurts.] Misa

The voice came from Noa and Mass. The two are rubbing their bodies painfully.

[Yuna-oneechan. My body is tingling.] Shuri

[My body hurts.] Fina

Both Shuri and Fina are rubbing their bodies painfully as well. Apparently, their bodies hurt because of the sunburn.

I didn’t noticed it when I was in the sea, but when I look at Noa and the others, there were traces of tanned swimsuits. Black skin and white skin are clearly separated. Of course if you play in the sun all day long, it’s natural to get sunburned.

I look at my arms and body, but it’s beautifully white. Well, I’m always laying down at the seaside house, so I can’t get sunburn. I was in a bear costume during lunch and wasn’t in the sun for a long time. Thanks to that, I’m not tanned.

[Everyone got sunburned beautifully. It can’t be helped that it hurts.] Yuna

[So this is what it means to get sunburned.] Noa

Noa look at her tanned body.

[Noa, perhaps this is the first time you got sunburned?] Yuna

[It’s also the first time I’ve burned so much.] Misa

[Now I know why Lala always wearing a hat so she wouldn’t get sunburned.] Noa

I can see that Lala-san was paying attention to Noa. Misa seems to be the same so she’s nodding.

Well, I don’t think a young lady will get sunburned so much, so I wonder if it can be helped.

Do they walk with a parasol in the summer?

I imagine a European-style aristocratic landscape, but it doesn’t look good on Noa yet. If she grow up a little more, she may look good in wearing white gloves.

[Yuna-san, are you thinking of something rude just now?] Noa

She’s looking at me in the eyes.

[It’s just your imagination.] Yuna


I looked away from Noa and look towards Fina and Shuri instead.

[Fina, Shuri, are you okay?] Yuna

[It hurts a little.] Fina

[It hurts.] Shuri

Well, both Fina and Shuri are tanned nicely. It can’t be painless.

However, while these four are in pain, there is a figure of Shia who is pouring hot water on her body without any hesitation. Moreover, when I look at her body, it is not tanned. I’m sure she was playing with Noa and the others. so why?

[Oneesama, does your body hurt as well?] Noa

[I’m fine, because I applied the medicine I bought in the royal capital earlier.] Shia

[What medicine!?] Noa

Noah ask in her astonishment.

[It’s a medicine that prevents you from getting hurt when you’re exposed to the sun. If you apply it to your body, it won’t hurt.] Shia

Shia proudly answered.

So is that a sunscreen? Is there such a thing in this world?

[If there is such a thing, why didn’t you tell me!?] Noa

[Because you have to experience it yourself. Noa and Misa have to experience sunburn at least once. But if you want to be a beautiful woman, you have to apply it.] Shia

Shia shows her white arm to Noa.

[Oneesama, you’re so mean.] Noa

Noa puffs her face.

[You have to experience various things while you’re still a child.] Shia

Shia poured a tub of hot water on Noa and Misa. The two screams.

Now I think she’s really terrible.

Noa gets angry at Shia who has poured hot water on her.

I’m tired. Let me take a bath as quietly as possible.

Then Noa and Misa went into the lukewarm water.

[Maybe Yuna-san also applied medicine, so she’s still white?] Shia

Shia looked at my untanned body and asked.

In my case, I lose physical strength very quickly and just withdrew to the beach house.

I wonder if I should be grateful for my lack of physical strength this time?

But can sunburn be cured by healing magic?

Then the other children and adults who came after us also said that when they took a bath, they were screaming in the bathroom. Anzu and the others are applying medicine to the children who got out of the bath. It seems to be a painkiller at the same time.

[I knew this would definitely happen.] Anzu

[Because we used to be like this as well.] Seno

Anzu and Seno-san are laughing while apply the medicine to the children’s bodies.

Well, if you grow up in a seaside town, you’ll get sunburned many times.

Treatment magic?

Like Shia said, getting sunburn is also an experience. You shouldn’t have to worry about sunburn, it will fade in a few days.

Author’s Note:

Yuna was able to avoid the sunburn safely.

And the children were supposed to get on the boat.