Lust Knight - Chapter 372: My True Nature

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Chapter 372: My True Nature

Amelia crouches in front of a big tree and looks in the hole at the base of Its trunk. She sees two beautiful colored flowers that radiate an elegant brightness.

"It seems that these flowers were affected by the aura of that field even though they are a hundred meters away from there." Envy comments.

"It's our luck!" Amelia smiles and takes the two flowers.

Envy is surprised by the friendly way that Amelia says 'our' while taking the two flowers and offering one to her.

They didn't seem to have a good relationship a while ago, but Amelia had a major change in her thinking after fighting alongside Envy and Lucien's other wives against those powerful angels.

"You..." Envy hesitates to pick up the flower.

Amelia makes a confused expression. "Huh? Don't you want to do the ceremony? I thought you love him..."

[Love him?] Envy asks herself that question. She certainly loves to have sex with him and get stronger and stronger. She loves his touch, kiss, and any other affection from him.

Yet, she doesn't know exactly what it's like to love someone, and so there's no way of her knowing if she really loves Lucien or that's just her desires for what others like most.

Envy looks into Amelia's eyes. "What about you? Is that what you want? Do you really want to be like his wives, performing ceremonies and sharing his affection with so many other people? Do you want to be just another woman in his life?"

That provocation doesn't have the effect Envy wanted. Amelia smiles as she knows what she wants. "I want to be everything possible to him. So, yes, I want to be one of his wives, his sister, his partner, and anything else."

"..." Envy doesn't understand why Amelia looks so confident.

Amelia keeps her flower in her storage ring and puts the other in Envy's hand. "I also think you want the same thing as me. Well, at least I think that's the desire of the woman behind the sin, the real Envy, or whatever is your real name."

Envy ends up being the only one influenced by Amelia's words, in a positive way, of course. She picks up the flower and smiles at Amelia. "Thanks."

"Let's go back. We already have everything we need." Amelia quickly runs towards the Lake of Tears while Envy returns to her soul.

They quickly approach Lucien's position, and after passing through some large trees, Amelia can see him and Sophia at the lake's edge, both shirtless as they kiss passionately.

Amelia stops as she watches the scene, ignoring the fact that they already know she is there.

Seeing the passionate way that Lucien and Sophia please each other, Amelia realizes that she is a long way from achieving such synchrony. They look like the same body separated into two people, while she can't even kiss him properly.

Amelia really wants to be with Lucien; she really wants to be like Sophia in his arms. But only now does she notice that she has always been thinking only about her desires and not what he wants.

While he seems to want Sophia as much as she wants him, Amelia feels that she is forcing their relationship based on her jealousy. And she doesn't want that... She yet wants to be like Sophia, but she wants to be more like herself and have an original relationship with Lucien.

Then she steps back while thinking about leaving Lucien and Sophia alone to enjoy that moment. She doesn't want to be the boring person who keeps begging for a place in his heart when he's clearly very happy without her.

When she turns to leave, Amelia is blocked by Envy, who shakes her head at her with a disappointed expression.

'Why are you running away?' Envy talks to Amelia mentally to avoid Lucien listening.

Amelia shakes her head as she mentally responds. 'I am not running away. I just think they deserve this moment alone.'

'Lie!' Envy responds. 'Are you also beginning to doubt the relationship with him? Why? Although you are influenced by my sin, you are not forced to want only what others desire.'

'I... I... I just think I shouldn't be with them while I feel so jealous of her.' Amelia explains.

Envy shakes her head again while smiling. 'Fool, do you forget that all the women around him are jealous? He also feels jealous while he doesn't even want other men to look at his beautiful wives...'

Amelia is silent, and Envy lifts her shirt, showing Lucien's tattoo on her belly. 'We shouldn't doubt that as long as we can feel that he loves us so much. He never asked us to change or be less jealous. He accepts our dirty desires and loves us the way we are.'

As Amelia reflects on Envy's words, she hears Lucien's voice in her mind. 'You don't seem to want to run away anymore...'

'I wasn't running away!!' Amelia quickly responds.

Lucien waits a few seconds before speaking again. 'It's okay to run if this is what you really want. But I don't think it's fair for you to make that decision without knowing how I feel about it.'

'I know you love me...' Amelia speaks sincerely.

'I don't just love you.' Lucien responds and quickly explains. 'I fucking love you so much. I was really furious when I find out that you always ran away from me while you didn't know how to express your feelings and the fact that I couldn't respond to that even knowing how you felt.'

He continues. 'But now, it's different. We know we love each other, and there's no reason for you to run away. I don't want you to run away... I want you in my arms as much as I want Sophia.'

'Brother...' Amelia smiles as her heart beats faster.

She turns, and Lucien stops kissing Sophia to look Amelia in the eye. 'I wanted to give you time and space to adapt to our situation and understand your feelings well, but now I must take the initiative.'

He extends his hand towards Amelia. 'Come into my arms and be completely mine. I love you the way you are, and I will satisfy all your desires even if they are very selfish.'

Amelia doesn't think twice before running and jumping into Lucien's arms as she starts kissing him. Sophia smiles as she kisses his body too.

Envy materializes her body alongside Lust and Sloth, floating above the lake as they watch Lucien and his sisters.

Lust and Envy maintain their bodies in the format they consider the original while Sloth keeps in a more 'human' version of her, without her demonic characteristics.

"Why do you still keep this fake look?" Envy asks Sloth.

Sloth, lying down while floating a few inches from the lake, slowly shakes the water with her finger. "Why should I change?"

Her slow way of speaking makes Envy really bored. "Because Lucien would like your original look more. I thought you were willing to have sex with him and get his tattoo."

Sloth slowly sighs as she stops touching the water. Then she looks at Lucien as she responds. "Yes... I would like to know what it's like to have an additional soul contract and if he can really make me p..."

She doesn't finish speaking, which leaves Envy confused, but Lust, who has always been a close friend with Sloth, knows about her desire to be a mother, and she smiles while she is almost sure that when Lucien gets their real bodies, he will make them pregnant.

After almost a minute of silence, Sloth speaks again, slowly as always. "Still, that sounds like a lot of work... Sophia is already generating a lot of demonic energy and mixing it with his energies... so I don't really need to do anything right now."

To say those words, Sloth takes almost three minutes, and Envy just doesn't interrupt her because they are supposed to be immortal beings; otherwise, she couldn't have long conversations with Sloth.

Envy rolls her eyes. "Do you want to do something but you can't because you are too lazy?!? Damn!! That's too stupid!"

"Have any of us mentioned how stupid you are to be jealous of your own host?" Lust smiles provocatively at Envy.

"..." Envy is silent as she doesn't have an answer to that.

Sloth's lips slightly curve as she seems to want to smile. Even though she prefers to stay asleep inside Sophia's soul, she also finds everything that happens around Lucien very interesting.

In fact, thanks to him, she is feeling excited for the first time, and of course, she does not know how to deal with it, just as Envy does not know how to deal with her desire to please Lucien and Lust does not know how to deal with her infinite love for him. They are learning new ways of living with him.

Lust smiles at Sloth. "You could just let him fuck you while you don't really have to do anything."

Sloth's eyes sparkle as she thinks about that. "Yes... it sounds good."

Meanwhile, the mood between Lucien, Sophia, and Amelia gets hotter and hotter as his hands run inside their clothes, touching their soft skin.

With one hand around his neck while kissing his top body, both Sophia and Amelia use their other hand to caress his low body, especially the big and hard tent on his pants.

Lucien really wants to eat Sophia right now. He missed her so much that it will take him several days only fucking her nonstop to satisfy his hunger for her body.

But the situation with Amelia is different. He doesn't want their first time to be in the forest.

"My love... we... should... do... it... in our home..." He finds it difficult to speak as Sophia and Amelia's lips struggle to kiss his mouth every second.

'Open the portal below us. I don't want to stop kissing you.' Amelia talks to Lucien mentally because her mouth doesn't stop kissing either his lips or other parts of his body.

Lucien opens the purple world portal horizontally below them while talking to the sins mentally. He can talk to Sloth mentally, too, due to having a soul contract with Sophia.

'It will take us a while to get back to the fox-clan... I have to take care of them... and you too.' Lucien speaks to Lust, Envy, and Sloth.

Lust and Envy obviously smile, excited for a good love session, but Sloth is confused by not understanding why Lucien seems to care so much about her. Well, she's Sophia's partner, but some of his actions don't make sense at all.

They enter the purple word while the portal leaves them in Lucien's big bedroom, precisely on his bed.

Sloth materializes her body in the corner of the room as she has no problem staying in the purple world also due to the connection with Sophia.

She starts touching the walls and furniture of the house while making a thoughtful expression. "Hmm... fascinating."

Meanwhile, Sophia is not interested in getting to know her new home right now but in kissing and caressing Lucien.

In bed, now Lucien has to deal with four mouths and four pairs of hands kissing and touching him, which is definitely amazing.

Lust begins to stroke his tail while wrapping her tail around his leg.

Envy begins to stroke his wings in the most sensitive parts near Its base while kissing his shoulders.

Amelia continues to kiss his lips while Sophia kisses down his body and starts to take off his pants.

"Wait." Although he is loving that marvelous treatment, he asks the girls to stop while sitting on the edge of the bed as he looks at Sloth.

Lucien doesn't even have to say anything for Sloth to understand what he wants. She makes a curious expression at him. "You have four beautiful ladies in your bed, so why aren't you satisfied yet?"

"I will not be really satisfied until I please all the women I care about." He quickly responds.

The fact that he openly said that he cares for Sloth makes her want to smile, but she still maintains a neutral expression. "So, this is about your pride as a male alpha?"

"Maybe... in part... I'm not sure." Lucien answers honestly.

Then before Sloth says anything else, he gets up and slowly walks over to her. "But that is mainly due to my most profound desires. I think it can be called my real nature."

"..." Sloth watches him close as she feels her excitement increase with each step of his.

Lucien arrives in front of her and looks at her in the eyes. "Can you respect my nature as I respect yours, Lust's, Envy's, and the ones of all the other sins?"

Sloth smiles as she slowly nods. "How do you want to do this?"

He starts to caress her face. "First, I want to see the real Sloth, the beautiful and perfect woman who hides behind this human form."


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