Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1427: Worship

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Chapter 1427: Worship

Since you aren't using the Calamity Zone, I'll kill you before you start using it. Zhou Wen was just about to take the opportunity to deal a ruthless blow when he suddenly felt the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder react.

In his consciousness, the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder lit up. The book's surface automatically opened as golden runes appeared.

Zhou Wen also felt immense mental pressure. Thankfully, his willpower was terrifyingly strong. The mental suppression didn't shake his willpower.

What happened to not using the Calamity Zone? He didn't even say a word and directly used it. It's indeed the shameless Saint Xiao! Thankfully, Zhou Wen was prepared and wasn't affected. Just as he was about to curse, a thought flashed in his mind, but he immediately gave up on the idea.

Zhou Wen stood there blankly as his expression turned livid. He held the Immortal Culling Sword in his hand and swiped it at his neck.

"No good! That bastard Xiao went back on his word. He used the Calamity Zone when Old Zhou wasn't prepared!" Li Xuan was alarmed as he jumped up, but there was nothing he could do.

Wang Lu was also given a fright as she widened her eyes and covered her mouth, not daring to look any further.

Everyone recalled the scene of the Metal Guards and Golden Battle Gods committing suicide when Xiao attempted the level.

Human Sovereign was only at the Terror grade after all. It was definitely not impossible for him to commit suicide under Xiao's Calamity Zone.

However, Human Sovereign still looked like he was struggling. He didn't directly swipe at his neck as though he wasn't completely controlled. He was still resisting.

Xiao didn't hesitate as he stabbed at Zhou Wen quickly.

His sword was unbelievably fast to begin with, and this strike was so fast that it almost vanished along with him.

Almost at the same time, Zhou Wen's eyes regained clarity as his body suddenly spun. The Immortal Culling Sword that was aimed at his neck spun with his body before slashing down into the void.


The sound of silk being sliced through was heard. As it was too fast, no one saw what had happened.

After a slight pause, people realized that Xiao had already returned to his original spot. A patch from his robe had been sliced off, and Zhou Wen was still standing there with the Immortal Culling Sword in hand. His eyes were clear, and he didn't have any intention of committing suicide.

Holy sh*t, he nearly frightened me to death! Li Xuan immediately understood that Zhou Wen had lured Xiao into a trap. However, from the looks of it, he hadn't really injured Xiao.

"How shameless. Didn't you say that you won't use the Calamity Zone? You want to have a fair battle with Human Sovereign? How long has it been and you're already going back on your word."

"How is this going back on his word? It's a premeditated scheme to cause harm. Thankfully, my Human Sovereign is strong enough and wasn't harmed by him."

"Human Sovereign is amazing as ever. Unfortunately, he failed to kill him with one strike."

People like Zhang Chunqiu had also been given a fright. They heaved a collective sigh of relief.

Wang Lu was still nervously staring at the live broadcast, but she didn't relax.

"You are despicable," Xiao said as he looked at his sleeve. Thankfully, he hadn't used all his strength to kill Zhou Wen. Otherwise, he might not have been able to escape unscathed.

"Takes one to know one," Zhou Wen said as he stared at Xiao.

At that moment, the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder in his body was crazily converting Essence Energy. Even Truth Listener was converting Essence Energy, indicating that the power of Evil Nullification was working.

Even so, Zhou Wen could sense a powerful mental pressure. Xiao's Calamity Zone was rather complicated. It wasn't a lone power.

Only Zhou Wen could withstand it. If it were any other ordinary Terror-grade creature, they would probably have committed suicide.

"I originally wanted you to die without pain. Since you don't appreciate my kindness, I can only let you die in pain," Xiao said as the Calamity Zone power from his body grew stronger.

As the domain's power increased, Xiao became more and more holy. He was like a deity, as though taking another look at him was desecrating him.

Many of the ordinary people watching the battle through the Cube seemed to be possessed. They prostrated on the ground and worshiped Xiao.

In front of the Cube all over the world, there was a black mass of people kneeling.

Even the people watching the broadcast through the television did the same. All of them prostrated in front of the television—before Xiao.

In the beginning, this was only limited to ordinary people. Later on, humans at the Legendary and Epic stage began to succumb. They gradually knelt down uncontrollably.

"What a powerful domain power. Its influence can actually spread to such a large area!" Zhang Chunqiu realized that many members of the Zhang family nearby were beginning to worship things like phones and television.

Even Zhang Chunqiu felt a very strong mental influence.

Li Xuan and An Sheng were fine. Their mental fortitude was very strong. Just watching the live broadcast didn't affect them much.

An Jing could also withstand it, but many soldiers and workers in Overseer Manor were already prostrating on the ground as long as they watched the battle. They were like pious believers.

Even a Mythical officer had a ferocious expression as though he was in a battle. His knees bent bit by bit and he was close to kneeling on the ground.

"Is that fellow's Calamity Zone that powerful? It can actually affect something so far away? They are on Venus, and this is Earth!" Li Xuan could also sense the pressure. He looked at the soldiers and officers outside and was secretly alarmed.

"That should be a domain that focuses on mental strength. Therefore, it can be transmitted through videos without any distance restriction. There's no need to worry about this. Young Master's mental fortitude isn't something an ordinary person can compare with. If he wants to use this power to deal with Young Master, he's gravely mistaken," An Sheng said coldly.

However, Zhou Wen wasn't as relaxed as An Sheng imagined.

Xiao's Calamity Zone had a very potent psyche power. The psyche power was also one of the strongest powers that could affect humans elsewhere.

However, this wasn't the only power in Xiao's Calamity Zone. There was also a power that made the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder and Truth Listener react.

Or perhaps there were other powers. In this complicated Calamity Zone, Zhou Wen realized that his body was still affected.

Although it wasn't to the point of committing suicide or completely losing control of his body, it still had a negative effect. His actions deviated slightly.

It was just like a patient with Parkinson's disease. There would be signs of fingers trembling uncontrollably, albeit very mild.

However, Zhou Wen was fighting Xiao. Xiao's rapier didn't stop. Zhou Wen's fingers only needed to tremble a few times before he found himself in immediate danger.

The tip of the rapier slashed across his shoulder. On the Prisoned Dragon armor with Absolute Defense, there was a sword mark. Thankfully, it wasn't penetrated.

However, Xiao's Calamity Zone powers were still strengthening. The effects on Zhou Wen became more and more intense. It wasn't just his hands, face, body—even his legs and feet would spasm from time to time.

Although it only happened once in a while and wasn't a constant influence, it already left Zhou Wen in a dire situation.

Not good! Zhou Wen could still forcefully control his body and not cause any major problems. However, as Xiao's Calamity Zone became stronger, it was only a matter of time before Xiao found an opportunity.

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