Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3479 - It Was Possible

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Chapter 3479 It Was Possible

It was best that Da Ying did not stay completely, and she did not die…an expert who had reached the peak of the six states of the void was a great threat to the Divine Moon Palace and Xiao’er who had regained control of the Nine-tailed Clan.

However, this was within her expectations. When Xiao’er decided to attack the Nine-tailed Clan, she already knew that it was impossible for her side to kill Da Ying. They could only force Da Ying back. This could not be helped. As for Da Ying’s threat… she could only think of a way to deal with it in the future.

In any case, the Nine-tailed Clan was now completely under Xiao’er’s control.


In a flash, Demon Master Chenhuo had returned to Jian Wushuang’s side.

“Chenhuo, congratulations on reaching the pinnacle of Principles Master. The next step should be to advance to the ruler level?” Jian Wushuang looked at Demon Master Chenhuo with a faint smile.

“I was lucky enough to take this step. As for the ruler level…how could it be so easy?” Chenhuo shook his head with a smile.

The word ‘ruler level’ was too important.

It had been many years since the creation of the Divine Beginning Realm. However, after such a long time, there were very few ruler-level experts in the Divine Beginning Realm. Every one of them was extremely talented, furthermore, they had gone through endless experiences and had definitely obtained great opportunities before they became rulers.

As for the Demon Master Chenhuo, if nothing had happened to the Purple Star Demon Sect, he would not have stayed in the heaven and earth secret realm for nearly 200 million years. Instead, he would have stayed in the Divine Beginning Realm or had been training in various places in the Universe Battlefield, then, he might still have some confidence in reaching the ruler realm, but now…

He was talented, but he had wasted nearly 200 million years in the secret realm of heaven and earth, which had a great impact on him. Although he still had hope of becoming a ruler in the future, the hope was not great, whether he could break through to become a ruler in the future depended on luck.

“I’m not in a hurry to become a ruler. You, on the other hand, should think of a way to break through to become a Principles Master. If you can’t even break through to become a Principles Master, how can you reach an agreement with me?” Demon Master Chenhuo said.

“Principles Master…” Jian Wushuang touched his nose.

In fact, in terms of combat strength, he was now considered very strong among the Principles Masters of the five void realms.

However, he was still an Immortal Saint. He did not even have the slightest sign of breaking through, let alone becoming a Principles Master.

“I have a feeling that I’m still quite far from becoming a Principles Master. At the very least, I have to completely master the destruction principles and even completely merge the destruction principles with the space-time and reincarnation principles in order to have a chance of breaking through,” Jian Wushuang thought to himself.

After chatting with Demon Master Chenhuo for a while, Xiao’er, Axe One Master, Marquis Duan Yu, and Star Saint Master walked over.

“Demon Master Chenhuo, congratulations on stepping into the pinnacle of Principles Master!” Xiao’er said first.

“As far as I know, only Elder Dark Bone has reached the pinnacle of Principles Master in the Divine Beginning Realm. Now, Brother Chenhuo has also reached it,” Axe One Master said.

“Only after reaching this step can one truly walk unhindered in the Divine Beginning Realm. Even a Saint Realm Master would not be able to kill a Principles Masters who has reached the pinnacle,” said Marquis Duan Yu.

“Everyone is too polite.” Demon Master Chenhuo only smiled faintly. Although he was pleasantly surprised by his breakthrough just now, he had calmed down now.

After all, although it was important for him to take this step, it was still not enough for him to take revenge. After all, the one who destroyed the Purple Star Demon Sect was the Flame Saint Realm, one of the three Saint Realms, now, he still had to rely on Jian Wushuang

“Miss Xiao’er, is there any trouble in the Nine-tailed Clan?” Jian Wushuang glanced at Xiao’er.

Xiao’er smiled faintly, she said, “Because of my identity, many clansmen of the Nine-tailed Clan have already sided with me in their hearts. Even the stubborn ones have almost died in the battle just now, and most of the remaining ones are willing to submit. Even if there are a few stubborn people hiding in there, it doesn’t matter to the overall situation.”

“Besides Da Ying, doesn’t the Nine-tailed Clan have a second expert in the sixth realm of the void?” Jian Wushuang asked.

“Yes, but this person is not on the same side as Da Ying. When the war broke out, I had planned to ask Lord Xu to keep her busy. I didn’t expect that she had no intention to fight back. She has been standing there without putting up any resistance. Now she is willing to submit to me. With her help and the absolute strength of my Divine Moon Palace, nothing will happen to the Nine-tailed Clan,” Xiao’er said.

“That’s good.” Jian Wushuang nodded slightly. “If you regain control of the Nine-tailed Clan, the power in your hands will reach a whole new level. Don’t forget your previous agreement with me.”

“Don’t worry. After the Nine-tailed Clan has calmed down, I will help you to deal with the Blood Clan,” Xiao’er said, “however, there is another problem in the Nine-tailed Clan. Da Ying is, after all, an expert at the peak of the sixth realm of the void. Although she has been defeated, she will not be satisfied. She will definitely find a way to regain control of the Nine-tailed Clan. With such a big hidden danger, I always feel that there is a thorn in my heart.”

“Why? Do you want to completely remove this thorn?” Jian Wushuang looked at Xiao’er.

“Of course, but this thorn is too powerful. How can it be so easy to remove?” Xiao’er said helplessly.

“In fact, Miss Xiao’er, if you really want to kill Da Ying, there is a way.” A voice suddenly sounded. It was Marquis Duan Yu.

Hearing this, Jian Wushuang and Xiao’er looked at Marquis Duan Yu in unison.

“Marquis Duan Yu, do you have a way to kill Da Ying?” Xiao’er looked at Marquis Duan Yu with a glimmer of light in her eyes.

Marquis Duan Yu smiled, he said, “Da Ying is indeed very strong. It’s very difficult to kill her with normal means. Even with an expert at the pinnacle of the Principles Master Realm like Demon Master Chenhuo, Da Ying can still escape even if she can’t defeat him!”

“Therefore, it has been said in the Divine Beginning Realm that only a Saint Realm Master or a master level expert can kill an expert at the pinnacle of the six states of the void. But in fact, it’s not the case!”

“Marquis Duan Yu, do you really have a way to kill an expert at the pinnacle of the six states of the void?” Jian Wushuang was also interested.

After all, the Blood Clan leader that he wanted to kill had the same cultivation. Previously, he had been worried about how to kill him.

Now, if Marquis Duan Yu had a way to kill Da Ying, he naturally had a way to kill the Blood Clan leader.

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