Martial Peak - Chapter 1932 - Bloody Battle

Chapter 1932, Bloody Battle

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Ai Ou and the others were all world shocking figures, and all of their strengths were comparable to each other’s, but in front of Yin Le Sheng’s unfathomable power, the strength they had always been so proud of suddenly felt so trivial and insignificant.

After this exchange, none of them dared to move rashly and all of them wore extremely solemn expressions as they stared at Yin Le Sheng vigilantly, lest he make another move.

“Interesting!” Yin Le Sheng smiled indifferently, “But it is too early for you to contend with this King based on your current strength. This King warns you one last time, if you don’t want to die, lower your Knowledge Sea defences!”

“In your dreams!”

“We’d rather die!”

“Pfft, this King isn’t in the habit of being a slave!”

Although Ai Ou and others felt the situation was bad, they still responded firmly.

“Fine then, since you want to die, you can’t blame this King for being ruthless!” Yin Le Sheng’s eyes flashed cold as his figure flashed and suddenly disappeared from where he stood. When he reappeared, he had already arrived in front of Gu Cang Yun.

Pushing his hand forward, his palm slammed towards Gu Cang Yun.

From this palm, a fierce rotational force emerged, causing even a master of Gu Cang Yun’s level to be unable to resist. Unable to control his body, Gu Cang Yun was only able to watch helplessly as this palm approached.

[This is the end!] Such a thought flashed across Gu Cang’s mind.

The next moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him, one covered in a blinding five coloured glow.

“Union Master Gu, fall back!” Yang Kai’s voice rang in Gu Cang Yun’s ears and Gu Cang Yun was pleasantly surprised as at the same time the voice sounded, the strength which was holding him in place was suddenly relieved.

Not daring to hesitate, he desperately pushed his strength and quickly withdrew from where he stood.

Yang Kai quickly punched out, his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi enveloping his fists with the five different Sword Qis mutually supporting and enhancing one another.


As his fist impacted Yin Le Sheng’s palm, a violent bang sounded. Yang Kai snorted as the five-coloured glow on his fist burst like a bubble and his whole body was sent flying back like a rag sack.

On the other hand, Yin Le Sheng’s body shook slightly, and he was forced back a few steps before he managed to stabilize himself.

This scene happened so suddenly that everyone was left stunned.

By the time everyone recovered, Yang Kai had been knocked far away, his life or death uncertain.

“Yang Kai!” The expressions of Ai Ou and Chi Yue changed drastically as they hurried over to check his condition.

Gu Cang Yun, Wu Dao, and Gui Zu, who had escaped from the death just now, all stood in front of Yin Le Sheng, watching him vigilantly lest he make another move.

“He…” Liu Xian Yun, who had been standing in the Netherworld Darkness Shroud, had her beautiful eyes shrink violently as she stared in shock towards the direction Yang Kai flew, her delicate face filled with disbelief as she muttered, “Did he actually blocked a blow from Senior Brother Yin?”

Not just that, this unknown young man had forced Yin Le Sheng to retreat a few steps!

Although his life or death was uncertain, it was already shocking enough that an Origin King Realm cultivator could achieve such a feat, much less a mere Second-Order Origin King!

Beside Liu Xian Yun, Feng De also had his jaw dropped as his heart pounded fiercely.

He knew firsthand how powerful Yin Le Sheng was at this moment. When Yin Le Sheng attacked him just now, he was unable to even summon the courage to resist and had lost control of whether he lived or died, but this young man from some unknown Star Field was actually able to do so, shocking Feng De greatly.

[He must be dead, right?] Feng De thought to himself. However, even if this young man had died, he could do so with pride; after all, he had faced Yin Le Sheng with only a Second-Order Origin King cultivation.

Before he could finish these thoughts though, a violent coughing sound rang out.

“He’s not dead?” Feng De exclaimed with a dumbfounded look on his face, his eyes bulging as he stared towards the spot where Yang Kai flew.

Liu Xian Yun also let out a cry of shock as she covered her mouth with her delicate hands.

On the other side, Yang Kai struggled to get up, waving his hands at Ai Ou and Chi Yue to indicate he was fine. His face, however, had gone pale and the vitality in his chest was roiling. Unable to hold back, Yang Kai coughed up a mouthful of Golden Blood spewed out.

“Fierce!” Yang Kai took a few deep breaths before straightening himself up and squinting towards Yin Le Sheng.

Yin Le Sheng had been standing in place with a strange expression on his face ever since he was forced back by Yang Kai. Instead of taking the opportunity to chase him down, he simply frowned, as if puzzling over something.

Hearing Yang Kai’s voice, Yin Le Sheng seemed to recover his senses and he glanced over faintly, “You’re also quite good. This King was mistaken, it turns out you’re the strongest among this group!”

“Haha!” Yang Kai smiled sharply and spat out the last bit of blood in his mouth before squinting at him and saying, “I wouldn’t dare make such a claim, I’ve just managed to transform a bit more of my Saint Qi than them. Isn’t that the case for you as well? I’m afraid the power in your body has been completely converted, no?”

Yin Le Sheng narrowed his eyes and said, “Boy, your vision is quite sharp!”

Yang Kai grinned, “If that weren’t the case, how could a Third-Order Origin King possibly face off against five others in the same realm? It’s not that they aren’t strong enough, it’s that they haven’t had enough time here yet.”

Hearing what Yang Kai said, Ai Ou and others suddenly understood.

Prior to this, they had already experienced the benefits to their strength the transformation of their Saint Qi brought, but because their time was too short here, the gap between them was not too obvious.

Before they could adapt to this new power in their bodies, however, they were suddenly met with Yin Le Sheng, causing Ai Ou and the others to doubt their own strength for a moment.

After Yang Kai enlightened them, they realized that the reason for the scene before them was not because they were weak, but because Yin Le Sheng had an advantage they did not.

If the Saint Qi in his body had been completely transformed, how could they possibly stand up against him despite their cultivation realms being the same?

This was like two cultivators with the same amount of power facing one another, but one had an ordinary wooden sword while the other had a legendary weapon. Naturally, the latter occupied the absolute advantage.

“I’m curious, how long have you been here?” Yang Kai took this chance to make some inquiries.

“Not too long, only five years!” Although Yin Le Sheng saw what Yang Kai was trying to do, he did not bother concealing anything.

“Five years… It seems that Your Excellency is also a Star Master,” Yang Kai said thoughtfully.

“You’re really quite sharp!” Yin Le Sheng’s eyes lit up as he looked at Yang Kai appreciatively, “This King has a soft spot for talents. Surrender to this King and this King will give you endless benefits and even allow your friends to live!”

Yang Kai laughed, “If I submit to you, you will give me whatever benefits I want?”

Yin Le Sheng lifted his chin and declared arrogantly, “As long as this King is able to afford it.”

“Then I want your life!” Yang Kai smiled grimly.

Yin Le Sheng shook his head slowly, “Then you die here! Although you are quite smart, it seems you don’t even know what this new power is called, so how can you contend with this King? In addition, let me tell you one more piece of news; just now, this King only used thirty percent of his strength!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone’s face changed drastically.

Only thirty percent of his strength was already enough to render them helpless. If he went all out…

“Hahahaha, this look of despair before death, this is what this King likes best!” Yin Le Sheng laughed as he stepped forward and suddenly arrived in front of Gu Cang Yun and Wu Dao.

“Netherworld Seven Hells Flower!” As he shouted, he formed a seal with his hands and pure Source Qi burst from his body. Pushing both his palms forward, a strange and enchanting looking flower suddenly appeared before him and shot towards Gu Cang Yun and Wu Dao.

“Setting Rivers and Mountains!” Wu Dao’s complexion darkened drastically as he gathered all the surrounding light onto his sword and poured every last ounce of his lifetime of strength into its body as he slashed forward.

“Heavenly Sword Illuminates the Universe!” Gu Cang Yun’s whole body also illuminated with crimson light as he hastily bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of his Blood Essence onto his sword as he stabbed it forward.

The two of them acted jointly to block Yin Le Sheng’s terrifying blow.

“In front of this King, all of you are ants. What qualifications do you have to resist?” Yin Le Sheng’s eyes flashed coldly as he pointed a finger at both of them.

With two soft pops, Wu Dao and Gu Cang Yun’s protective Saint Qi was instantly pierced through, causing blood to splash from their chests as they screamed and flew backwards.

Yin Le Sheng simply waved his hand at them, like he was sweeping away flies, causing a burst of power to swat at the injured pair and break several of their bones.

“Kill them!” Yin Le Sheng shouted coldly as he continued to forward without stopping.

After hearing his order, Feng De and Liu Xian Yun, who had been hiding in the Netherworld Darkness Shroud, could only walk out.

Feng De rushed directly towards Gu Cang Yun with a brutal look, seemingly wanting to kill him immediately.

He did not dare to violate Yin Le Sheng’s orders.

Liu Xian Yun on the other hand flew towards Wu Dao as she called out softly, “Pardon my offence!”

While speaking, her jade palm shot towards Wu Dao, and although this move appeared quite ruthless, there was no murderous intent behind it.

If not for her having no other choice, she did not want to kill innocent people; after all, she had a very good reputation back in the Grand Desolation Star Field. Unfortunately, people under the eaves had to bow their heads.

A hazy darkness suddenly appeared, wrapping around the injured Wu Dao and Gu Cang Yun, before flashing off into the distance. When the black haze disappeared, Gui Zu’s figure appeared, his black Qi flickering light a wicked flame.

“You two okay?” Gui Zu asked in a low voice.

“We’ll live!” Wu Dao responded.

“This will be troublesome!” Gui Zu said dejectedly, “From what that guy said, it seems they’ve been here for five years! That is to say, they’ve had five years to transform the power in their bodies. Clearly, they’re much stronger than us.”

“So what? Even if we die here, we cannot make them feel any better,” Gu Cang Yun showed a fierce look as he stared at Feng De and Liu Xian Yun approaching them.

On the other side, Yang Kai took a few breaths as he witnessed the crisis that had befallen Gui Zu and the others before whispering, “Seniors, leave this place to me and go assist them!”

Ai Ou and Chi Yue were shocked when they heard these words and both shook their heads without thinking.

They could also see that the strength of Yin Le Sheng was far above everyone else here, and that Yang Kai was not his opponent at all. Allowing Yang Kai to fight him alone would be like allowing him to die, how could they possibly allow that to happen?