Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself - Chapter 536 - This Place Is Remote And Has No Surveillance Cameras

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Chapter 536 This Place Is Remote And Has No Surveillance Cameras

The entire venue was silent. Xu Anran gritted her teeth in hatred. This little b*tch actually dared to deny it?

Xu Anran had indeed deliberately lured Qiao Xi here with the intention of seizing the opportunity to wrong her. Now that her objective had been achieved, why should she waste her breath on Qiao Xi?

Xu Anran endured the pain in her cheeks and chest. Her voice trembled slightly as she said, “Madam Shen, if you don’t believe me, we can check the surveillance footage.”

For the sake of wronging Qiao Xi, she proposed to check the surveillance footage. Even though this place was remote, there were still surveillance cameras here that would have captured everything. Now that everyone was watching, as long as they checked the surveillance footage, the crime of Qiao Xi beating up her sister would be confirmed.

Unexpectedly, Madam Shen smiled sarcastically.

“Miss Xu, this place is remote and there are no surveillance cameras.”

Xu Anran widened her eyes. How could there be no surveillance cameras?

She had clearly been to the surveillance room before. There were surveillance cameras here, so why did Madam Shen say that there were no surveillance cameras here? Was she protecting Qiao Xi?

Xu Anran’s heart could not help but tremble. She suddenly realized that Madam Shen had been speaking up for Qiao Xi since the banquet began. Now, she said that there was no surveillance camera here.

She said aggrievedly, “Madam Shen, how could there be no surveillance cameras in the Shen family’s courtyard? As long as we check the surveillance footage, we’ll be able to see my sister hitting me. Are there really no surveillance cameras, or are you just unwilling to check the footage?

“Madam Shen, I’m innocent! I beg you to show everyone the surveillance footage!”

Everyone’s eyes were filled with confusion. Although the Xu family’s attitude was not good and Xu Anran, their adopted daughter, was also vicious and merciless, she had a sincere expression at this moment. She did not seem to be lying. Could it be that Qiao Xi really hit someone?

Xu Anran looked at everyone’s uncertain gazes and curled her lips.

She knew that someone would definitely stand on her side. She was already crying so sadly, so how could they not believe her?

Even though she had received a few tight slaps from Qiao Xi, it was worth it to take this opportunity to ruin Qiao Xi’s reputation.

Xu Anran’s eyes were filled with tears. She was very confident. “Madam Shen, show everyone the surveillance footage! You’ll know the truth once you see it. My sister really hit me. I’m not lying!”

Hearing her sincere complaint, everyone echoed, “Yes, Madam Shen. Now that the two of them are saying the different things, it’s better to check the surveillance footage. We’ll know who’s telling the truth then.”

Xia Yunlou glared fiercely. “Qiao Xi, why aren’t you saying anything? Are you feeling guilty?”

Everyone’s gazes landed on Qiao Xi. They saw her slowly raise her eyes and chuckle.

“Didn’t Madam Shen just say that there are no surveillance cameras here?”

Xia Yunlou was angry and blurted out, “Madam Shen is protecting you! Qiao Xi, it’s fine that you beat up my sister, but you’re also unwilling to admit it. Seriously…”

“Me?” Madam Shen asked coldly.

“Miss Xu, you said that Xi Xi hit you and are asking for the surveillance footage. But I already said that there are no surveillance cameras here. You said that I’m protecting Xi Xi, but I remember that it’s your first time coming to my residence. Why are you so sure that there are surveillance cameras here?”

Xu Anran immediately choked and panicked.

Madam Shen’s face was filled with mockery. “Miss Xu, you’re really scheming! You secretly went to the surveillance room, and after confirming that there are no surveillance cameras here, you invited Xi Xi here in the middle of the night. You’re now accusing Xi Xi of beating you up.

“You’re sure that there are no surveillance cameras here, so no one will know whether Xi Xi hit you or not. In any case, as long as you fall to the floor and cry, someone will definitely believe you. You clearly know that there are no surveillance cameras here, but you still want to check the surveillance footage. You just want to accuse me of protecting Qiao Xi!”

Xu Anran’s body went weak as her face turned pale.

This was impossible!

She had clearly gone to the surveillance room and saw that there were surveillance cameras here, so she came up with this plan. She wanted Qiao Xi to attack her and have the scene be captured by the surveillance cameras so that Qiao Xi would not be able to explain herself.

However, the surveillance cameras were gone now, and Madam Shen’s words had pushed the blame to her.

Xia Yunlou defended her daughter agitatedly, “Madam Shen! You… You’re protecting Qiao Xi! What did she say to you?! Anran… How could Anran be lying? Even if she went to the surveillance room, she might not have seen the screens.”

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