Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 2508 - The Escort Team

Chapter 2508: The Escort Team

Jian Wushuang soon went up to the double-horned Thunderous Star Beast’s back and continued his journey.

The beast was rather huge as it was over three meters tall. Jian Wushuang sat cross-legged on its back.

With a flip of his palm, an ancient and mysterious scroll appeared in his palm.

Fengtian Scroll!

He never had a chance to quiet down and study it in detail since Jian Wushuang accepted the Fengtian Scroll from Crimson Stone Saint.

Now that the Thunderous Star Beast would carry him for the remaining journey, he could finally focus his efforts on studying it. It was also the reason he deliberately bought a double-horned Thunderous Star Beast.

Jian Wushuang closed his eyes while blending his senses into Fengtian Scroll.

He began researching his sword principles, Space-time, and Transmigration Laws based on the universe’s mysteries hidden in Fengtian Scroll.

Following the rise of his understanding, Jian Wushuang soon discovered that his understanding for the first time through Fengtian Scroll while in Saint’s Tomb was the most effective one and the consecutive effects were a lot less than before.

However, it was still faster than trying to achieve solely with his own abilities.

Time flew by, another three months had passed.

Jian Wushuang had traveled across ten wildernesses with the double-horned Thunderous Star Beast charging ahead at full speed throughout the three months.

At the same time, he had achieved quite a bit of improvement with the assistance of Fengtian Scroll.

He had improved a great deal in terms of sword principles, but the most crucial improvement was his further realization of laws.

For instance, he could only form two apparitions at the same time before that using Space-time Law but he could now form a total of six—four more than before. For many experts who studied Space-time Law, it was extremely difficult to achieve this within a few decades or even a century.

However, relying on his own intelligence and the Fengtian Scroll’s assistance, Jian Wushuang had achieved such in merely three months.

Jian Wushuang held a piece of jade slip while checking the direction ahead before mumbling to himself, “Following this direction, the Dark Thunder Territory should be up ahead. Dark Thunder Territory is a place I must cross to reach the Northern Darkstar Continent. It’s also the most dangerous area throughout the entire journey. This territory is huge and borderless with countless thievery and killings everywhere.”

Thieves… They were everywhere regardless of the Eternal Chaotic World of his past life or the Ancient God Domain in this current.

The only difference was those thieves in Ancient God Domain were a lot more powerful and systematic.

Despite addressing them as thieves, they were actually the regional political regimes.

For example, there were countless thieves residing in Dark Thunder Territory and had organized their own political powers with each occupying a mountain.

Among them, the Eighteen Prefectures were the most powerful!

The Eighteen Prefectures had been deeply rooted in Dark Thunder Territory for a very long time with its total powers no weaker than some dominating sects in certain wildernesses. In fact, they might probably be stronger.

As the number one dominant sect of Wusha Wilderness, the Great Compassion Sect’s strongest battle strength constituted only one high-level and three low-level Ultimate Gods. However, any of the prefectures in the Dark Thunder Territory’s Eighteen Prefectures would possess a few Ultimate Gods. There were also many high-level Ultimate Gods among them.

On usual days, the Eighteen Prefectures would go about their regular businesses without much friendliness. They would sometimes even fight with each other to protect their respective interests. However, all Eighteen Prefectures would work together whenever a crisis occurred and their collective power formed was something to be feared.

It was because of such that even though the Eighteen Prefectures constantly robbed and took over various parts of Dark Thunder Territory, nobody could do anything against them.

Even the most powerful clan in the Northern Darkstar Continent would not simply take action against the Eighteen Prefectures.

In reality, the only person who was capable enough and dared to destroy the Eighteen Prefectures throughout the Wusha Wilderness was perhaps the mighty Territorial Lord himself.

Unfortunately, the Eighteen Prefectures never offended the Territorial Lord and the Territorial Lord also had no intentions of wasting his time on them.

“There are too many thieves in Dark Thunder Territory. I can’t imagine how much trouble would come my way if I entered with my double-horned Thunderous Star Beast. I’d better find a strong escort team to go with me,” murmured Jian Wushuang to himself.

He immediately began searching on the outer rim of Dark Thunder Territory and soon found a place where cultivators gathered.

At the gathering spot, a huge number of cultivators were present, and just like Jian Wushuang, all of them wanted to cross Dark Thunder Territory.

Every pair of eyes immediately looked over at Jian Wushuang when he appeared at the gathering spot with his double-horned Thunderous Star Beast.

“Double-horned Thunderous Star Beast?”

“Thunderous Star Beasts have always been the best wild beasts to travel with and the most expensive one as well. The double-horned Thunderous Star Beast probably costs ten thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power. It’s a lot more than a regular Peak Divine Demon’s entire net worth.”

“I’m afraid this is no regular person since he is able to ride a double-horned Thunderous Star Beast. At the very least, his net worth must be out of the ordinary.”

All eyes were focused on Jian Wushuang.

Someone soon walked directly toward Jian Wushuang.

“Brother, you must be planning to cross Dark Thunder Territory? Join our Xiongfeng Escort Team. We’ll make sure your entire journey is smooth and free of obstructions.”

“Get outta here! What Xiongfeng Escort Team? You’re just a second-class escort team. How dare you guarantee a smooth sail? Brother, you are better off with the Shenhu Escort Team. We are a true first-class escort team who are a lot more reliable than this Xiongfeng or whatever they call themselves. As for our asking rate, it’s really not that much. It only costs you five thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power!”

“Five thousand? Hmph, our Ziyun Escort Team is also first-class, but we only charge three thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power!”

One by one, the escort teams invited Jian Wushuang to hire them.

Those escort teams were specialized in protecting cultivators to cross Dark Thunder Territory and cultivators would naturally have to pay them some fees for services rendered.

First-class escort teams were considered some of the more capable escort teams as they usually had Ultimate God experts at the helm.

Some of the escort team members approached Jian Wushuang because he rode a double-horned Thunderous Star Beast and assumed he was rich.

Jian Wushuang felt weird from watching those few men around him competing for business.

Just at that moment…

“Look, isn’t that Xueya Escort Team?”

“Xueya Escort Team? A crimson-class escort team?”

The entire gathering spot was stirred with many cultivators who began looking at a specific area in the void.

In the void stood a few Peak Divine Demons carrying a flag with a bloodied tooth pattern sewed on it. Their cold voices resonated above the cultivators’ gathering spot.

“The Xueya Escort Team will begin our journey towards Dark Thunder Territory in three days. We can escort fifty cultivators at a time, which means we have fifty spots to fill. The spots are obviously limited, so if you want us to escort you, please come to me and sign up immediately. As for the escorting fees, it’s ten thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power each!”