Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself - Chapter 563 - Cut Her Tongue And Make Her Shut Up Forever!

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Chapter 563 Cut Her Tongue And Make Her Shut Up Forever!

Seeing this, the guests hurriedly packed their things and left the Gu family’s old residence.

After everyone left, Gu Weiming was angry and swept everything on the table to the floor.

“This bastard! He actually captured the Yao family!”

Lu Yan sat leisurely on the chair and said indifferently, “Yao Mengqing is already a useless chess piece. If she’s captured, so be


“If she—”

“Heh! Yao Mengqing has no evidence at all.” Lu Yan sneered. “Even if Gu Zheng finds out that all of this was my plan, so what? He can’t kill me without evidence.”

Gu Weiming wanted to say something but hesitated. Actually, so what if Gu Zheng had no evidence? If Gu Zheng really wanted to kill someone, he did not need any reason.

Lu Yan took a sip of tea and lazily leaned back in the chair. “Father, it’s a good thing if Yao Mengqing really dies. We can use her one last time.”

Gu Weiming suddenly felt his neck turn cold. He was silent for a long time and could not say anything. In the past, he thought that Gu Zheng was heartless, but now, it seemed that this son of his was even worse than Gu Zheng.

Longwan Residential.

Qiao Xi was sitting on the sofa and looking at her phone when a notification popped up.

It was a news article about how the Yao family, a wealthy family in Li City, had gone bankrupt. The daughter of the Yao family, Yao Mengqing, had hired an assassin to kill someone. When the matter was exposed, she fled with her money.

Qiao Xi had a puzzled expression. “Wasn’t Yao Mengqing captured?”

Song Shiyu lowered his voice. “Young Madam, it’s because the president is afraid of leaving a bad impact, so he fabricated an article. This is the first time I’ve seen the president so angry. I think Yao Mengqing is in big trouble!”

Qiao Xi nodded. She was slightly curious about where Yao Mengqing was locked up at this moment.

At this moment, in the third floor underground dungeon of Longwan Residential.

The people from the Yao family did not expect that there would be such a dark dungeon under Longwan Residential. This place was more than 20 meters below the ground. Even if they shouted until their throats were hoarse, nobody could hear them.

Yao Mengqing shivered in the corner, staring at the blood on the floor. She looked at the man not far away and begged, “Ah Zheng, let me go. I know… I was wrong.”

Gu Zheng was dressed in black as he slowly walked over like a demon hidden in the darkness. He sat down elegantly and lazily leaned against the back of the chair, his long legs crossed.

Song Shijing stood behind Gu Zheng and handed him a cup of hot tea. The tea was still steaming and looked out of place in this cold and humid dungeon.

“It’s almost time.”

Everyone did not understand what Gu Zheng meant, but after a while, Yao Mengqing felt her heart tingle. The pain that followed made her look ferocious. Her fair and smooth face was in unbearable pain.

A heart-wrenching pain spread from her heart to her entire body. It was as if she was being dismembered, making her wish she could die immediately.

“Ah!!! Ah!!”

Yao Mengqing screamed in pain, “Ah Zheng! I love you! Why are you… so heartless?! For you, I went overseas to study alone. In order to please you, I learned how to serve men without caring about my reputation. I’m all


“Miss Yao, your actions really make me nauseous. Since you’re so desperate, I’ll satisfy you.”

Song Shijing understood.

Yao Mengqing widened her eyes in horror. “Gu Zheng, what are you doing?! You can’t do this to me!

“I’ve liked you since I was young and treated you as my Prince Charming. Today, I found out that you’re a demon! You’re the most heartless person. If… Qiao Xi finds out that you’re such a man, she’ll be unable to accept you. Otherwise, why didn’t you let her come along? You’re afraid that she’ll leave you if she gets scared from seeing this scene! “Only me! Only I love”


Before she could finish speaking, a sharp dagger flew into Yao Mengqing’s mouth.

Gu Zheng looked up coldly. “You’re making me annoyed. Cut her tongue and make her shut up forever.”

The dungeon fell silent.

Yao Mengqing was in so much pain that her eyes almost popped out. The pain all over her body was already unbearable. The pain on her tongue made her sweat.



The dungeon was filled with cries for help from the Yao family.

Gu Zheng waved his hand indifferently. “Get someone to stop the bleeding. Don’t let her die.”


Gu Zheng’s expression was indifferent. Even though he had just cut off Yao Mengqing’s tongue, he was expressionless.

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