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Chapter 241 Receive Three of My Moves without Getting Hurt, and I’ll Do As You Wish (1)


Xu Shi’s palm landed on Wang Mu’s shoulder.

A flame circled around Wang Mu. Amid crackling sounds, a monstrous aura suddenly rose from Wang Mu’s body.

His spiritual essence cultivation had been unsealed!

Meng Bai’s heart kept sinking.

There were two first-rank martial artists here, as well as the defenders of Great Qin’s Hangu Pass. There was no way out for the Great Xia diplomatic mission!

If there was only one first-rank martial artist, Meng Bai was confident that he could fight.

But he was definitely not a match for two first-rank martial artists.

Even with Yin Wuyou and Lu Wenshuang, they were definitely not a match for two first-rank martial artists.

As for the Great Xia diplomatic mission, they were at most on par with Wang Xin’s army. It was impossible for them to provide any help.

In other words, the Great Xia diplomatic mission would definitely lose!

“Wang Mu! Xu Shi! What are you trying to do?” Meng Bai said solemnly. “Do you want to fight Great Xia to the death?”

A fierce killing intent erupted from his body. He had been seriously injured for many years. Although Meng Bai had not killed enemies personally for a long time, he had always been leading the army, and his killing intent was still extremely strong.

He was truly angry. They had already taken a step back and traded the cultivation method of the Iron Smelting Hands Technique to Great Qin.

But Great Qin was simply too much!

“Great General Meng, I don’t want to hurt anyone,” Xu Shi said. “However, the Iron Smelting Hands Technique is very important to Great Qin, so I have to master it!

“As long as I can master the Iron Smelting Hands Technique, I don’t mind even if I am cursed for all eternity.

“Great General Meng, after this matter, I can go to Great Xia to apologize. But you can’t leave now.”

“Hmph. Try it then!” Meng Bai shouted coldly. “If you want to stop my Great Xia diplomatic mission, we’ll have to see if you have the ability!”

Meng Bai’s aura was astonishing.

This place was only a few kilometers away from the borders of Great Qin. If he desperately held back Xu Shi and Wang Mu, Zhou Shu and the others might have a chance of escaping! “I got my life back by luck. Xu Shi, Wang Mu, I want to see which of you will accompany me to death!”

If Meng Bai really gave up his life, one of them might really have to die with him.

Wang Mu’s expression was a little complicated.

He had been getting along well with the Great Xia diplomatic mission during this period of time. Not long ago, Zhou Shu had just made a deal with him.

He really liked the Overlord Spear.

But now, he had to be the bad guy. Between home and country, country came first.

As Xu Shi had said, for the sake of Great Qin, what was there to fear even if he had to bear infamy for a hundred lifetimes?

When Wang Mu thought of this, his expression gradually became determined.

“You Marquis, regardless of the outcome, my Wang family owes you one,” Wang Mu said seriously.

“Wang Xin, are you here?!”

“Yes!” Wang Xin, who was still in a daze, subconsciously said.

“Lock down Hangu Pass. No one from the Great Xia diplomatic mission is allowed to leave!” Wang Mu shouted.

Wang Xin was slightly stunned. He looked at the Overlord Spear in his hand. He had just called someone his brother, but now, he was going to turn hostile?

He was still young and couldn’t be as adaptable as Wang Mu. He felt very conflicted now.

“Wang Xin!” Wang Mu shouted again.

“As you command, General!” Wang Xin said reluctantly.

Before taking action, he said to Zhou Shu, “Brother, please don’t worry. As long as you don’t attack, I definitely won’t attack first.”

Wang Mu didn’t stop his grandson’s nonsense.

The truth was, he wasn’t willing to do it either. As long as they detained Zhou Shu, it was enough.

Why do you have to go to this extent? Zhou Shu sighed.

Isn’t it good to be friendly?

Why do we have to fight and kill? Isn’t it good to be alive?

If the last time Great Qin had forced him into trading his Iron Smelting Hands Technique was still within his acceptable range, then after Great Qin blocked his way, Zhou Shu was already getting impatient.

Again and again, do they really think that I’m easy to bully?

“Lord Xu, if you want me to help you master the Iron Smelting Hands Technique, fine,” Zhou Shu said. “Receive three moves from me without getting hurt, and I’ll do as you wish.”

Even a clay figurine had a temper. Zhou Shu was usually easy to talk to, but he wasn’t someone to be bullied.

If he didn’t teach them a lesson, they would really think that Great Qin was the number one in the world.

Xu Shi and Wang Mu looked at each other and laughed.

That was right. They all thought that Zhou Shu was giving himself a way out.

A mere fifth-rank martial artist said to a first-rank martial artist to receive three moves from him.

What was the difference between this and scratching an itch?

As expected, Great Qin’s elites are unparalleled in the world. Even if the Great Xia diplomatic mission is led by Meng Bai, they don’t dare to directly fall out with us.

“Alright, I’ll receive three of your moves,” Xu Shi said.

“Let me get this straight. If you’re hurt, then get out of my way. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude,” Zhou Shu said with a straight face.

Xu Shi thought that Zhou Shu was young and impetuous and wanted to give him face.

After all, young people didn’t want to lose face even if they lowered their heads.

So what if he gave him some face?

He didn’t care as long as he could master the Iron Smelting Hands Technique.

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“I, Xu Shi, swear on my character that if I’m injured in three moves, I’ll immediately move aside and stop pestering you,” Xu Shi said solemnly.

“You Marquis!” Meng Bai frowned.

His thoughts were similar to Xu Shi and Wang Mu’s. He also thought that Zhou Shu didn’t want the Great Xia diplomatic mission to take the risk, so he would rather make himself suffer and lower his head to them.

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