Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3113: Mr. Heavenly Sword Marquis?

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Chapter 3113: Mr. Heavenly Sword Marquis?


"Is the girl who is challenging the sky puppet array a disciple of the Holy Feather Sect?" The black-haired demonic youth asked casually.

"I haven't seen this girl yet, so she shouldn't be a disciple of our Holy Feather Sect yet. However, she has already lasted for fifteen breaths in the sky puppet array. Judging from her appearance, she should be able to last for eighteen breaths. To be able to last so long in the sky puppet array, she is considered quite outstanding among the disciples of our Holy Feather Sect," said the purple-clothed beautiful woman.

However, the black-haired devilish youth still did not care about it. He did not even bother to look at the sky puppet array again. Instead, he turned his gaze to the training grounds.

However, with just a casual glance, his pupils suddenly constricted. His gaze was completely fixed on a person on the training grounds.

"Mirage Water, Mirage Water!" The black-haired devilish youth hurriedly shouted.

"What's wrong?" The silent white-robed woman looked over.

"Look, look who it is!" The black-haired demonic youth's voice was trembling.

The white-robed woman looked in the direction the black-haired demonic youth had pointed, and her eyes instantly widened!

Both of them were staring at that person, and that person was Jian Wushuang!

"It's him!"

"It's definitely him. Although his appearance has been disguised, the extent of the disguise is not big. I can recognize him at a glance."

The black-haired evil-looking young man and the white-robed woman instantly confirmed Jian Wushuang's identity.

They had not only seen Jian Wushuang but also had a deep impression of him. Even if Jian Wushuang had disguised himself a little, they could still recognize him.

"Why, why is he here?" The black-haired evil-looking young man was trembling.

"I don't know." The white-robed woman shook her head. "What should we do? Should we go over?"

"No, no hurry. He is standing outside the sky puppet formation. It seems that the woman who is breaking through the formation is related to him. Let's wait here and wait for the woman to finish breaking through the formation before we go over," the black-haired evil-looking young man said.

"Alright." The white-robed woman nodded heavily as well.

The two of them conversed softly. The purple-haired beauty beside them did not hear what they were saying, nor did she notice that they had lost their composure.

Inside the sky puppet formation, Princess Qing gritted her teeth and unleashed her full strength.

It was not just her strength, but also her tenacity.

In fact, she should have been defeated by the six sky puppets a long time ago, but she was unwilling to give up. She had been fighting with all her might, putting her life on the line just to hold on for the last few breaths.

"Twenty breaths. No matter what, I have to hold on for twenty breaths. Only in this way can I become the personal disciple of Elder Qichen. Only by becoming the personal disciple can I have the right to ask Elder Qichen to come out and ask the Holy Feather Sect to come out and help Sixth Brother!" The conviction in Princess Qing's heart was abnormally firm.

It was this conviction that had been driving her, causing her to not give up until now.

Seventeen breaths, eighteen breaths!

Very quickly, Princess Qing held on for the nineteenth breath!

"He actually held on for nineteen breaths?" The beautiful woman in purple beside the martial arts practice field revealed a surprised expression.

She had long seen through Prince Qing's strength. In her opinion, Prince Qing being able to last for 18 breaths in the sky puppet formation was already his limit, but she did not expect that he could last for 19 breaths.

And now, she was trying to last for 20 breaths.


A low and deep sound rang out, and a terrifying force smashed directly onto Prince Qing's divine body. Prince Qing's body instantly turned into a stream of light and was directly blasted out of the sky puppet formation.

In the 20th breath, Qing Er still could not endure it.

"Fortunately, she still couldn't endure it in the 20th breath. However, with her strength, she was able to endure it for 19 breaths. This belief...is very strong. This girl's tenacity and willpower are also very outstanding." The purple-robed beautiful woman looked at Qing Er who was blasted out of the sky puppet formation, a trace of admiration could be seen in her beautiful eyes.

At this moment, Prince Qing had already stabilized her body, but her face was deathly pale. She stood outside the sky puppet formation with both her hands clenched tightly. Her fingertips were already as smooth as flesh and blood, and her body was trembling slightly.

She was unwilling!


It was clearly only the last breath, but she had failed.

"You persisted in the sky puppet formation for nineteen breaths of time. According to what Elder Qichen said, you are qualified to become his in-name disciple. Elder Qichen is currently in closed-door cultivation. After some time, when Elder Qichen comes out of closed-door cultivation, you will be able to accept him as your master." The weathered old man stared at Prince Qing, his expression was even colder than before.

Honorary disciples and personal disciples seemed to be disciples, but there was a huge gap between them.

One had to know that all the powerful elders in the Holy Feather Sect had many honorary disciples under them. For example, Elder Qichen had more than ten honorary disciples, but he only had one personal disciple. The difference in status...of course, he did not think so.

Previously, the vicissitudes of life elder thought that Prince Qing might become Elder Qichen's personal disciple, so he was quite polite to Prince Qing. But now that he was only an in-name disciple, his attitude naturally changed.

"I have an urgent matter. Can I go and see master now?" Prince Qing asked.

"No." The vicissitudes of life elder shook his head.

If he was a personal disciple, if he had urgent matters to attend to, he could naturally seek an audience with him.

However, an in-name disciple was just a name. Elder Qichen probably would not even take it to heart. How could he let him disturb his closed-door cultivation?

Upon hearing the old man's reply, Princess Qing's face turned deathly pale.

Right at this moment..

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Several figures suddenly swept down from the surrounding void and arrived in front of Her Highness Qing.

When the vicissitudes of life old man saw who it was, he immediately bowed and saluted. "Greetings, Sect Master!"

The Sect Master was naturally referring to the purple-robed beauty.

This purple-robed beauty was the current Sect Master of the Holy Feather Sect, Ying Yue. Most people called her the Sect Master of the Moon Reflection Sect.

"Get up." Sect Master Ying Yue waved her hand, and the weathered elder immediately stood up.

Beside Sect Master Ying Yue, the black-haired, evil-looking young man and the white-robed woman took a deep breath. They both stepped forward and approached Jian Wushuang with some restraint, then, under Sect Master Ying Yue's somewhat shocked gaze, they directly bowed to Jian Wushuang, at the same time, the black-haired evil-looking youth said, "Evil master, Greetings, Mr. Heavenly Sword Marquis. I didn't expect you to be in the Holy Feather Sect."

Sect Master Moon Reflection was stunned.

"Mr. Heavenly Sword Marquis?"



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