Lust Knight - Chapter 245 - The Ice Queen is Actually on Fire

Chapter 245 - The Ice Queen is Actually on Fire

As the Light Empire's mages retreat behind the army to recover their mana, the infantry lines advance towards Lucien's troops.

Their first line is made up of soldiers equipped with big blessed shields while the second line is filled made up with swordsmen and spearmen.

Meanwhile, the infantry lines of Lucien's troops are also advance toward the Light Empire infantry. Half of the front-line girls use various weapons while the other half use naginatas and spears.

The floating platforms of Lucien's wives reach very close to the ground, and the girls who are going to fight with the infantry jump off it.

In the most western part, that is, the right part of the front lines, the three girls jump from Marie's floating rock.

Anne with her black steel saber, Kylee with a big two-handed halberd, and Rebecca with an incredible warhammer.

Marie raises her floating platform again to be able to attack from the sky with her magic while Ghilanna, at her side, uses her emerald bow to fire powerful arrows.

On another part of the front lines, two girls jump off Lena's floating platform.

Lorelai holds her black katana with both hands while excitement and expectation shine in her beautiful black eyes.

Meanwhile, Jeanne equips her black helmet, completing her new black heavy armor, and picks a black longsword from her storage ring.

Lena is not sad to be alone on her floating platform as she uses that opportunity to transform the platform into a big ice bird.

Then she flies in circles on top of the 'bird,' clearly provoking her sister and trying to get everyone's praises, especially from Lucien, of course.

On the central part of the front lines, Maggie leads the mage troops, which advances more slowly than the infantry to maintain a safe distance between them, being able to defend them with barriers or to bombard the enemy troops with offensive spells.

Motivated by Lena's icy bird, Maggie creates a firebird in the sky and makes it flies in circles before exploding, creating the design of a man with big wings that clearly represents Lucien, thus increasing the morale of his troops and intimidating the Light Empire army.

Neola and Madelyn remain on Rose's floating platform as they will only be attacking from range while only Oya jumps off the platform.

A part of Rose also wants to do a 'beautiful' act to get Lucien's attention, but she opts to act like a mature woman. Still, she can't resist making a stone throne on her floating rock and sits on it with a confident expression on her beautiful face.

Angela approaches her floating platform to the ground, but Astrid, Arie, and Ella jump off it after receiving a kiss from Lucien. They do not miss any opportunity to fly because it feels really good.

Mia pouted, clearly envious of the other girls' ability to fly. Cassidy realizes that and takes her hand before jumps off the platform, which is still more than fifty meters from the ground.

Lucien just smiles because he knows about Cassidy and Mia's power. They would not suffer any damage falling from a height of fifty meters after entering the Mortal Realm.

But Cassidy has no intention of just falling to the ground. She makes a fast vertical wind slash with her sword towards the ground, creating a powerful wave of wind that makes her and Mia slowly float until they gracefully land on the ground.

Mia can't help but smile, proud of her mother's incredible control over the wind element. Lucien also smiles while Angela raises her floating platform.

Lucien's wives caused an incredible first impression on the Light Empire front-line soldiers. Still, they are very confident of winning the battle as their numbers are much more significant than Lucien's small group.

The Light Empire soldiers are getting nearer and nearer to Lucien's troops. When they are a hundred meters from the group, Lucien gives a signal to Lena, Marie, and Rose.

'Now.' Immediately after he speaks to them, the battlefield begins to shake as they raise a high wall of their elements in the middle of the front lines of the Light Empire army.

Because the Light Empire's mages are recovering behind the troops, they are defenseless against the ice and rock walls, which divide their troops, isolating part of the infantry on one side of the wall while most of the army begins to try to destroy the wall by the other side.

At that moment, Cassidy smiles as she points her greatsword towards the surprised and frightened Light Empire soldiers in front of them.

"Attack!" She passes on Lucien's orders to the troops, just as his other wives do to their groups.


Oya runs towards the Light Empire soldiers as well as Lucien's wives and troops, starting the melee fight at the front while Olivia and Scarlett have already started behind their group.

The walls of ice and rock isolate about ten thousand Light Empire soldiers from their main army, an amount that Lucien knows his girls can easily defeat.

"Let's go, my dear." Lucien talks to Angela, who moves her floating platform towards the Light Empire sh.i.p.s, which are just over two hundred meters away.

He starts flapping his wings as he smiles at Angela. "You also want to make an ice bird, right?"

Angela blushes. "Of course not..."

Lucien approaches her and strokes her face. "It won't make you childish, my love."

Then he kisses her lips before flying towards the sh.i.p.s. "I will get the attention of the mages and archers while you break the sh.i.p.s."

The best defense for magic attacks are magic barriers, and even though Angela can break the barriers of the Light Empire mages, she can destroy the sh.i.p.s faster if Lucien prevents those mages from defending Angela's attacks.

In fact, the Light Empire mages on the boats have finished charging their second wave of spells. They were going to fire that at Lucien's male troops, but now, seeing him flying towards them, they have no doubt which target they should attack first.

While those mages fire many fireballs and ice spikes at Lucien, he speeds up his flight, avoiding part of the attacks while others are blocked by the ice barrier that Angela makes quickly in front of him.

'Lovely, my dear.' Lucien couldn't help praising Angela in her mind.

The cooperation he has with his wives is already perfect, and they act in the best way he can imagine even before he thinks about it.

Angela smiles as she can't resist transforming her floating platform into a beautiful ice bird, even bigger than Lena's.

Then she makes her ice bird fly towards the front of the sh.i.p.s while Lucien flies over them, causing Light mages and archers to try to hit him.

Lucien gets very close to the sh.i.p.s while his golden naginata appears in his hand.


The Light Empire soldiers on the boat ducks for fear of Lucien killing them, but not all of them managed to do that in time to keep their heads.

Blood splashes on the other soldiers, who panic as Lucien rit heads off with every charge he makes on the sh.i.p.s.

L.u.s.t also materializes her body at Lucien's side whenever he attacks a ship, also flying, and using her whip to cut the soldiers' necks.

While Lucien's chargers terrorize the soldiers on one ship, those on the other sh.i.p.s are also concerned, so they are all concentrated on Lucien and L.u.s.t while Angela flies untouched on her ice bird.

Of course, she uses that opportunity to focus on the attack, freezing the sea around the sh.i.p.s.

*Creak* *Creak* *Creak* *Creak*

Among the terrified screams of the soldiers, they hear the cracking sounds of the sh.i.p.s' hulls breaking because of Angela's ice.

Lucien flies around a sinking ship. The soldiers try to jump in the water, but thorns of ice rise from below the ship and pierce their bodies, sending them to the afterlife.

*Creak* *Smash*

The first ship completely breaks while Lucien flies to the next, causing many soldiers on that one to jump in the parts of the water that are not yet frozen.

Unfortunately for many soldiers, they are trapped underwater just after Angela freezes the surface around the ship, starting to break Its hull just as she did with the previous one.

Lucien can't help but smile at L.u.s.t and Angela. Unlike Aylin, who only enjoyed the battle, Lucien also has the company of his beloved wives at his side, making the fight even more enjoyable.

While Lucien's girls slaughter the front lines of the Light Empire army, the flanker troops are defeated by the adventurers and mercenaries led by Olivia and Scarlett, and he, L.u.s.t, and Angela destroy sh.i.p.s.

Screams of soldiers can be heard across the battlefield, frightening the Light Empire army that is on the other side of the great wall of ice and rock.

When Lucien's troops kill more than half of the 10,000 soldiers on the front, Rose, Marie, and Lena break down their barriers over the Light Empire army.


All that ice and rocks kill over a thousand Light Empire soldiers, making all Lucien's troops happy that it is a powerful blow to the enemy army, but also sad because that means the loss of many additional minutes of reward that they could acquire by killing those thousand troops that were killed by Marie, Lena, and Rose.

The girls waste no time and raise a new barrier, now behind what was once the Light Empire's second line of infantry, isolating about ten thousand soldiers again.

Although many Light Empire mages have already recovered mana to cast at least one spell on the girls' wall, they can't really do any damage to it, meaning that those ten thousand soldiers will have to face Lucien's female troops.

While Lucien and Angela are destroying the sh.i.p.s, they obviously, notice the noise of the wall falling and killing so many Light Empire soldiers.

Lucien continues to kill soldiers on the sh.i.p.s while mentally talking to Angela. 'Marie has changed a lot since we met.'

'You know, I thought she wouldn't want to follow me. It was evident that she would face many battles on my side.'

Angela quickly responds. 'She was always very stubborn and believed that killing someone is never the right way to act. But now she understands that killing these racists is not wrong. When we are kind to our enemies, we are cruel to our friends.'

Lucien stops in the air just to smile at Angela. 'I think just like you, my love.'

Angela makes her ice bird fly around Lucien as she continues to destroy the sh.i.p.s. 'None of the girls would hesitate to defend our family, even if it means killing many enemies. We know that you would not attack innocent people.'

Lucien nods while looking at the Light Empire soldiers. 'Yes, these bastards deserve all our fury for all the harm they've done to innocent people. We are not heroes here, but I'm fine with being their enemy.'

Angela completely destroys another ship with big ice spikes before making her ice bird stop in front of Lucien.

She makes ice shields around them to defend them from attacks by soldiers on other sh.i.p.s.

Then she smiles at Lucien. "I think just like you, hubby. Now, how about helping me recovery some mana?"

Lucien lands on top of the ice bird, in front of Angela and begins to caress her face.

He uses his thumb to put part of her hair behind her ear while bringing his mouth close to her lips. "It will be my pleasure."

"And mine..." Angela smiles at Lucien as she lets him lead the kiss, the way she loves most.

Lucien holds Angela's delicate waist as they begin an incredible and passionate wet kiss, giving both of them much pleasure.

As they generate demonic energy, which quickly recovers Angela's mana, she continues to create ice spikes everywhere below them.

Although she is not seeing her targets, they are above the sea, so there is no problem in cast her magic everywhere.

And the sound of hulls breaking and soldiers screaming is proof that she is hitting her targets, which allows her to just stay in Lucien's arms like that, enjoying his love.


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