Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 514 - Propose a Marriage on behalf of Chu Siyun (2)

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Chapter 514: Propose a Marriage on behalf of Chu Siyun (2)

There were quite a number of people in the Shen Mansion. There were at least fifty people.

Matriarch Shen had long been waiting in the hall with the Shen family.

When they heard the news, they hurriedly brought the Shen family and the rest to welcome them.

“Matriarch is here!”

Matriarch Shen welcomed them with a smile.

“Why are you here?” Matriarch Chu smiled and said, “It’s not like I’ve never been here before. There’s no need to mobilize so many people.”

“Greetings, Lord Chu, Young Madam Chu, Second Master Chu, Second Madam Chu, Third Young Master Chu!”

Old Master Shen hurriedly bowed to Lu Sheng, Chu Sihan, and the rest.

Chu Sihan nodded slightly. Chu Hongqing smiled and said, “Brother Shen, there’s no need to be so polite. We’re family. Let’s return to the house first.”

“That’s right!” Matriarch Shen hurriedly gestured at them. “Matriarch, Lord Chu, please come in!”


Matriarch Chu also gestured to them before the group walked back.

There were quite a few young girls in the Shen family.

Lu Sheng did not know who Chu Siyun wanted to marry.

They returned to the hall. There were two tables inside, with a screen in the middle. One of the tables should seat the men while the other, the women.

The group sat in the hall and introduced themselves.

Matriarch Shen had never seen Lu Sheng before, but seeing her sitting beside Chu Sihan, she knew who she was.

“When the Lord got married, we didn’t come over and only let the eldest go alone. This is the first time I’ve seen Young Madam. She’s so pretty.” After Old Madam Shen sized Lu Sheng up, she smiled and praised her.

Lu Sheng said humbly, “Matriarch, you’re too kind.”

“I heard that Young Madam is from Huang Yang Town too?”

Matriarch Shen had heard of Lu Sheng’s background.

At first, she felt that it was strange. The Chu Mansion was big and powerful, and Chu Sihan was the mighty magistrate of Lin Jiang Mansion. Why would he marry a countryside girl?

However, after meeting Lu Sheng, she felt that she was a good girl.

Be it her looks, aura, or speech, she seemed to have been raised in a rich family.

“Yaner, come and greet the elders.”

Matriarch Shen waved at the ladies.

A girl in a primrose dress walked out.

The girl was not considered stunning. She was fair and clean, and exuded a quiet and obedient aura.

She first bowed to Matriarch Chu, then to Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng. Then, she went to Chu Hongqing and Mdm Jiang.

Then, when her gaze landed on Chu Siyun, her face reddened.

Matriarch Chu got her to come over. She hurriedly retracted her gaze and strode towards Matriarch Chu.

“Good child, sit here.”

Matriarch Chu patted her side and smiled.

Shen Yan was flattered. She turned her head to look at Matriarch Shen. Seeing Matriarch Shen nod, she thanked her and sat down slowly.

Matriarch Chu took an emerald bracelet from her hand and pulled Shen Yan’s hand over to put it on her.

“Matriarch, this is too precious. Yaner can’t accept it!”

Shen Yan stood up in shock and wanted to take off the bracelet, but was stopped by Matriarch Chu.

“Hey, this is a greeting gift for you. It’s not expensive. Just accept it.”


Shen Yan still looked like she did not dare to keep it. Her face was scrunched up.

“Oh, look at how scared this child is.” Mdm Jiang smiled and said, “You’re scared just because of Matriarch’s bracelet? When you receive your sister-in-law’s later, won’t you be even more scared?”

Mdm Jiang said this in a teasing manner. She felt that with Mdm Chu’s personality, she would definitely not take out anything too precious.

The reason why she said that was to embarrass Mdm Chu and Lu Sheng.

She had no choice. She had a long feud with Mdm Chu. Even if she no longer hated Chu Sihan, she still could not let Mdm Chu lead a good life.

As for Lu Sheng, she was Mdm Chu’s daughter-in-law.

“Aunt is right.” Lu Sheng smiled faintly and glanced at Mdm Jiang. Then, she smiled at Shen Yan and said, “Other than the betrothal gift, Mother has also prepared a big gift for Miss Shen.”


Matriarch Chu raised her eyebrows. “Take it out so that we can have a look.”

She knew her daughter-in-law very well.

At that time, when Chu Sihan went to propose a marriage, she asked her to take out a purple jade bracelet for Lu Sheng, but she pretended to be deaf and a fool.

If she prepared something good for Shen Yan, she did not know what Lu Sheng would think.

Upon thinking of this, Matriarch Chu subconsciously looked at Lu Sheng. However, she was smiling. She could not help but sigh.

One had to admit that as long as someone did not cross Lu Sheng’s bottom line, she usually had a good temper. She would smile all day long and did not seem to have a temper.

Lu Sheng took out the box Mdm Chu gave her and waved at Shen Yan.

“Miss Shen, come over.”

When Shen Yan had not seen Lu Sheng before, she was still worried that she would not be easy to get along with.

However, after seeing her today, she felt that this future sister-in-law of hers seemed to have a good temper. Her words were also gentle, and she did not seem to be a shrewd person.

“Greetings, Young Madam!”

She walked forward and bowed slowly to Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng smiled and teased, “We’ll be family in the future. There’s no need to be so distant. Just call me sister-in-law.”

When she said this, Shen Yan’s face reddened. She stuttered for a long time and could not say anything.

When the Shen family saw this, they covered their mouths and giggled.

Matriarch Chu also chuckled and teased, “Child, look at how embarrassed your sister-in-law is.”

This time, not only was Shen Yan blushing, but even Chu Siyun, who was sitting, was blushing, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Lu Sheng blinked innocently and said playfully to Matriarch Chu, “Matriarch, I’m not joking.”

Shen Yan felt her face heat up and she did not dare to raise her head.

Matriarch Shen laughed and said, “Oh, Yaner has a thin face. Young Madam, stop teasing her. I’m afraid she’ll hide in the hole later.”


Shen Yan stomped her feet, wishing she could find a hole to hide in.

Lu Sheng chuckled and passed the box to Shen Yan. “Mother told me to give this to you. Quick, take a look at what it is.”

When Mdm Chu passed it to her, she did not open it to take a look, so she did not know what was inside.

“Thank you, Mdm and Young Madam!”

Shen Yan received the box and bowed.

“Open it quickly.” Mdm Jiang pulled her head back and looked like she was waiting to watch a good show.

Shen Yan nodded and opened the box.

When she saw the item inside, Lu Sheng raised her eyebrows.

The box contained an identical jadeite purple jade bracelet that Mdm Chu gave her yesterday.

They should be a pair. Mdm Chu gave one to her and the other to Shen Yan.


Mdm Jiang clicked her tongue. “This is Sister-in-law’s trump card. Matriarch Fu got someone to create it. It’s very expensive. I didn’t expect her to be willing to give it to Miss Shen.”

When she said this, she subconsciously glanced at Lu Sheng.

After all, when Chu Sihan proposed marriage back then, Mdm Chu only casually took a pricey bracelet to deal with it.

Matriarch Chu also looked at Lu Sheng in a panic. She thought that Lu Sheng would be angry, but to her surprise, she smiled and said, “Quick, try it on. See if it fits.”

Shen Yan nodded slightly and hurriedly put on the purple jade bracelet.

Lu Sheng smiled. “It’s indeed very suitable.”

“I remember Sister-in-law has two.”

Seeing that Lu Sheng did not react, Mdm Jiang said reluctantly.

How could Lu Sheng not know Mdm Jiang’s thoughts? She smiled faintly and said, “I’m afraid there’s not even one left.”

“Oh?” Mdm Jiang was puzzled. “Why did Lu Sheng say that?”

Lu Sheng waved her hand and smiled at Mdm Jiang. “I have the other one.”

When Mdm Jiang saw the purple jade bracelet on Lu Sheng’s wrist, her eyes widened.

When did Fu Ting give the purple jade bracelet to Lu Sheng? How could she not know?

Lu Sheng smiled faintly and retracted her hand. She looked at Shen Yan and asked, “Your name is Yaner?”

Shen Yan nodded shyly.

Lu Sheng nodded. “Then, I’ll call you Yaner from now on.”

“Yes!” Shen Yan nodded again.

Matriarch Shen smiled and said, “The banquet has been prepared. I’m sure everyone is hungry. Everyone, take your seats.”

Matriarch Chu nodded. Lu Sheng and Mdm Jiang helped her up.

Indeed, as Lu Sheng had guessed previously, women were seated on one side and men on the other.

Chu Sihan turned back and glanced at Lu Sheng. His eyes were filled with a doting smile. Only when Old Master Shen called for him did he retract his gaze and follow everyone to their seats.

On Lu Sheng’s side, the meal ended not long later.

Matriarch Shen got someone to serve tea and fruits before chatting with Matriarch Chu about her parents.

At the mention of children, Matriarch Chu glanced at Lu Sheng. However, Lu Sheng did not react and continued smiling faintly.

Mdm Jiang narrowed her eyes and turned to look at Lu Sheng. “Speaking of which, Lu Sheng, you’ve been married to the Chu Mansion for almost two years. Why is your stomach still flat?”

Everyone’s gaze landed on Lu Sheng.

She thought that Lu Sheng would panic. After all, it was a huge problem to have no children in this era.

Unexpectedly, Lu Sheng smiled calmly and said lightly, “Lord and I are still young. Moreover, Lord always said that he doesn’t want another person to disturb our lives so quickly, so there’s no hurry.”

Mdm Jiang’s expression changed slightly. She laughed dryly and said, “This child is a big deal. How can we delay it?”

Matriarch Chu coughed lightly and glanced at her unhappily. Then, she looked at Lu Sheng and smiled. “Han Er is right. You’re still young. There’s no hurry.”

Lu Sheng smiled faintly and nodded. “Thank you Matriarch for understanding.”

“Hey~” Matriarch Chu glared at her and corrected her. “You should call me Grandmother. How distant is the term Matriarch?”

“Yes, Grandmother.”

When Lu Sheng heard that, she hurriedly corrected herself.

Matriarch Chu chuckled and nodded. She said in satisfaction, “That’s the way.”

“I heard from Third Young Master that Young Madam owns the Lu family’s restaurant.”

After pouring tea for them, Shen Yan looked at Lu Sheng and said.

Lu Sheng joked, “The Lu family owns it. I’m from the Chu Mansion now.”

Matriarch Chu laughed out loud and the rest chuckled.

Shen Yan also giggled for a while. After a while, she asked, “So, Young Madam really owns it?”

Lu Sheng nodded. “Yes.”

“Really?” Matriarch Shen was surprised. “After I heard from Yaner, I specially went to eat once. Those dishes are all new. There were so many choices for breakfast. I saw them back then and didn’t know what to eat.”

“Isn’t that so?” Matriarch Chu also smiled and said, “In my opinion, the delicacies in the Lu family’s restaurant are definitely the only ones in the world.”

Matriarch Shen widened her eyes and said, “I’ve never heard of watermelons and sweet potatoes. There’s also chili. Oh, although it’s spicy, it’s quite addictive.”

Lu Sheng blinked and said, “If you like, you can visit us more often. They’re our shops. We shouldn’t let the benefits go to outsiders.”

Matriarch Chu laughed again and patted her. As she wiped her tears, she said, “You brat, you’re quite smart.”

Lu Sheng pretended to smile proudly.

Matriarch Shen smiled and praised her. “Not only is Young Madam good-looking, but she also knows how to do business. She’s really a wonderful person!”

Lu Sheng smiled and said, “Matriarch, you flatter me again!”

They laughed from time to time, but the men were very quiet.

Lu Sheng accompanied Matriarch Chu until afternoon. After the two families decided on a date, they returned to the Chu Mansion.

“Are you tired?”

After getting on the carriage, Lu Sheng kept yawning. Chu Sihan hurriedly asked with a heartache.

“A little! I’ll close my eyes.”

She yawned again and leaned on his shoulder to rest.

She said that she was resting with her eyes closed, but fell asleep soon after.

Hearing the soft snoring, Chu Sihan, who was about to speak, could only shut his mouth.

Lu Sheng had been sleeping badly recently and would wake up easily. He did not dare to disturb her if she could sleep for a while.

It had only been fifteen minutes along the way. When the carriage entered the Chu Mansion and stopped, she suddenly jolted awake.

Chu Sihan, who was about to carry her down the carriage, frowned slightly. “Nightmare again?”

She shook her head. “No.”

Chu Sihan sighed softly and carried her off the carriage.

After exchanging greetings with the Matriarch and Chu Hongqing, the two of them returned to their courtyard.

After washing up, she became much more energetic.

Lu Sheng stared at the candlelight on the table and did not speak for a long time.

She had another nightmare on the carriage just now and did not dare to tell Chu Sihan.

That dream was different from the past. She dreamed that her heart was stolen by that man in black on the streets of Lin Jiang Mansion. That man in black even wanted to suck her soul away. Thankfully, her master arrived.

Her soul was not sucked away, but she ‘died.’

Recently, the places of dreams had always changed, but the way she died had not.

She raised her hand and covered her chest silently. She felt that her heart could be stolen anytime.

“It’s late. Rest early.”

Chu Sihan pushed the door open and walked in. He closed the door again and spoke softly to her.

She nodded slightly and let him carry her back to the couch.

“Sleep. I’m here!”

Chu Sihan did not do anything else but patted her back lightly and mumbled.

He was coaxing her to sleep.

Lu Sheng felt her heart warm up. She smiled and kissed him lightly. Then, she lay back on the pillow and closed her eyes.

In the dark, Chu Sihan kept his eyes open. There was a faint red light in them.

Upon closer inspection, besides attachment, there was also a hint of unwillingness in his eyes.

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