Martial King's Retired Life - Volume 11.5 Chapter 07

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 07

Wudang was currently ahead of Mount Daluo and Shaolin among the orthodox sects because they took the initiative to resolve conflicts in the martial world and fought off the unorthodox sects, while the other two didn’t involve themselves in those affairs.

Emei, Kunlun, Canghai and Clear Mirror Palace followed behind Wudang, Mount Daluo and Shaolin, forming the main force against unorthodox sects. Even though Emei was considered beneath Wudang in terms of prestige, they were still a core member of the orthodox martial arts alliance; Emei members could easily receive a 20% discount at teahouses if the owner knew they were from Emei.

“No, my shifu went play cards with Emei’s former leader.”

“… Play cards?” Hua Qing could sense his childhood dream gradually crumbling as the conversation went on. Given Daoist Jinguan’s polished reputation, Hua Qing still believed Ming Feizhen’s shifu must’ve been a respected elite among the orthodox sects, nonetheless.

“They already left Emei for Mount Qingcheng by the time I made it there, though,” Ming Feizhen added.

“… So you’re Zhang Tianshi’s disciple?” By this point, Hua Qing’s expectations had nearly hit rock bottom.

“Hell no. They’re just calling Zhang Tianshi to the table to make up the numbers.”

“I knew it!”

Just how popular are card games among the orthodox sects?! Why would you go so far to play cards?

“They already went back to the bank of Jialing River in Langzhong by the time I reached Qingcheng, though.”

“Yeah? They’re sure fast when it comes to cards. Wait. Isn’t that where Liu Shan Men’s headquarters in Yizhou is located? Don’t tell me your shifu went to Liu Shan Men.”

As Liu Shan Men wasn’t a sect but an office of the imperial court, there was a strict “no entry” regulation at Liu Shan Men for anyone not in their employment.

“Emei… Qingshan City… Jialing River…” muttered Hua Qing. “Isn’t that Captain Yan Shisan’s schedule?”

Su Li noted, “I, too, heard Liu Shan Men’s captain entered the area for business while I was in Chengdu. His first stop was Emei, followed by Qingshan City and then… yeah, Langzhong.”

Hua Qing: “So you’re Yan Shisan’s disc-”

“No, he’s just sharing the same route as my shifu.”

Su Li: “Just who is your shifu, then?!”

“I can’t tell you.”

“… Is he trying to conceal his identity from the unorthodox sects while fighting them?”

“Nothing like that. I’m just afraid that he’ll silence you once you know of his embarrassing stories.”

“Your shifu is scarier than the unorthodox sects!” Hua Qing grabbed his chin. “If four big names are convening, there must be something big going on.”

“And you’re right,” Ming Feizhen asserted. “They’re off to Lunar Diffraction Brothel to watch a strip dance. It’s an annual thing for them that they go through a lot for.”

Hua Qing and Su Li: “Shameless old men!”

Hua Qing: Just why are the orthodox sects nothing like what I imagined as I was a kid?! Damn, my head is still bleeding.

“My shifu gave me a new directive when I bumped into him. I was wandering around, wondering what to do when I came across you two.”

As much as they were curious as to what undertaking Ming Feizhen’s shifu gave, they weren’t so sure their temper could handle it.

Ming Feizhen pointed to the floor. “What’s your plan now that they’re dead?”

Hua Qing stopped to deliberate. “The entire case is shrouded in mystery. Master Xu and I aren’t linked in the slightest capacity, let alone having any grudges between us. For the last year, however, I’ve been framed with countless crimes, forcing me to wander from city to city.”

“Hasn’t that always been your life in a nutshell?”

“Shut up! In any event, I must catch the real culprit to clear my name. I’m sick and tired of sneaking around.”

“Weren’t you sneaking around long before you were framed?”

“Sneaking around and stealing are different verbs with different meanings.”

Su Li’s little giggle set Hua Qing’s heart aflutter.

“What are you going to do, specifically?”

“Mm… I’m going to find Master Xu’s sworn brother.”


“His sworn brother is Three Gorges Dam’s best palms proponent. People call him Hero Zhuo Fengrui, Flying Conqueror, for his swift swordplay and lethal palm techniques that set him as the top martial artist in the area. I grew up on his legends. He doesn’t seek profit or glory, exercising justice solely to uphold justice. To him, money is akin to manure. He donates a large sum to the poor on the fifteenth of every month. He is a role model for all us martial arts practitioners.” Hua Qing glanced to Ming Feizhen, signalling with his gaze, “That’s right. He’s a different breed compared to your trashy shifu.”

Ming Feizhen wrinkled his nose. “’Us’ martial arts practitioners? I thought you were a thief.”

“I’m not scar-,” Hua Qing stole a gander Su Li’s way to make sure she wasn’t detesting him, “ah, whatever. I forgive you. Anyhow, I plan to search for Hero Zhuo in Yichang to clear my name. I’d probably be in pieces before I could speak if I showed up on my own. As a matter of fact, I might die before I meet him. With you helping me, though, hehe, I should be okay.”

Because Ming Feizhen didn’t respond, Hua Qing asked, “Is there a problem?”

“There is.”

“What is it?”

“I reckon… you either have rice for brains, if not grass. I could probably make porridge if I just heat it up.”

“Mind your manners!”

Su Li laughed hysterically. “Ming Feizhen, don’t pick on Young Master Hua.”

“Yeah, hear that?” Seeing as Ming Feizhen still looked stern, Hua Qing questioned, “Are you suggesting… there’s something not right about Hero Zhuo?”

“Finally… Took your long enough. Based on what you told me, if he’s not suspicious, the whole world must be innocent.”


Langzhong - A county-level city in northeast Sichuan province.

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