Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself - Chapter 537 - The Shen Family Can’t Tolerate The Scheming Adopted Daughter

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Chapter 537 The Shen Family Can’t Tolerate The Scheming Adopted Daughter

“Anran was beaten up by Qiao Xi. Qiao Xi must know that there are no surveillance cameras here and that’s why she’s so arrogant. We can’t let her off!”

As soon as Xia Yunlou finished speaking, Madam Shen sneered. “Madam Xu, you’re really strange. You always protect your adopted daughter but never listen to your biological daughter’s explanation. Since you don’t believe me, it’s easy to settle this. Butler Liu!”

Butler Liu immediately walked forward.

Madam Shen instructed, “Go! Get the doctor to examine Miss Xu!”

Xia Yunlou’s gaze froze. Before she could say anything, she heard Madam Shen say sarcastically, “Right, you must find a respectable doctor to prevent Madam Xu from saying that I’m protecting Xi Xi!”

Everyone looked at Xia Yunlou and her daughter in disdain.

Putting aside whether Xu Anran was beaten up or not, she must have ulterior motives for secretly going to the surveillance room. She must have something up her sleeve.

No matter whether Qiao Xi had hit someone or not, it was all Xu Anran’s fault. Otherwise, why would she be beaten up after asking Qiao Xi out in the middle of the night and setting all this up?

However, Madam Xu was really infuriating. She was biased toward her adopted daughter. If it were not for Madam Shen speaking up, Qiao Xi would probably have a bad reputation after being misunderstood for having beaten her sister.

“What’s there to check?! There are only a few tears on Miss Xu’s face. There are no red marks at all. She doesn’t look like she was beaten up at all!”

“That’s right! Madam Xu, your adopted daughter is really… scheming! She secretly went to the surveillance room just to set up this show, right?” “Mr. Xu, your Xu family is also considered a noble family. I didn’t expect your family to be so unethical. You actually let your wife and adopted daughter fool around in the Shen family’s residence! Later, the doctor will come to check on Miss Xu. If she doesn’t have any injuries, I’ll see how you’ll explain it then!”

Xu Zhi’s face was ashen.

He sized up Xu Anran. The sides of her cheeks were still smooth with no red marks on them. There were no injuries on her body either, but she fell to the floor and looked to be in pain. It was really hard to believe.

Xu Zhi frowned. “Xu Anran, what are you doing? Hurry up and go back!”

Xu Anran widened her eyes in disbelief. “Dad, you have to believe me. My sister really hit me. For some reason, my chest hurts too!”

“There were surveillance cameras here, but… But for some reason, they’re gone now. You have to believe me! I’m telling the truth!”

At this moment, a madam stood up, and her eyes were filled with anger. “It’s really annoying! Madam Shen, I don’t understand why you invited such people to the Shen family’s banquet. Now that Miss Xu has admitted that she went to the surveillance room, it’s obvious that Miss Xu set up a trap to wrong Qiao Xi!”

Butler Liu explained, “Madam invited the Xu family because she thought that the Xu and Xia families were both wealthy and noble families. She didn’t expect them to be so unscrupulous.” Madam Shen instructed coldly, “Butler Liu, since everyone thinks so, then send them out. Our Shen family holds banquets for entertainment. We can’t tolerate such a scheming adopted daughter who causes trouble. Moreover, I invited the Xu family. An adopted daughter can’t be considered a member of the Xu family.”

Xu Anran was about to faint.

She did not expect Madam Shen to say these words in public. She did not show her any respect at all.

Even now, she still could not understand why Madam Shen would be so biased toward Qiao Xi. There were clearly surveillance cameras. As long as they checked the surveillance footage, they would be able to confirm that Qiao Xi had hit her. However, Madam Shen did not admit that there were surveillance cameras here.


Xu Anran’s eyes suddenly widened as if she had realized something. No wonder Qiao Xi was so decisive and fearless when she hit her. It turned out that she had known all along…

This b*tch had already guessed her plan and joined forces with Madam Shen to put on an act. However, she still fell into this trap.

She was forcefully slapped a few times, yet everyone suspected her instead! Qiao Xi had really played a good move!

Qiao Xi’s gaze was indifferent as she silently looked at Xu Anran.

Did she think she was going too far? She was just giving her a taste of her own medicine.

If she did not have a backer and was just an ordinary country girl, how could she face Xu Anran’s repeated attacks after being found by the Xu family?

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