Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear - Chapter 421

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Chapter 421

421 Bear-san, Asks About Bearmonite.

Fina and I returned to Crimonia.

Yesterday, when I told Tirumina-san that we’re heading home, she said she would wait for us at the orphanage, so we went to the orphanage.

When we came near the orphanage, I saw the children of the orphanage playing. One of them is Shuri.

[Oneechan!] Shuri

[We’re back.] Fina

Fina hugged Suri as she ran towards her.

Then, I asked Shuri and the children where Tirumina-san was, they said she was at the Director’s office.

We were led by the children into the orphanage and went to where the director was.

In the room, there is the Director, Tirumina-san, and a young child. The young child can be seen holding a stuffed bear. Thanks to the stuffed bear, she gradually cries less. I’m glad it seems to be helping.

[Tirumina-san, we’re back.] Yuna

[Mom, we’re back.] Fina

Fina ran up to Tirumina-san.

[Welcome back. Yuna-chan, did Fina give you any trouble?] Tirumina

Tirumina-san asks while petting her daughter’s head.

[She’s still a good girl as ever.] Yuna

I briefly recount the events in the dwarven city. Then, when I took out the cooking utensils for the orphanage that Tirumina-san asked Fina for from the bear box, the Director thanked me.

[Thank you, Yuna-chan. This will make cooking a lot easier.] Director

[If you want to say thanks, please give it to Tirumina-san and Fina. I’m just bringing it here.] Yuna

[Oh, that’s right. Tirumina-san, Fina-chan. Thank you as well.] Director

[I was just asked by my mom.] Fina

Fina looks embarrassed.

[Well, it’s dangerous to use old ones and it’s hard to use a bunch of small pots and pans.] Tirumina

[Director. If you find anything lacking besides the cooking utensils, please let me know.] Yuna

The director doesn’t often tell me what she needs. So I don’t know what inconveniences they may be having. However, Tirumina-san, who has been staying with them more and more, has been checking on the orphanage and buying things that are missing. This time, pots and pans and other cooking utensils are one of them.

Then Liz-san and Nifu-san came over and were overjoyed to see the new pots, pans, and all of the cooking utensils.

Next, I head to Anzu’s store together with Tirumina-san, Fina, and Shuri.

[I’ve been making a lot of soup and I didn’t have enough big pots. I am also very happy with my new frying pan. Thank you, Yuna-san.] Anzu

Anzu looked happily at the big pots I had bought.

[If you’re going to thank someone, thank Tirumina-san.] Yuna

[Yes, of course, thank you, Tirumina-san.] Anzu

[It’s just that I’ve been wanting one of these for a while.] Tirumina

I also left the pots and knives for frying use. If I wanted to buy a knife to handle fish, I should have bought one in the town of Mereera, but I already bought knives from elsewhere.

After leaving Anzu’s store, we went to Morin-san’s store next.

Morin-san’s store also uses pots for frying potato chips, French fries, and other fried foods. Then I put down the small cooking utensils and other items.

[I’m saved. Yuna-chan, Tirumina-san. Thank you.] Morin

[If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to let me know.] Yuna

[Thank you. I’ll ask for you then.] Morin

After leaving the Bear’s Rest Shop, we went to Tirumina-san’s house. I took out the cooking utensils from the bear box to use at her house.

[The one I’ve been using for years was getting damaged, so now I can cook with peace of mind. Fina wouldn’t let me buy one because she said it would be a waste.] Tirumina

[Because we’ve been using it for a long time.] Fina

[But the old ones are hazardous because the handles are easily coming loose. There’s a limit to how much you can repair them.] Tirumina

It’s just like Fina to say that. She doesn’t buy things on a whim just because she has the money. I have to learn a little from her because I buy things as soon as I have money.

However, I’ve always bought what I want. Even if I look back on my actions before I came to another world up to now, this personality is unlikely to be easily corrected.

You have to spend money to make the economy go around. I kept telling myself that.

After delivering my purchases, I returned to the bear house alone.

Oh, by the way, I tried to give Tirumina-san the red horns of Big Boars as souvenirs, but she said she didn’t want it

[We have no taste for such expensive horns. We’re more interested in things like food.] Tirumina

So I promised to bring her some Big Boar meat next time. Of course, it would be Fina’s job to dismantle it. Shuri also said she would do it, so I decided to ask the two of them to do it next time.

Now that I’m back at the bear house, I’d like to just dive into the bed and relax. But I’m worried about the bear gate I set up at Mumroot-san’s house though, so I come back to Mumrut’s house.

I checked the room, but there was no one in the room where the bear gate was placed. Well, of course, time would pass since I went to the royal capital, returned to Crimonia, dropped by the orphanage, the shops, and Fina’s house.

I retrieved the bear gate, then I moved to the room where Mumroot-san was and thanked him.

[Missy, you’re back?] Mumroot

[Thank you, Mumroot-san. That was a big help. But I didn’t expect you to have a magic circle ready for me.] Yuna

[I heard about it last night, so I prepared it.] Mumroot

Mumroot-san smiled a little.

But partly because of that, Rikka-san never doubted the words I said. She thought that she easily got to the royal capital thanks to Mumroot-san. Well, the mysterious powers of the elves were more convincing than the power of me dressed in a bear suit.

[Is Ruimin not here?] Yuna

The only person in the room was Mumroot-san.

[Ruimin-san went to hand out what she’d bought.] Mumroot

Oh, that’s right.

I think I’ll go see Ruimin later. But before that, I’ll ask Mumroot-san something first.

[Oh yeah, there’s something I’d like you to look at, Mumroot-san.] Yuna

I have a couple of round ores. I took out two bearmonites and showed them to Mumroot-san. He then received the bearmonites and checked them.

[Are these spirit stones?] Mumroot

It’s just as Rojina-san said.

[Where did you get these?] Mumroot

[Well, I got those while I was doing some stuff. And when I asked some certain people to look at those they said the elves knew more about it.] Yuna

[Indeed, we elves know so much about spirit stones.] Mumroot

[So will these stones really strengthen whoever has it?] Yuna

Well, it’s a standard piece of equipment in the game.

[Each spirit stone has its own attributes, so if you have a wind spirit stone, you need to be good at wind magic, and if you have a fire spirit stone, you need to be good at fire magic. So, if you don’t have the right spirit stone for your attribute, it’ll be useless. Even if we, who are good at wind magic, have a fire spirit stone, it will have no effect.] Mumroot

Well, even in games, the equipment has its own affinities to be able to be equipped or not.

[However, these spirit stones have already changed, moreover, I’ve never seen it like this before. Wind would make it green, fire would make it red. But these ones are black.] Mumroot

Normally, it would be a dark attribute, but in this case, it’s a bear.

Is there such a thing as dark magic in the first place? It seems like it could be done, though, since magic power changes with images. I wonder if it’s possible to create darkness with light and vice versa. I’ll give it a try next time.

[Etto, that seems to be a bear spirit stone.] Yuna

[Bear?] Mumroot

At my words, Mumroot-san looked alternately at the bearmonite and me.

Lying won’t help with the story, so I’ll tell Mumroot-san what I know.

About Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear touched them first. And that I’ve been holding on to them.

When I explained, Mumroot-san seemed to be convinced. It’s a good thing he didn’t dig into it deeper.

[So, if I wear these, I’ll be enhanced?] Yuna

This is like saying to myself, <I’m a bear, so I can equip a bear spirit stone>. Well, to begin with, bearmonite is my personal item.

But why wasn’t it called a bear spirit stone? That’s the only part I don’t understand.

[That’s the short answer, but it’s not half as effective as it could be.] Mumroot

[Is that so?] Yuna

[We call this the Rite of Covenant. We, the elves, make a pact with the stone that gives us this power and draws from it.] Mumroot

[Um, how does that contract work?] Yuna

I thought it would be a good thing to have, but he just told me that the effect would be halved. If I’m going to equip it anyway, I’d rather have a stronger effect.

[I’m not supposed to tell you this, but I don’t mind it since you’re the village benefactor.] Mumroot

[Okay?] Yuna

[I trust that you’re not the kind of person that will talk about it to anyone.] Mumroot

When someone says something like that, I have no choice but to keep quiet. And I trust Mumroot-san to keep quiet about the bear gate too, so it’s mutual.

[May we go back to the room we were in then?] Mumroot

Mumroot-san stood up and moved to the room with the magic circle.

[I see you’ve cleared the door.] Mumroot

Mumroot-san crouched down, picked up the edge of the carpet on the floor, and spun it around to roll up the carpet that had the magic circle on it. He then puts it away on a shelf near the wall. There are many rolled-up carpets on the shelf.

[Now which one was it?] Mumroot

Mumroot-san is looking at the many carpets and searching for them.

[Could it be that these carpets have a magic circle on them like the one I just saw?] Yuna

[Yes, the carpets here have various magic circles on them. One of these magic circles was the one that contracts with the power of the spirit stones. Now which one was it?] Mumroot

Mumuroot-san is looking for a certain carpet while talking.

[Then, was the magic circle just like the other one?] Yuna

[That’s a magic circle that heals fatigue.] Mumroot

So there’s also a magic circle like that. That makes me curious about the rest of the carpets here. I wonder what kind of magic circle those have?

If I ask him to tell me, will he do it?

This kind of thing makes my blood boil as a former gamer.

[These magic circles, are they drawn on the carpet?] Yuna

[I sewed it with thread soaked with magic power. It will improve the flow of magic and can be reused again and again.] Mumroot

Certainly, it’s a pain to draw a complicated magic circle every time. Even if I saw a magic circle, it would be too complicated for me to memorize. It’s a pain to draw them on paper, even mo so when drawing them on the ground. But if you weave it into a carpet, you can just spread it out and use it, as long as you don’t cut it.

[Oh, here it is. This one right here.] Mumroot

While I was paying attention to the carpets, Mumroot-san took out one of them. He then spreads the carpet out on the floor. On it, there was a magic circle with a different pattern than the one that healed my fatigue.

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