Lust Knight - Chapter 283 - Life crystals mine

Chapter 283 - Life crystals mine


As soon as Lucien grabs the big elf's fist, blocking his punch, a wave of force is generated by the incredible impact.

Lucien feels his hand tremble as his body is pushed back a few millimeters and his boots even sink in the ground.

[Incredible!] He can't help but be surprised by the elf's strength. And that gets him excited because he doesn't face anyone with the same level of strength as he since that Light Empire captain in the small mine in Portgreen.

But of course, the elf, boosted by raw and unstable life mana, cannot be compared to Lucien on general power.

Still, Lucien's brute strength in his normal state is not one of his most notable characteristics, unlike the elf who has all his energy focused on strength.

And knowing his incredible strength, the elf is shocked that Lucien is able to block his heavy punch. [Impossible!!]

The elf can only see Lucien's provoking smile before his head got tilted up by Lucien's knee.


Holding the elf's fist, Lucien knees his chin, breaking the bones of his jaw and several of his teeth as his body flies upwards.


Lucien quickly wraps his tail around the elf's ankle, lets go of his arm, and punches his stomach, causing his guts and blood to explode inside his body.

The elf is pushed back by Lucien's brutal punch, but his body is held at the bottom by Lucien's tail while he uses another hand to hold the poor man's throat.

The elf's body curves at a strange angle as his blood get stuck in his throat, gripped by Lucien. The pain the elf is feeling now is unimaginable.

Due to Lucien's quick movements, everyone around takes some time to understand what's going on.

And while Lucien's wives laugh at the 'sad' situation of the big elf, his fellow adventurers get even more furious at Lucien and run towards him without thinking.

Also, the mage adventures quickly fire offensive spells while the archers fire arrows toward Lucien without worrying about hitting their own people. They are clearly insane.

*Bam* *Thud* *Bam* *Thud* *Bam* *Thud*

The arrows and spells are easily repelled by big stone hands that are raised from the ground beside Lucien and protect his body.

Also, ice spikes are formed in the air and fall on the adventurers who are charging at Lucien while Neola and Ghilanna prepare their arrows.

The group of adventurers suffers several losses before they even understand what is happening. They felt so strong a few minutes ago, but in front of Lucien and his wives, they are not a threat even though they are Mortal Realm's people.

Lucien raises the big elf gripping his severely injured head. The elf uses his intact fist to punch Lucien's arm desperately.

Realizing that blow could do him some damage, Lucien doesn't think twice about activating his demonic energy, making his arm glow with purple light.

*BAM* *Crack*

"MMmmm!!" The elf groans in pain as he feels his other fist break when he hits Lucien's arm, which looks like a plate of hard metal.

Lucien looks at the elf and smiles provocatively. "Is this all you can do?"

While the elf cries and m.o.a.ns as his mouth is being smashed, Lucien moves both wings forward, penetrating the elf's ribs with the bone pikes of his wings.


Lucien's sharp and deadly wingtips penetrate the elf throughout his body, destroying his internal organs and splashing blood everywhere, even little Ko's cute face.

The last thing the elf sees before he dies is Ko stabbing her dagger on the side of his head, making his last thought a question. [Did a kid kill me? Not a kid... but the devil's daughter?]


Lucien throws the big elf's body on the ground while his comrades are fighting, or rather, being massacred by his wives.

Seeing their leader dead, many adventurers go even madder and charge against Lucien, ignoring Rose's stone hands and the other girls' ice spikes, trying to use their lives to kill Lucien.

Three of them, with greater agility, jump over the stone hands, and although Lucien could kill them quickly, he stands immobile.



Quick as the wind, Amelia does not miss the opportunity to show her skills by cutting the three adventurers in half almost simultaneously with her white blades.

Then she lands next to Lucien, swings her swords to wipe the blood of them before smiling at him.

Lucien strokes Amelia's head. "I think you got faster than me after reaching the Earth Realm."

Some time ago, Amelia really wanted to be stronger than Lucien to 'lead' their team. Still, now everything is different because she doesn't want to be his powerful older sister but wants to be in his arms as his main woman.

And not only because she doesn't want to hurt Lucien's pride, but also because she feels much better being protected by him, Amelia has no interest in being stronger than him, but stronger than his other women and always being by his side.

She warmly smiles. "You have also had great improvements and haven't used your demonic energy to the full yet, so I'm sure you can get faster than that."

Lucien turns his attention to Ko. He takes her off his shoulders and looks at her smiling face, which is also dirty with a few blood drops.

He knows that the elf would die in a few seconds because the spines of his wings destroyed his organs, but Lucien is still impressed that Ko gave the last blow with the dagger and did not look shaken by killing someone for the first time.

It is evident that for her, things are not as they were for Lucien or anyone else as she is a mystic beast who recently got a demi-human body. Still, she shows incredible maturity by killing someone like that and continuing to smile cutely at Lucien.

Of course, Lucien thinks that is perfect because just as being kind to their enemies means be irresponsible with their family, being brutal to their enemies is keeping their family safe.

Also, Without even noticing, he found himself thinking that if he ever has children, and those children are fierce with little Ko, he will be very proud of them.

"Well done, my dear." Lucien kisses little Ko's forehead, making her laugh happily.

While Lucien caresses little Ko, his other wives quickly kill the other adventurers. Not only does their strength booted by demonic energy make them very powerful, but their teamwork also ensures that their overall power as a team is insanely amazing.

As soon as the quick battle was over, the girls started looting the bodies, finding the adventurers' storage treasures full of life crystals and many other things.

While the girls talk and comment on the fight, Astrid thinks out loud. "I thought that fighting Mortal Realm people would be more difficult."

L.u.s.t quickly responds. "Within each Realm, the layers are very significant. And although you girls are in the second or third layer, your power boosted by Lucien is similar to those of people from the fifth or sixth layers."

Lucien can't deny that he expected a more interesting battle, but he doesn't think it's bad that they killed their enemies quickly. He knows that at some point, his family will face very powerful enemies, and they will also do their best to defeat them.

He looks at his wives. "You fought very well. There is always the possibility of we finding enemies stronger than us, so we always have to fight seriously and not underestimate our enemies."

"Yes, hubby." The girls nod while they understand Lucien's words.

Even though the island is quite small, Lucien still flew around it with Maggie in his arms, using her vision ability to make sure there are no enemies hidden from L.u.s.t and Envy's senses.

In addition to many sea creatures with powerful life aura like those sharks and smaller fishes, there are no other people on the island.

However, Maggie's vision failed to reach the bottom of the mine, which can easily have more than a mile of tunnels towards the ground as well as being much larger underwater than the size of the small island's surface.

"This is better than I expected." L.u.s.t comments as they enter the mine and see several boxes full of life crystals.

Envy nods. "A deep mine like this is too precious. We have to protect this island at all costs and get all these crystals."

"Maybe some of us should stay here?" Ghilanna comments.

When Lucien's wives landed behind him before the fight, he realized that while most girls took positions not directly behind him but aside him, Ghilanna stayed right behind Astrid, and he found it a little strange.

Now he can feel that she has suggested someone stay on the island, clearly using himself as an example. And he cannot help but suspect that something is wrong. [Was she hiding from the elf?]

Lucien looks lovingly at Ghilanna. "I know you don't want to go back to the Alliance, but I wouldn't be okay with you away from me."

Ghilanna smiles as she understands Lucien's feelings because she also doesn't want to stay away from him, but taking the risk of meeting her family again has been making her worried.

She nods. "But what about the mine?"

L.u.s.t quickly responds. "I also agree that we should take advantage of all the resources here, but if unprepared people mine those crystals, they will get sick like the group that was here before. Now, Lucien can prevent the side effects of raw energy from crystals with his demonic energy but leave people here alone would be dangerous for them."

"So, we can only mine the crystals while I'm here?" Lucien asks. The mine looks very deep, and it would take them a long time to get all the crystals.

"No. There are several other ways to prepare people to mine crystals without casualties as protective items that can be easily made with some of these crystals by an alchemist." L.u.s.t explains.

Lucien understands and quickly concludes. "So let's follow the plan to get some crystals, go to Alliance get some heads, and then we go to Rose's mother so she can help us with the crystals."

The girls quickly agree with Lucien's plan. And even though Evny still thinks they should leave people on the island mining the crystals even if they get sick, she doesn't want to go against Lucien's will and end up not being able to generate that incredible demonic energy with him, which is much more important than any amounts of mystic crystals.

As the group begins to pick up the life crystal and fill their storage treasures with them, Lucien flies to the sh.i.p.s to call his troops.

Each time the girls are exposed to the crystals' aura for a long time, they go to Lucien to receive his demonic energy, which balances their internal energies again.

And so the group spends a week on the island, 'working hard,' and even with the advantages of Rose's and another of Lucien's troops' Earth magic, they don't even arrive halfway through the mine and fill hundreds of storage treasures with thousands of life crystals.


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