Martial God Asura - Chapter 4824: Formidable Pill

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Chapter 4824: Formidable Pill

She had a very average face, but at the same time, she gave off an unusual air of mystery. Her long black hair was neatly set into a bun on her face, giving her a dignified appearance.

On the whole, she had an air of maturity that was at odds with her young appearance.

While she was speaking, she had already walked up to Chu Feng and Zi Ling. She held a pill in her hand, but instead of feeding it into Zi Ling’s mouth, she pressed it into Zi Ling’s forehead instead.


The pill immediately broke down into a whiff of smoke and seeped into Zi Ling’s body.

“What an amazing pill!” Chu Feng remarked in astonishment.

He could sense the pill swiftly fusing together with Zi Ling’s dissipating soul, causing it to fuse back together once more.

A single pill actually saved Zi Ling when Chu Feng was unable to do anything at all. It was hard to imagine just how valuable this pill had to be.

“It’s rare to see such a sentimental man. I guess I can’t turn a blind eye to you either.”

As she spoke, she took out another pill and pressed it against Chu Feng’s forehead. Similarly, the pill immediately dissipated into a whiff of smoke before seeping into his body.

Chu Feng had wounded his soul in order to save Zi Ling, but his soul started healing up as soon as he absorbed the pill into his body. Within just a short period of time, half of his injuries were already healed up.

His appearance reverted back to normal, and it didn’t look like it would take long before his physical body would be back to its peak condition.

One must know that the technique Chu Feng had just used was an extremely dangerous Exalted Taboo. It severely damaged one’s soul, and he would have never resorted to it if not to save Zi Ling.

Yet, the injuries he sustained were being healed so quickly as if it was nothing at all. This came as a huge shock to Chu Feng.

“What an incredible pill! Is this the strength of the world spiritists from the Seven Realms Galaxy?”

As a world spiritist himself, Chu Feng was clearer than anyone just how potent the pill was. It was indubitably forged by an extremely powerful world spiritist.

The fact that this woman carried such a pill on her showed that she was no ordinary individual. This signaled not just a difference between the two of them but the galaxies they came from too.

“Thank you, miss. May I have the honor to know your name? I, Chu Feng, will surely repay this favor in the future,” Chu Feng said.

“Your name is Chu Feng? That’s a good name. You seem to be a decent person. It’s rare to see someone who cares about others as much as you do. You need not thank me or ask who I am; I just happened to be passing by and couldn’t stand seeing you two lovebirds dying like that. Speaking of which, based on your dress-up, it seems like you’re from the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?” the woman asked.

“You know of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?”

Chu Feng was surprised by the question.

In order not to bring any trouble upon themselves, they had hidden their Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s token and altered their robes. Even so, the woman was still able to tell their background right away.

That meant that the other party knew a lot about the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

Thinking about how the woman had such a formidable pill on her, Chu Feng couldn’t help but wonder about her relationship with True Essence Exalted. There was a good chance that she was the disciple or offspring of True Essence Exalted.

“Are you acquainted with True Essence Exalted?” Chu Feng asked.

“True Essence Exalted? I do know him, but it’s not my relationship with him that allowed me to deduce that you’re disciples from the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. It’s because I met your Elder Duan, who told us about the special characteristics of those from the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. It’s based on his description that I was able to guess your identities,” the woman said.

“Elder Duan? Are you referring to Duan Liufeng?” Chu Feng asked anxiously.

“Yes, that should be him.”

The woman began filling them in on her encounter with Duan Liufeng.

As it turned out, the two of them stumbled upon one another, but after learning that Duan Liufeng was trapped there for violating the rules of True Essence Mountain, she chose not to lend her a helping hand.

That being said, she still pitied Duan Liufeng a little, so they ended up chatting for quite a bit.

When she learned that there would be disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect dropping by to save him, she asked him about the special characteristics of those disciples, thinking that she could at least lead them to him if they crossed paths.

As luck had it, they really ended up bumping into one another.

“Miss, may I know where Brother Duan is at the moment?” Chu Feng asked.

“You need not be worried. I met another disciple from the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect before you, and I’ve already told him the whereabouts of Elder Duan. You ought to leave this place with this young miss first. The formation here is quite formidable, and staying here will have adverse effects on her. If you don’t wish for harm to befall her, you should stop scaling the mountain and head down right now,” that woman said.

‘A disciple of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect? Was he wearing a mask?” Chu Feng asked.

As worried as he was about Zi Ling, he was more worried about Duan Liufeng’s safety right now especially after hearing what the woman said.

It would be one thing if that person she stumbled upon was the Hidden Dragon Chief Disciple, but if he was Zuoqiu Youyu instead, that would spell a whole lot of trouble.

“Wearing a mask? He wasn’t. He was quite handsome too. Ah, he did tell me his name. I think it’s… Zuoqiu Youyu!” the woman said.

“This is bad.”

Chu Feng was alarmed to hear those words.

He was enemies with Zuoqiu Youyu right now, and the latter knew that Duan Liufeng had his backing. There was no doubt that he would attempt to harm Duan Liufeng.

Duan Liufeng was likely to be in a vulnerable position right now with him trapped in a formation and his powers restricted. If Zuoqiu Youyu really intended to harm him, Duan Liufeng would face grave danger.

“Miss, hurry up and tell me where Brother Duan is right now. Otherwise, he might be in danger!” Chu Feng said.

“Ah. Did I get the wrong person?”

The woman immediately sensed that something was amiss based on Chu Feng’s reaction.


The woman waved her hand, and a formation map immediately appeared right before her.

“If that’s the case, I’d have made a grave mistake. Alright, you should head to look for your Elder Duan. I’ll escort this miss down the mountain in your stead.”

The woman passed the map to Chu Feng before stepping forward to support Zi Ling.

However, Chu Feng couldn’t help but look at Zi Ling hesitantly. He felt like he ought to be escorting Zi Ling himself.

“Big brother Chu Feng, go and save Elder Duan. You don’t need to worry about me. My master will be able to help me,” Zi Ling said.

“Alright. Miss, I’ll be counting on you then.”

Even though he had only met this miss moments ago, it was a fact that she had helped them. So, he thought that it was unlikely that she would do anything detrimental to Zi Ling.

So, Chu Feng quickly set off and rushed to the location indicated on the map, where Duan Liufeng was.

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