Master of the End Times - Chapter 946 - Extremely Dangerous Ultra Beasts

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Chapter 946: Extremely Dangerous Ultra Beasts

While in the blizzard, Qin Feng did not hold back his strength. Nine frozen stars rose up behind him and unleashed a terrible pressure.

However, the white wolves did not relent, barking before charging at him.

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng’s internal force became like a whirlpool and the white wolf that came into his range of attack was suddenly pulled in by a suction and its body caught in this twisting vortex. During this fight, this mistake equaled giving the enemy an opening for an attack.

The Verdant Emperor Saber quickly swung out.


The while wolf had no way to avoid the attack and was immediately decapitated.

Soon, under the pressure of the Asteroid Assimilation, none of the ultra beasts could get closer to Qin Feng and he defeated them one by one.

White snow was stained with red blood, corpses were strewn everywhere.

He also did not use the dark ability to turn these wolves into corpse puppets.


The white wolves’ howls spread in the wind. The scanner next to Wang Chen showed multiple red dots appearing and they were all headed toward one direction.

He quickly locked onto Qin Feng’s communicator and found out that these ultra beasts were actually running toward Qin Feng’s position.

No matter how strong he was, even when he was attacked by this many beast kings and beast emperors, there were two more that did not approach to test his strength. They sat in a distance, and no matter how they looked at it, Qin Feng was a vicious opponent.

Wang Chen quickly opened up the regional channel. The signal transmitter that Qin Feng made was naturally in his possession and Wang Chen had one as well.

In the next moment, Wang Chen’s voice was broadcasted through everyone’s communicator.

“President, ultra beasts are going at you from all sides. Come back quickly!” Wang Chen said urgently.

This sentence, due to it being sent through the local channel, was heard by the others as well.

“What’s going on? An ultra beast siege?”

“I don’t see anything, that blizzard’s too thick. I can’t detect what’s going on!”

“Marshal Qin went out just now!”

“What do we do, do we go save him?”

These aptitude users were obviously hesitant. Dragon Island also had a day night cycle and right now it was in the middle of the night. Combine that with the blizzard blasting at them outside, there was a chance that even if an S-tier went outside, they might not come back!

“Stay on guard and update me on the ultra beasts’ movements!” Qin Feng’s words could also be heard via the local channel and people could even hear the roar of the wind, the enraged howls of the ultra beasts, and after his blade had slain one, their miserable whines.

Qin Feng began to fight frantically. It did not matter if he was surrounded by a beast king or beast emperor, any one that got close would get slain by a single swipe of his blade and their blood splashing all over.

When these beasts died, they continuously provided Qin Feng’s physical body with power as he kept absorbing their energy.

After reaching A-tier, the amount of energy that Qin Feng’s body needed for advancement was really terrifying.

His consciousness had jumped up five stages due to the Immortal’s inheritance but after such a long time of accumulating power within his body, he was finally very close to transformation.

He continued his slaughter.

There were more and more bodies on the ground, almost piling up into a hill as the scattering energy filled Qin Feng’s body. It was so close, he was missing just a little bit.

“President, be careful, two frightening ultra beasts are heading your way!” Wang Chen’s voice cracked over his communicator!

At this time, it was not only Wang Chen but also other aptitude users, whose hearts were in their throats.

“President, I can’t see their power level on the detector. I think they could be… S-tier!”

Just what was an S-tier level like? After all, the Earth did not have many S-tier ultra beasts appearing. Such a force could completely wipe out something like the Amazon Alliance. As a result, for what kind of power these ultra beasts had, the only way for their detectors to list them would be ‘extremely dangerous’.

“Where is it coming from?” Qin Feng’s words carried out, but very quickly he added, “Nevermind!”

He already saw them.

It was two white wolves covered in a layer of icy blue fur. Their bodies were stronger and more powerful than that of a normal white wolf.

One of them had a sleek body and strangely beautiful feeling to it.

“It’s not you that killed my child. Out of my way, or I’ll tear you apart!”

When the consciousness swept forward, the she-wolf bore her sharp fangs.

The first thing Qin Feng thought of was that young wolf that appeared in the blizzard earlier.

It was just that Wang Chen had already killed it!

“I, too, will tear you apart. This is a world where the strong would eat the weak!” He would not sympathize with a mother that had lost her cub. It was because even their young were considered to be stronger than humans. Sympathy in this notion was for the weak.

The strong did not need sympathy.

“Then, I’ll just kill you!”

The she-wolf spread a wave of rage with her consciousness, quickly opening her large maw and blasting out a terrifying Ice Dragon.

This was an ultra beast awakened with an ability crystal core.

However, Qin Feng quickly realized that this was not an awakening. This beast had gone through that inheritance before.

Not only that, the male wolf also unleashed an Ice Dragon from his mouth.

Two Ice Dragons spiraled out, blocking off the space around Qin Feng.

He naturally was not planning on sitting there.

“Ice Dragon!”

Another Ice Dragon whizzed out and crashed into the two other ones, as if grasping for new opportunities in a forlorn situation.

The two S-tier white wolves stared forward with contempt, feeling that they were at their wit’s end against him.

In the next moment, Qin Feng unleashed his consciousness again.

“Ice Blast!”


The massive Ice Dragon became a terrifying explosion. The shockwave slammed into the two Ice Dragons the wolves unleashed.

This caused a chain reaction to follow. The fragments of the Ice Dragon disrupted the runes and caused them to also activate Ice Blast.

Icy shrapnel scattered all over and the white wolves that did not engage were showered by the sharp pieces of ice, causing serious damage. Their blood flowed out but was quickly frozen.

At this moment, three auras could be felt from a distance. It was Hu San and the others.

They found out that Qin Feng was in danger, so they naturally could not ignore it. When they came out though, the two white wolves reacted violently.

With bared fangs, consciousness was spread out.

“It’s you!”

In the blizzard, Nangong Zeming appeared. When that young wolf appeared the first one to intercept it was him, so he was tainted by a smell that these two S-tier ultra beasts recognized.

These two beasts were about to pounce on Nangong Zeming.

When Qin Feng saw that others were approaching, he pulled away his nine frozen stars but when he saw what the white wolves were doing he also tried to intercept them.

His consciousness surged wildly.

“Cold Whisper of Death!”

An extremely bright icy blue fell onto the she-wolf’s body.

Not only that, he raised a hand and a bolt of pure darkness with the terrifying aura of death streaked out and hit the male wolf’s body!

“Finger of Death!”

S-tier ability, double release!

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