Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 402 - Protect The Star

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Chapter 402 Protect The Star

Li Jing did not know that the bullet screen was already full of curses towards her. She took it for granted that she was a girl in the team soHe Zhen should protect her.

He Zhen was too lazy to say anything else.

He could not scold her, right?

First of all, this was a live variety show. He had to be responsible for his image.

Secondly, this Li Jing was still a girl. No matter how speechless and angry He Zhen was, he could not scold a girl.


“As you wish.” He Zhen had also thrown away his last shred of hope. “As long as you are happy. If you feel that I should be the one protecting you, then stand behind me.” Li Jing immediately obediently stood behind He Zhen.

He Zhen rolled his eyes helplessly. He could already foresee that his team would definitely be the first to be eliminated.

As expected, what they were afraid of came true.

They had only walked a few steps when they bumped into Zhang Xiao and Wang Yu.

While the two sides were in a stalemate, Jiang Yu and Yuan Lai also came over.

“I was thinking of finding a place to hide first.” Jiang Yu shrugged helplessly. “I didn’t expect to bump into each other here.”

“Then who should we fight first?” Yuan Lai asked.

“Since we don’t have the intention to make a move first, let’s take a look first,” Jiang Yu suggested.


However, that was the plan of the two of them, and there was someone who was unwilling to let them get what they wanted.

“Jiang Yu!” Li Jing’s sharp eyes immediately saw Jiang Yu and Yuan Lai standing at the side. She hurriedly pulled He Zhen’s sleeve and shouted, “Did you see that?! It’s Jiang Yu!”

He Zhen’s head hurt from her words and said helplessly, “I saw it.”

“Then why don’t you go tear her name tag?” Li Jing looked at He Zhen in surprise. “You don’t dare to go over?”

He Zhen wanted to say that he really didn’t dare.

Please, big sis, he was the ‘Star! She was the ‘Knight’!

Even if you really want to tear her name tag, you should be the one to do it! Yo should be the one to charge in front!

How can it be someone like me who needs to be protected?!

However, Li Jing didn’t think too much about it. She thought that the reason why he didn’t tear Jiang Yu’s name tag was because he didn’t dare to do so.

Since that was the case, she would get rid of Jiang Yu herself!

“Jiang Yu!” Li Jing shouted and rushed towards Jiang Yu.

“Oh my God, what is she doing?!” Yuan Lai was shocked by the situation and subconsciously took a step back.

“It’s okay, she’s here to look for me.” Jiang Yu looked at Li Jing playfully.

“Looking for you?” When Yuan Lai heard this, he immediately stood in front of Jiang Yu. “That won’t do! Jiang Yu, stand behind me!”

Jiang Yu: “Eh?”

Li Jing didn’t expect Yuan Lai to suddenly stand in front of Jiang Yu. Her anger instantly flared up. “Yuan Lai! What are you doing?! Don’t stand here and get in the way!”

“You’re going to tear my teammate’s name tag. How can I still watch?” Yuan Lai retorted, unwilling to be outdone.

“… I’m a girl! Get out of my way!” Li Jing’s face was flushed red as she used this excuse again.

“A girl? There’s no distinction between men and women on the battlefield,” Yuan Lai said.

Li Jing: “Yuan Lai! You!”

Yuan Lai was expressionless. “If you want to eliminate Jiang Yu, then eliminate me first.”

Li Jing couldn’t help but raise her voice and shout, “Yuan Lai! We’ll still be on the same team in the future, and this is how you’re going to help this Jiang Yu now?!”

Yuan Lai felt that what she said was baffling. “You’re really strange. You said it yourself, so now that I’m on the same team as Jiang Yu, I’m definitely going to help her.”

“Yuan Lai! I advise you to leave this place,” Li Jing said fiercely. “This is a war between me and her. You’d better not get involved.”

Yuan Lai said, “I don’t care. Jiang Yu is my teammate now. Whoever wants to bully my teammate, I’ll be angry with them.”

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