Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality - Chapter 554 - Talking About the Cause and Effect in Bodhi Tree (I)

Chapter 554 Talking About the Cause and Effect in Bodhi Tree (I)

“Little Master Zhixiu, you and I haven’t met each other for more than four hundred years since last time we separated in haste in Lhasa City.”

At that time, Lin Luoran had not yet borne Essence. She met Zhixiu at the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa. After being enlightened by how he “made tea”, she made up her mind to live as an ordinary person. Then Lin Luoran became “Anar” on the grassland. Eventually, she broke through the limitation of the state of mind and successfully borne Essence.

The female evil abomination is greeting the young Buddhist monk who embarrassingly holds them back—all the monks are stunned. They take a closer look at the handsome young Buddhist monk. He seems to have been in the temple for a long time. The young Buddhist monk doesn’t speak much, and he has never missed morning classes and evening classes. He always finishes all the hard work in silence. In a temple with many monks, he has been an invisible person for many years.

At this moment, he suddenly becomes the focus. A senior monk who has been in the temple for a long time tries to recall—he doesn’t know when the young Buddhist monk comes to the temple. He seems to have stayed here for hundreds of years… or just a few days.

He doesn’t have any friend in this temple. As the senior monk thinks of it, he realizes that the memory about the young Buddhist monk is so vague.

These monks are shocked, while the Buddha feels unspeakably overwhelmed.

How can a young Buddhist monk quietly enter his territory? With his control over the country, he doesn’t even know the young Buddhist monk who has lived under his nose every day. Besides, the young Buddhist monk lives with the monks and goes everywhere freely in the temple, but he is actually a friend of the Divinization female cultivator with godhead. Is it just a coincidence?

The well-informed “Buddha Lord” thinks that young Buddhist monk Zhixiu is much more dangerous than Lin Luoran.

Hearing Lin Luoran greeting him, Zhixiu feels confused. After a long time, he seems to finally recognize her. He raises his head and smiles, but what he says is native language of Hasa.

Zhixiu is also stunned. He finally uses the Huaxia language of the Earth. Talking with Lin Luoran, his tone has the joy of reunion.

“Lay Buddhist Lin, you are really lucky.”

Last time they met, Lin Luoran sealed her memory and sought an opportunity for Bearing Essence in Nagqu Grassland. Unexpectedly, they now meet again. She has become a Divinization cultivator, and she even has successfully left the earth. Following the footsteps of her predecessors, she comes to this world.

When Zhixiu met Lin Luoran, he was in the initial stage of reincarnation and restoration.

Buddhist cultivator’s holy spell is different from Lin Luoran’s. The latter is the myriads of changes, depending on personal understanding. The former can be summarized as “six realms”.

Heaven realm can turn many into one, and one into many; turn big into small, and small into big. Buddhist cultivators can sink into the water and go into the ground without the hinder of cliffs, mountains, rocks, and rivers. They can fly freely in the air, coming and going without hindrance.

Heavenly ear realm can hear and understand everyone’s words everywhere.

Telepathy realm can read everyone’s mind.

Heavenly eye realm can see everything near or far without barrier. Buddhist cultivators can see every detail. They can see the sins of all living beings, and they know the next life.

Fate realm—”fate” represents the past. Buddhist cultivators can know the origin of everyone’s karma.

Shedding realm—shedding is to get out of troubles. Buddhist cultivators know how people can be free from the troubles of life and death.

When Lin Luoran was about to bear Essence, Zhixiu once met her as a shepherd on the grassland.

At that time, he looked at Lin Luoran in blank, and monks of the Jokhang Temple even came to ask him what had happened.

What was his answer at that time?

“—I know who she was, I can foresee who she will be, but I cannot understand who she is at the moment.”

But now, the situation seems to be completely reversed—”Telepathy realm” can no longer read Lin Luoran’s mind; what the “Fate realm” saw before is like a story someone deliberately presented for him; using “Heavenly eye”, he only sees that Lin Luoran’s “future” is a white and endless wilderness.

Over the past four hundred years, he has been changing, but the changes in Lin Luoran are obviously even more amazing.

He doesn’t know who she was. He can’t foresee who she will be. However, he can understand who she is now—she gets the power of faith of the earth, and she is now a god. No wonder he once felt fluctuations of the power of faith in Lin Luoran. At that time, he only thought that she was a cultivator with weapons of Buddhism. Recalling it, he thinks it is related to Lin Luoran’s sturdy godhead.

Thinking is a fast and unrestrained activity. Lin Luoran meets Zhixiu in this situation, and she has many complex ideas in just a few seconds.

She and Zhixiu talk about the old days and ignore others. It totally irritates the so-called “Buddha Lord”.

He can’t pretend to be kind and amiable anymore. He shouts, “make the circle”, and all wounded monks stand up energetically as if nothing has happened. They don’t even pick up the copper lamps that are previously extinguished by Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan. They put their palms together to knit print and plant a magic circle. The three of Lin Luoran are trapped under the tree again.

Mysterious scriptures go off again. It is no longer the magic circle with soft golden light. Now red light is raging under the thousand-year-old bodhi tree of pure Buddha nature. The power of evil abomination arrives, and a bloody whirlwind attacks the three of them.

Lin Luoran sighs. Buddha Lord now doesn’t even hide. He even uses such an evil trick. When the blood wave comes, Lin Luoran does not move, Mu Tiannan’s monstrous Reiki is totally provoked, but it seems to have no effect on Zhixiu. In the sea of blood, young Buddhist monk is still refreshing. After four hundred years, the fragrance plantain lily is still around him.

Lin Luoran hasn’t figured out what Zhixiu cultivates. The evil abominations and ghosts are raging in the circle. She relies on the pure white faith to separate herself from the sea of blood. Mu Tiannan has great monster power so little ghosts are nothing for him. Zhixiu is standing near them, but the evil spirit totally ignores him.

From the beginning to the end, Buddha Lord has never left the lotus platform. At this moment, he sees the scene in the magic circle. His eyes flash and he knits a print. The “Thousand Year bodhi tree” behind them suddenly bursts out dazzling golden light. Then a big mouth appears, and it swallows the three of them.

It is unexpected but they can still get rid of it. However, Zhixiu signals Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan not to fight back.

Buddha Lord doesn’t expect it to be so smooth. If things go too smoothly, something must be abnormal. Buddha Lord can’t keep his benevolent and kind countenance anymore. He frowns slightly, and then he instructs the monks to change the circle while reciting sutra and knitting print to enhance the inhibition of the bodhi tree.

The bodhi tree is a species with Buddha nature. The gentle golden light suddenly turns into a big mouth to swallow people. Lin Luoran and others all fall into the dark space.

With Lin Luoran’s personal ability, her eyesight is good both in the light and in the dark. However, at this moment, what she can see is pure darkness. Something seems to have swallowed brightness. It’s so cold.

Soon their feet feel something on the ground—something like snakes are hissing and want to entangle them. Lin Luoran burns them clean with the true fire. The fire light flashes but they don’t have the time to see the surrounding environment. Even true fire only lasts for a short time, and then it extinguishes.

“This is a very spacious place. Don’t get lost.”

Zhixiu signals Lin Luoran not to fight back. He finally says something. With a flick of his finger, a group of white light rises and then falls down, turning into a circle of light surrounding the three of them.

In the faint light circle, Lin Luoran can finally see the surroundings clearly. Outside the white light circle, black fog is rolling around. They are in a thick fog. The place where they are is wide and boundless, and they can’t know their location.

“Master Zhixiu seems to be familiar with this place?”

The Buddha nature of white light is mellow, which is the nemesis of the black mist. From Zhixiu’s words, it seems that it’s not the first time for him to be here.

Zhixiu nods. Now he is too close to a young woman, so his delicate face slightly blushes. He is really an innocent young Buddhist monk.

“I was rarely sober in Hasa. In the past 70 years since I woke up, I have been to this place dozens of times. Finally, I know a little about it.”

Mu Tiannan has always been quiet. He suddenly asks, “Are we in the underground space of the bodhi tree?”

The three of them have been walking during the conversation. Judging by their speed, they should have covered the distance longer than the whole mountain outside. However, they still can’t see the end.

Zhixiu nods, “Yes… but also no. You think we have traveled a long way. In fact, we are always in the bodhi tree.”

Lin Luoran freezes, “Xumi mountain contains a mustard seed, while a mustard seed contains Xumi mountain… mustard seed space?”

Zhixiu smiles and puts his palms together, “Lay Buddhist Lin knows Buddhism very well.”

Lin Luoran blushes. It is not difficult for a cultivator to have wide learning and a retentive memory. However, some cultivators don’t like to pay attention to other schools’ knowledge.

Buddhism uses mustard seeds to represent tiny things. Xumi mountain is a legendary Indian mountain, which is the residence of Indra and the Four Heavenly Kings. Its height is 84,000 Yojana. Therefore, Xumi mountain represents something extremely big. The two contains each other, just as there is a world in the sacred pearl space, and one flower and one leaf form a world. A tiny mustard seed can accommodate a huge Xumi mountain. According to the definition of the mustard seed space, they may not even be in the bodhi tree. They may be just in a certain bodhi, or in a certain bark of the tree.

“Master Zhixiu just said ‘rarely sober’ and ‘in the past 70 years since you woke up’ What do you mean?”

The mustard seed space is wide and boundless. The black mist can swallow light around it. They really feel uncomfortable about it if they don’t chat. Lin Luoran explains the mustard seed space to Mu Tiannan, and then she turns her head to ask Zhixiu.

The young Buddhist monk doesn’t answer her question. Instead, he is very interested in Lin Luoran’s experience over the years.

Lin Luoran tells him her story selectively. When Zhixiu hears her experience in Mount Penglai, he is not moved by her lucky chance of finding Spirit Mountain. However, Zhixiu sighs when he knows Lin Luoran’s story in “the Sea of Sin”.

In the past, “the Shelter of Gods” was launched, and all Buddhas left. Zhixiu was very sad about the earth catastrophe. Hearing that the five elements had been rebuilt when Lin Luoran left, the young Buddhist monk is so excited that he chants several times.

“Lay Buddhist Lin’s merits are boundless. You will be rewarded in the future. You come to Hasa Mi Sect… are you looking for the interstellar transmission circle? ”

Lin Luoran’s eyes are bright, “Master, do you know where the transmission circle is?”

Zhixiu is a little worried, “The interstellar transmission circle is just under our feet. However, you can only see it but you can’t use it.”

Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan feel happy and worried at the same time. It is just under their feet—does it mean that it is just under the bodhi tree? They can only see it but they can’t use it—is the transmission circle broken?

“Master, you have entered the tree dozens of times, but you haven’t left this star. Is there any way to repair the magic circle?”

Zhixiu sighs, “Two Lay Buddhists, please follow me. You will know the cause and effect.”

He is pointing at the boundless depths of the black fog. Lin Luoran and Mu Tiannan continue to move on with Zhixiu’s guidance, until a beam of faint and disgusting red light comes from the thick black fog in front of them.