Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered - Chapter 619 - Web Comic Volume (19): Experimental Drugs Used by Medical Organizations

Chapter 619: Web Comic Volume (19): Experimental Drugs Used by Medical Organizations

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“No wonder the Liu family hasn’t competed with the Mo family over the piece of land in the west recently… The head of the Liu family also hasn’t appeared much recently.” The Mu Corporation’s Project Director breathed a sigh of relief. “So, this is the reason. It’s all thanks to Miss Zining that we found out. Otherwise, we would all be in the dark.”

The Mu family initially wanted to fight for the investment, but now, it seemed that the Liu and Mo families gave up for other reasons.

Everyone in the hall discussed the matter in horror. Only Mu Nan’s expression was as cold as before. He bid farewell to Old Master Mu and left the Mu family.

He checked the gift Cheng Juan sent him on his phone while walking.

He didn’t find anything.

He thought about it and asked Cheng Mu.

Within a few seconds, Cheng Mu sent him a picture of a luxury sports car and a price tag.

Mu Nan thought about it and felt that if he really drove this car, it would be like traveling around with gold. He asked Cheng Mu where they were now, planning to return the car to Cheng Juan.

He looked at his phone as he went out.

The Mu family was now in a state of shock, and only Mu Nan seemed relaxed.

The Project Director glanced at Mu Nan’s back view and couldn’t help but shake his head.

However, he didn’t find it surprising. He guessed that the young master who just returned had never heard of the Liu and Mo families before.

“Young Master Mu Nan, where are you going?” Butler Mu followed him.

“I’m going to look for my cousin and her husband.” Cheng Mu had already sent him their address, and Mu Nan remembered it at a glance.

He was about to drive out.

Butler Mu said, “Let me ask the chauffeur to send you there.”

“No need.” Mu Nan immediately rejected him.

Since Mu Nan arrived at the Mu family’s house, he was very distant from the Mu family members. He rarely sat in the Mu family’s car, but now, Butler Mu fully understood his personality.

In the end, Mu Nan was convinced by Butler Mu.

After getting in the car, he reported the address.

The chauffeur was a Shanghai native. When he heard the address, he looked at the rearview mirror in surprise.

The address Mu Nan gave him… was a huge manor in Shanghai. There was only one word to describe it.


However, the chauffeur acted professionally and didn’t ask him further questions. He only became more curious about Mu Nan.

Gu Xichi’s home.

When Qin Ran and Cheng Juan arrived, Gu Xichi had just come back.

“Brother, Xiao Ran.” Gu Xichi took a sip of the ice water, snapped his fingers, and asked the attendant to bring water for the two of them. “You came just in time.”

The three glasses were filled with ice water. Cheng Juan took two cups, poured one away, and replaced it with warm water for Qin Ran.

Seeing his actions, Gu Xichi couldn’t help but rub his nose. “I was negligent.”

“Brother, this is the sample I brought over.” After Gu Xichi rested, he went to the laboratory upstairs to show Cheng Juan the experimental product he brought back. “Tomorrow, I will go to the city hospital. Brother, please look at this and tell me if there are any problems. The old man can’t spot any himself.”

Gu Xichi had his own expertise. He specialized in a different field from Cheng Juan’s. There were some things that Cheng Juan was good at which he didn’t understand.

The group went to the laboratory upstairs after taking a break.

Cheng Mu sat downstairs and played with Gu Xichi’s computer as he waited for Mu Nan to arrive.


When Cheng Juan was busy with something, Gu Xichi found a radiation-proof coat for Qin Ran to wear.

She didn’t accept it. “Look at the fabric of my clothes.”

Qin Ran showed him her sleeves casually.

Gu Xichi didn’t pay attention to Qin Ran’s clothes. Once he was reminded by her, he leaned over to take a look.

After seeing them clearly, he cursed and said, “Awesome.”

“It’s not bad.” Qin Ran crossed her arms and watched Cheng Juan. Suddenly, she remembered something. “Do you have any experimental drugs here?”

“What type?” Gu Xichi was looking at Cheng Juan in awe.

He was quite wealthy now.

Qin Ran thought about it and described it based on what Mu Nan said.

Gu Xichi was a genius. After hearing a few specific terms, he seemed to understand. “Cell aging. It does exist. Wait for a moment.”

He went to search the cupboard on the left. A few bottles clanged, and, after a long while, he found a medicine bottle. “It won’t be cured, but this tablet can delay aging if the person takes one tablet two times a day. The old man only had two bottles, and I stole… No, I brought a bottle over.”

Gu Xichi originally wanted to study it.

However, it was a pity that he wasn’t as sharp as the old man in this aspect and couldn’t discover anything. As a result, it was just left here for nearly a year.

When Mu Nan arrived, it was already night.

Gu Xichi knew that Mu Nan was Qin Ran’s cousin and warmly invited him to stay the night.

During dinner.

Qin Ran gave the medicine bottle to Mu Nan. She propped up her leg and said casually, “A gift for Old Master Mu. He should take it twice a day. It will strengthen his body.”

Mu Nan looked at the drug and guessed that it was related to Gu Xichi.

He glanced at Qin Ran, and just as he was about to speak, Gu Xichi finished his dinner and interrupted him. “Child, just take it. It isn’t much. It has been here for about a year. Who is this Old Master Mu though?”

“According to blood relations… he’s my grandpa,” Mu Nan said.

Gu Xichi asked a few more questions.

Qin Ran didn’t eat much today. She raised her eyebrow and glanced at Mu Nan, saying, “Take it.”

Mu Nan put the medicine bottle in his pocket.

Mu Nan didn’t bother to hear anymore as he was afraid of annoying her. Qin Ran was in a special situation, and Mu Nan didn’t want to make her unhappy.

Tonight, not only did he return the car keys that Cheng Juan gave him, but he also received anti-aging medicine from Qin Ran.

Cheng Mu watched Mu Nan and shook his head. “He’s still young.”

Mu Nan was speechless.

Only then did Qin Ran lean back on her chair and started playing with her phone. Her eyebrows were delicate, but she didn’t look easy to mess with.

She received a message from Editor Liu.

[Send me a high resolution of yourself and I will help you with your promotions next month.]

Qin Ran only replied.

[I don’t have any.]

After that, she clicked on Editor Shen’s profile and asked.

[Are you ok?]

Editor Shen spoke to her and smiled as usual.

Thinking about it, Qin Ran clicked on Don’t Ask The Heavens’ profile and asked about it.

On the other end, Don’t Ask The Heavens realized that Magic Lamp had contacted him first.

As he had been looking for an excuse to talk to her, Don’t Ask The Heavens was a little surprised.

He naturally knew that Magic Lamp was cold. She was only in contact with Editor Shen the entire time.

It wasn’t a secret that Mo Zhihuai was Don’t Ask The Heavens. Qin Ran asked him about Editor Shen politely.

Hearing her, Mo Zhihuai was a little surprised. He paused for a moment before replying.

[I will help you find out.]

The next day.

In the morning, Mu Nan was busy investigating something in Shanghai. He only found the time to pass the bottle of medicine to Old Master Mu.

Gu Xichi found a white plastic bag for him in his home.

Mu Nan placed the medicine bottle in it.

When he arrived at the Mu family’s house, the Mu family had already prepared a car to take Old Master Mu to the hospital.

“Young Master Mu?” Butler Mu was the first to notice Mu Nan and asked in surprise. “Why are you here?”

“My cousin has something to give you.” Mu Nan handed the simple plastic bag to Old Master Mu and explained, “She said it was a favor in return.”

A gift in a plastic bag.

Mu Zongxi couldn’t help but sneer.

His assistant also couldn’t help but shake his head.

However, Old Master Mu didn’t look down on it. He had received many gifts in his lifetime and appreciated her efforts.

He was even a little surprised.

Did that mean that Mu Nan’s cousin recognized him?

“I like it very much.” He looked at Mu Nan. It was obvious that he was happy despite having a serious expression.

Mu Nan was also relieved.

“What’s this?” Butler Mu looked at the plastic bag and felt that Mu Nan’s cousin was too casual.

Mu Nan hesitated before saying, “Health supplements.”

Butler Mu was speechless.

Mu Nan left very quickly, but Butler Mu and Mu Zongxi accompanied Old Master Mu to the hospital.

Doctor Hao was currently free.

He gave Old Master Mu a systematic inspection. The equipment he brought back from the Medical Organization was precious.

After the inspection, Butler Mu carried the white plastic bag casually.

He could already tell that it was a bottle of medicine and wasn’t too curious about it.

On the contrary, Mu Zongxi was speechless when he saw that Butler Mu was still holding on to the cheap plastic bag.

After Old Master Mu did his final inspection, he turned pale and almost fell.

Butler Mu hurriedly went up to support him, and chaos ensued in the examination room.

In a panic, Butler Mu dropped the bag, causing the white medicine bottle to roll out.

Doctor Hao was just about to bring the printed results over. When he turned around, he accidentally saw the white medicine bottle and glanced at it.

Ten seconds later, he remembered something.

He turned his head back stiffly and picked up the medicine bottle that was almost stepped on by the nurse. After confirming the writing on it, he paused for a moment and said sternly, “Mr. Mu, where did you get this medicine?”

“Young Master’s cousin gave it to Old Master…” Butler Mu paused and said quietly, “He said that it contains health supplements and was collecting dust at his cousin’s house.”

Mu Zongxi also came back to reality. He didn’t notice Doctor Hao’s expression and only frowned. “Who told you to present these rubbish items in front of Doctor Hao?”

Before he could say anything, Doctor Hao suddenly spoke. “Experimental drugs from the first laboratory of the Medical Organization were collecting dust?”

He looked at the white bottle carefully and saw that, indeed, some dust could be seen on it…