Martial Peak - Chapter 2183 - Source Qi Competition

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Chapter 2183 , Source Qi Competition

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

“It’s good that Brother Zhuang understands!” Yang Kai laughed when he saw Zhuang Bu Fan being so amenable.

“En, there’s no need to say anything more, Brother Yang, let us fight!” Zhuang Bu Fan suddenly turned and declared.

“Huh?” Yang Kai froze for a moment before shouting, “I just painstakingly explained everything… did Brother Zhuang still not understand?”

Zhuang Bu Fan shook his head, “I’ve understood the whole story, from beginning to end. This fight will not be for my Junior Brother and Junior Sister, nor for any kind of grievances, only for the spirit flower behind you!”

As he spoke, he pushed his Source Qi, causing his robes and black hair to flutter despite there being no wind, his momentum rising steadily.

He continued, “Although Brother Yang discovered this spirit flower first, and has been guarding it all this time, since it has not yet been picked, it does not belong to anyone! This treasure, this Zhuang does not want to miss it, so… there is only one option left!”

Yang Kai stared at him in a daze for quite some time before smiling bitterly, “Although I don’t want to admit it, Brother Zhuang is really a forthright man of great integrity, far better than those who casually speak flowered lies to hide their sinister intent. This Yang appreciates Brother Zhuang’s character, so he will ask once more. Is there no other option but for us to fight?”

“If Brother Yang feels he cannot win, he can leave now! This Zhuang actually does not want to bully the weak,” Zhuang Bu Fan frowned and replied.

“Alright then!” Yang Kai sighed helplessly, “If that is the case, there truly is nothing more to say!”

At this point, Yang Kai’s body shook as his Source Qi surged, causing a violent storm to swirl around him as he shot up into the sky.

Zhuang Bu Fan narrowed his eyes and shouted in a low voice, “Brother Yang is truly extraordinary, my Junior Brother and Junior Sister’s loss at your hands was not undeserved!”

“Haha, Brother Zhuang, please be careful not to wind up in a similarly embarrassing position!” Yang Kai laughed as he swung his fist, creating a great pressure that seemed capable of smashing the world as he swooped down towards Zhuang Bu Fan’s head from above like a great falling mountain

“All of you stand back and do not interfere!” Zhuang Bu Fan gave a command while at the same time sending out a palm that caused the surrounding wind to churn crazily, counterattacking Yang Kai while shouting, “Soaring Clouds Palm, Four Imperial Realms!”

An energy visible to the naked eye burst from his palm and transformed into a kind of Flood Dragon, shaking its head and wagging its tail as it rushed towards Yang Kai and devoured him whole.

“Hm?” Zhuang Bu Fan didn’t have the slightest joy after his apparent success, his brow simply furrowing as he stared forward.

Because he found that in the face of his attack, Yang Kai had not made any attempt to dodge and instead charged forward at an even faster speed.

“Brother Zhuang!” Yang Kai’s voice rang out, cracking somewhat from the rampaging energy he was emitting, “This Yang must force a quick end to this battle; after all, while you may only have one enemy, I have many! This Yang has no time or energy to spare on a drawn-out conflict with you!”

As his words fell, he rushed right up to Zhuang Bu Fan, turned his fist into a palm, and thrust it directly onto Zhuang Bu Fan’s palm.


The moment the two palms touched, a huge burst of energy suddenly appeared, creating a halo of light that rapidly expanded in all directions.

Zhuang Bu Fan felt as if he had been struck by lightning as his body sank suddenly into the ground, creating a huge pit right below his feet as countless cracks began to spread out around him.

“A competition of Source Qi?” Zhuang Bu Fan’s face changed drastically as he instantly understood Yang Kai’s intentions.

This opponent, who was only a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, actually gave up all opportunities to fight using Secret Techniques and artifacts and instead chose the fiercest and most direct method of battle.

This was no doubt the fastest way to decide a victor because no one could dodge or retreat. Only the one who had stronger, more vigorous Source Qi would emerge the winner in such a head-on competition!

[But where is this boy getting such confidence from? With just a trivial First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, does he really believe he can win in a competition of Source Qi against me?]

As these distracting thoughts flashed across Zhuang Bu Fan’s mind, a trace of anger appeared on his face as he felt he was being underestimated. While keeping his palm in contact with Yang Kai’s palms, Zhuang Bu Fan turned his body and threw out his other palm, “Inverting Sun and Moon!”

Although Zhuang Bu Fan was the strongest Dao Source Realm cultivator in Orthodoxy Temple, he was different from Xia Sheng and Wu Chang.

Although it had not been publicly confirmed, the disciples and Elders of all the big Sects were ninety-nine percent certain that Xia Sheng had some type of Special Constitution, but what exactly it was, none but the Elders of Azure Sun Temple knew.

Needless to say, Wu Chang possessed the Yin-Yang Dual Body, giving him a distinct advantage over other cultivators in the same realm since he was born.

However, Zhuang Bu Fan had no such advantage but still remained the pillar of his Sect’s Dao Source Realm cultivators!

His physique was ordinary, but his talent was good, good enough that he was able to achieve an equal standing with Xia Sheng and Wu Chang, and had even fought against Wu Chang several times without losing.

This was all thanks to his extremely solid foundation and vigorous Source Qi!

He was the type of person who simply worked harder than anyone else, cultivating extremely diligently all the time, putting in enough effort to make up for the innate differences between him and Wu Chang and Xia Sheng!

Orthodoxy Temple’s Master, Lei Gu, once said that if Zhuang Bu Fan possessed a Special Constitution like Wu Chang or Xia Sheng, his achievements would be even greater than those two now.

The words of a Third-Order Emperor Realm master had extremely high credibility and were also reflected in Zhuang Bu Fan’s hard work.

What Zhuang Bu Fan was most proud of was the purity and density of his Source Qi! His Source Qi, like his character and personality, was as calm and steady as an immovable mountain.

He felt that this was his greatest strength and it was the foundation which he used to stand shoulder to shoulder with Xia Sheng Wu Chang and other geniuses in his generation!

But now, there was someone who wanted to compete with him in this exact field, his speciality, and that person was just a First-Order Dao Source Realm.

Even if Zhuang Bu Fan had a calm temperament, he couldn’t help feeling a bit angry, and without even hesitating, he directly used his most powerful Secret Art, Inverting Sun and Moon!

[Since you want to fight this way, I will grant your wish, and with the strongest force I can muster!]

When the second palm was thrust towards him, Yang Kai’s eyes shrank.

Because what he saw approaching him was not a palm, but a vast ocean… a bottomless abyss which threatened to engulf him and tear him apart!

With a great roar, Yang Kai’s whole figure swelled up as a series of popping sounds echoed from his body…

Accompanied by these popping sounds, a dozen drops of pure Golden Blood were exploded by Yang Kai in his dantian, all transforming into pure Source Qi that filled his entire body with a dazzling golden radiance.


An explosion of wind erupted.

The Orthodoxy Temple disciples who had followed Zhuang Bu Fan here were all dumbfounded…

Under their stunned gazes, Yang Kai and Zhuang Bu Fan met palms with one another as they stood staring into each other’s eyes and literal sparks exploded between them.

The place where the two stood had become a mass of chaotic Source Qi, with one half filled with golden light while the other a white radiance, the two colours battering against one another, each one trying to overwhelm the other.

Time seemed to stand still at that moment…

“He can compete with Senior Brother Zhuang’s raw Source Qi?”

“Is he really a First-Order Dao Source Realm? Could he be some Third-Order Dao Source Realm playing the pig to eat a tiger?”

“Whatever the truth, it doesn’t matter. Senior Brother Zhuang will tidy him up soon enough!”

While the disciples from Orthodoxy Temple were dazzled, they did not forget to comment on the strange situation before them.

But things did not develop as any of them expected. Zhuang Bu Fan did not knock Yang Kai back in short order, and instead, the two remained anchored in place as they continued to madly push their Source Qi in an attempt to suppress one another.

As time passed, Zhuang Bu Fan’s expression became more and more serious while Yang Kai’s look became more and more ferocious.

Only now did Zhuang Bu Fan realize that the reason Yang Kai had bothered trying hard to explain. It was not because he was afraid of him, but rather, because he really didn’t want to fight if it could be avoided.

Just as Yang Kai had said, while Zhuang Bu Fan only had one enemy, he had many. As long as Yang Kai wanted to protect this immature spirit flower, he would need to face every master that came here coveting it, including the likes of Wu Chang, Xiao Chen, and Lan Xun…

It was for this reason Yang Kai had chosen a Source Qi competition to force the battle to quickly end!

By doing this, the outcome would quickly and definitively be decided. No Secret Techniques or artifacts could be used in this kind of confrontation, the only thing one could rely on was their own endurance and cultivation!

Looking into the eyes right in front of him that seemed to be filled with a kind of madness, Zhuang Bu Fan knew that, in a certain sense, he had already lost!

Because the one standing before him, competing with him in terms of raw Source Qi, was two Minor Realms lower than him in cultivation!

If Zhuang Bu Fan had suppressed his cultivation to the same level as this crazy kid, there wouldn’t even have been a point in fighting!

[To think… that there’s such a monster in this world…] Zhuang Bu Fan was thoroughly shocked.

At a certain moment, the delicate balance was suddenly broken and under the shocked gazes of the Orthodoxy Temple disciples, the golden glow began to advance and slowly overtake the white light!

“How can this be?”

“Senior Brother Zhuang is being suppressed?”

“Where did this boy come from!?”

“No, it must be that Senior Brother Zhuang is showing mercy. Senior Brother has always been benevolent and righteous, yes, that must be it!”

Even if they saw it with their own eyes, none of them could believe that Zhuang Bu Fan had fallen into a disadvantage in a battle of Source Qi. The impact of this scene caused great storms to set off in all of their hearts, making it impossible for them to recover their composure in short order.

But even so, none of them tried to step forward to help, all of them standing back and watching solemnly from afar.

Firstly, outsiders really could not interfere in this kind of competition as any outside disruption now would only result in both sides suffering serious losses. Secondly, Zhuang Bu Fan had already declared that none of them were to intervene.

The words of their Eldest Senior Brother carried immense weight and none of them dared to disobey them.

“Brother Zhuang, surrender!” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly called out, and accompanied by his words, the dazzling golden light bursting from his body grew stronger again, further suppressing the white light of Zhuang Bu Fan, “If you do not withdraw, you’ll only injure yourself!”

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