Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear - Chapter 420

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Chapter 420

420 Bear-san, Becomes A Bear Cupid. Part 2

I walked a little further with Rikka-san’s hand in mine, passed through the bear gate, and moved to the bear house in the royal capital. Fina follows behind me.

I let go of Rikka-san’s hand to hide the bear gate.

[Yuna-chan?] Rikka

[Hold on a second.] Yuna

I closed the bear gate and stored it in the bear box.

[You can take the blindfold off now.] Yuna

When I said that, Rikka-san took off her blindfold.

[Where are we?] Rikka

[We’re in my house in the royal capital.] Yuna

[Yuna-chan’s house in the royal capital? Then is this really the royal capital?] Rikka

She scurries around the room. It’s different from the room in Mumroot-san’s house, but she seems still yet to feel it.

[You’ll see when we get out there.] Yuna

We left the bear house. And as we shifted our gaze slightly, we can see the large, towering castle.

[A castle…… This really is the royal capital then.] Rikka

[Don’t tell anyone about that method of travel, because it will cause trouble for Mumroot-san. Don’t tell anyone about it, not even Ghazal-san or Rojina-san.] Yuna

[Of course, I won’t tell anyone.] Rikka

After Rikka-san made her promise, she looked around curiously almost turning around in circles multiple times. As she did so, something inevitably caught her eyes.

[A bear?] Rikka

Rikka-san’s gaze stops in front of the bear house.

[You really like bears, don’t you, Yuna-chan?] Rikka

If I deny it here, Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear are going to cry, so I can’t refute it. Besides, I don’t hate bears. Bears have become a part of my life. It’s not something I can disprove now.

But I’m too embarrassed to talk about it, so I decided to run away without confirming or denying it.

[Well, enough about me, we’re heading to Ghazal-san’s place right now.] Yuna

[Yeah.] Rikka

We went to Ghazal-san’s store.

I’m sure she won’t run away after coming this far, but Fina is holding Rikka-san’s hand. Well as expected, Rikka-san won’t just shake off Fina and run away.

Also, it doubles as a purpose of making sure she doesn’t get lost.

And as I walked through the capital, as usual, all eyes would be on me and I would hear the words <kuma>, <kuma>, <kuma>, and <bear>.

[Yuna-chan, can I ask you something?] Rikka

[What is it?] Yuna

I know what she’s going to ask, but I’ll ask her anyway.

[Is there anyone in the royal capital who dresses like Yuna-chan?] Rikka


As I closed my mouth, Rikka-san turned her gaze to Fina.

[Etto… None.] Fina

Fina replied with difficulty.

[Oh, is that so. I thought there might be someone dressed like Yuna-chan, but I guess not. Still, it’s embarrassing to be seen by so many people, huh.] Rikka

Of course, I’m embarrassed and I can’t do anything about it, so it can’t be helped. But it may be more correct to say that I gave up. If they just look at me from a distance, I’ll ignore them, and if they try to get involved with me, then I’ll deal with them.

[Doesn’t it bother you, Fina-chan?] Rikka

[I’m used to it. Besides, her outfit is cute.] Fina

[Well yeah, she’s cute, but…] Rikka

At any rate, we made our way to Ghazal-san’s blacksmith shop, while taking in the stares.

[So this is where Ghazal is.] Rikka

[He’s here.] Yuna

I opened the door and shouted into the store.

[Ghazal-san!] Yuna

[Yu, Yuna-chan!?] Rikka

I suddenly called out Ghazal-san’s name, which made Rikka-san panic.

[He won’t come out unless I call him, you know?] Yuna

[My heart is not ready for this.] Rikka

[Isn’t this what you come for in the royal capital?] Yuna

[But……] Rikka

[Who is it?!] Ghazal

I hear Ghazal-san’s voice coming from inside the store and he comes out.

[Rikka-oneechan, where are you going?] Fina

[Fina-chan, please let me go.] Rikka

[No can do.] Fina

When Rikka-san heard Ghazal-san’s voice, she tried to run away, but Fina grabbed her tightly and wouldn’t let her go. It was a good decision to ask Fina to keep an eye on Rikka-san.

[What do you want?! Oh, Bear Missy. What can I do for you today?] Ghazal

[There’s someone who wants to see you Ghazal-san, so I’ve brought her here.] Yuna

[To see me?] Ghazal

[Fina-chan, let me go. Please.] Rikka

[Wait, that voice is?] Ghazal

Ghazal-san left the store. Ahead of him, he saw Rikka-san trying to escape and Fina grabbing her hand.

[Rikka?] Ghazal

[Ghazal!] Rikka

[What are you doing here, Rikka?] Ghazal

[She’s here to see you, Ghazal-san.] Yuna

I answered on behalf of Rikka-san, who was trying to escape.

[Etto, it’s just that I’m a little worried about you, Ghazal. Also, Yuna-chan said she was going back to the capital, so I just followed her.] Rikka

Etto, tsundere?

You’ve come this far and that’s your reaction? This girl is too troublesome.

The tsundere you see in anime and manga look cute, but when you see them in real life, they just look annoying.

I guess tsundere is only limited in 2D.

[So, you came all the way to the royal capital for that reason?] Ghazal

[Can’t I?] Rikka

[It’s not that you couldn’t.] Ghazal

Ghazal-san looks a little troubled.

[Ghazal, looks like you’re having a hard time here that you can’t come back to Ludnik. You should come back once in a while.] Rikka

[I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with work.] Ghazal

That’s a line, men typically say.

But we’re not making any progress here.

[Rikka-san.] Yuna

I appealed with my eyes for her to proceed to the main topic.

[Wha-, I know.] Rikka

Rikka-san took a small deep breath and approached Ghazal-san.

[You run the store by yourself, right?] Rikka

[Yeah…] Ghazal

[Aren’t you going to hire someone?] Rikka

[I don’t have any plans for that at the moment.] Ghazal

Yeah, this is really getting troublesome.

[Ghazal-san. Rikka-san can’t go back to the city, so she wants to work here with you.] Yuna

[Yuna-chan!?] Rikka

Since the conversation is not going anywhere, I push Rikka-san’s back from behind.

[What do you mean by that?] Ghazal

[In other words, Rikka-san came here to see Ghazal-san. That’s all you need to know.] Yuna

She didn’t say that she’s here for a permanent job, but you can tell what she’s saying so far, right?

[Rikka……] Ghazal

[Is it not good?] Rikka

[That’s…….] Ghazal

Shu shu, straight.

[Or is my presence a distraction?] Rikka

Shu shu, uppercut.

[That’s…….] Ghazal

Shu shu, shu. Left, left, right.

[Is it not good?] Rikka

Shu shu.

[Can I check one thing first?] Ghazal

[What is it?] Rikka

Shu shu, shu shu.

[No, not you Rikka. Bear Missy, why are you swinging your fists behind Rikka’s back?] Ghazal

[Don’t worry about it. I’m just practicing my punches for when Ghazal-san dumps Rikka-san.] Yuna

Shu shu, straight.

My straight punches cut through the wind.

[Why would you do that?] Ghazal

[I’ve gotten permission from Rojina-san.] Yuna

[From Master?] Ghazal

[If you dump his daughter, he wanted me to hit you once, also since Wyola-san asked me too, then I’m gonna have to hit you twice. And if you don’t mind including mine, I’ll give you three.] Yuna

Shu shu, shu shu.

[Mom and Dad? When did this happen?] Rikka

I repeatedly punch the air with my bear puppet with fast movements, like shadowboxing. Every bear puppet punch slices the air.

[Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Why do also you have one for me, Missy?] Ghazal

[No, I just thought that I had a hard time bringing her from a far place.] Yuna

Actually, we just rode Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear and used the bear gate. Within two days and one night even. But Ghazal-san doesn’t need to know about that.

But considering what happens after he dumps her, then I should be really hitting him at least once.

[Missy. You know that’s called blackmail.] Ghazal

[Dooes that mean you feel threatened?] Yuna

I punched as hard as I can with a straight and cut the air.

Ghazal-san scratched his head and thought about it.

[Rikka, are you sure about this? Working here means you won’t be able to see Master as easily.] Ghazal

[Yes. As long as Ghazal is with me.] Rikka

Rikka-san didn’t even bother to think about it and answered immediately.

[……Alright.] Ghazal

Ghazal-san’s words brought a big smile to Rikka-san’s face.

My fists didn’t seem to have a chance.

[Ghazal-san.] Yuna

[Wha-, what?] Ghazal

[I have one more message for you. Rojina-san said to come back at least once in a while. At the latest, before you have children together.] Ghazal

[Da-, Dad!] Rikka

Rikka-san shouts in embarrassment.

[Ghazal, it’s a joke from my father. It’s just a joke.] Rikka

[I see. Do you want to go home together after a while?] Ghazal

[……Ghazal.] Rikka

Apparently, we’ve come full circle.

I took the luggage Rikka-san had given me out of the bear box and left the store.

I wanted to tell him about Rojina-san and the trial gate, but I’ll leave those two alone for now.

[I’m glad you’re happy, Rikka-oneechan.] Fina

Fina looks as happy as Rikka-san is.

Well, I’m happy too. It’s never fun to see someone you know get rejected.

But I wonder if that means she’s getting married. Maybe I’ll bring her something to celebrate next time.

[What are you going to do now, Yuna-oneesan?] Fina

[I have to drop you off, Fina, so we’re heading back to Crimonia.] Yuna

I can’t let Fina stay away from home for too long.

When we returned to the bear house, I set up the bear gate again that I removed so that Rikka-san could not see it. Then I opened the door to the bear gate and moved to the crimonia.

[It’s only been about ten days, but it felt like a long time because of everything that’s happened.] Fina

For Fina, it was the Elven village and her encounter with Ruimin. Then, a reunion with Jade-san. In the dwarven town, she met Rojina-san and Rikka-san, and explored the town. In addition, she accompanied me on a tour of the Gate of Trials, Toya’s mithril sword. We had a full-packed ten days.

I’d like to take it easy for a while.

But I have to go back to Mumroot-san’s place at least once to ask him about the bearmonite.

Above all, I can’t leave the bear gate in Mumroot-san’s room.

Author’s Note:

Did Ghazal-san and Rikka-san have successfully tied the knot?

This will be the end of the dwarf chapter. (TN: Not really. We still have 2 chappies left for the dwarven arc.)

From here on, I’ll start a new chapter after writing a story about bearmonites and something a little more relaxing.

I hope you enjoy it.

The title “Part 2” was chosen because there is a story about Cupid in the SS.

It will be a story about Tirumina-san and Gentz-san. If you haven’t read it, you can jump to it by clicking on “Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Short Story” at ↓.

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