Medical Master - Chapter 916 - Warm Spring with Blooming Flowers

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Chapter 916 Warm Spring with Blooming Flowers

“Liu Qingshi?”

“Is this Liu Qingshi’s show?”

“Liu Qingshi is a funny man. He can only play a sketch and can’t make any serious programs. Haha. Actually, I really want to watch him play a serious program.”

Soon, as netizens were cheering, the sketch officially began.

The first one to come on the stage was a sketch actor with whom everyone was familiar.

“Why hasn’t he come back yet? He said he was going to the toilet. It’s been 25 hours. When I called him, he is still in the toilet. Does he really have so many things to evacuate?”

The woman muttered to herself, “No. If he doesn’t come back soon, I’ll go to the men’s bathroom!”

“Ouch.” Liu Qingshi came out, both his hands clutching his belly. He was bracing his legs, pigeon-toed. Meanwhile, he cast a complacent glance at the audience, then entered the door with a groan.

Seeing this, the netizens laughed heartily.

Someone immediately screenshotted Liu Qingshi, who was making those postures, and added a caption, “I heard that only eunuchs who have just had his testicles removed can make such fancy clamp legs!”

As soon as this joke came out, everyone laughed crazily.

As the sketch was playing, the reputation of Eunuch Liu soon spread throughout the Internet.

While netizens burst into laughter because of the various jokes, all the audience in front of the TV also laughed uproariously because this sketch was extremely funny.

This was the first highlight of tonight’s gala.

Countless people continued to look forward to the next show.

After the sketch finished, it was a patriotic song.

The senior singer’s voice was like a great bell on the stage. His singing was very powerful and dignified, winning everyone’s applause.

Of course, netizens didn’t dare to mess with a senior singer like this one. The witty talkers also stopped joking, which was rare.

They watched the performance seriously.

After that, it was all kinds of singing and dancing performances.

There were popular stars singing New Year’s songs, celebrated actors’ operas, imposing Huaxia kung fu performances, and so on. The audience never stopped applauding while watching these shows, and netizens also didn’t stop teasing and ridiculing.

Ultimately, it was 10 p.m.

After the introduction of the host, Song Yaqi, who was dressed in magnificent clothes, officially came on the stage.

What she was wearing was different from the exaggerated style of her concert in the past.

This time, Song Yaqi was wearing a cheongsam unique to Huaxia, looking dignified, elegant, and beautiful. With her ethereal and wonderful voice, people felt as if they were listening to a song coming from heaven. It was spectacular.

Even so, the roast online did not stop either.

Especially when the camera shot from top to bottom, Song Yaqi, who was over 1.7 meters tall, changed to 1.3 meters in the screenshots of the witty talkers. Her legs looked so short that they didn’t even need to add any caption, which could crack people up!

Then, the songs, sketches, and crosstalks took place alternately.

In the blink of an eye, time flew by as the netizens were roasting the shows at the gala.

It was 11:30 p.m.

People were presenting a sketch on the stage.

The quality of this sketch was exceptional. The audience in the live broadcast hall was amused, and the audience in front of the TV laughed even harder.

Although they laughed happily, everyone was extremely anxious and waiting expectantly.

They hoped that time would pass quickly because it was time for Fang Qiu to perform the next show.

There was no doubt that there were more people following Fang Qiu than ever at this New Year’s Gala!

Among which, most of the people didn’t watch the New Year’s Gala before, but they had been watching it to wait for Fang Qiu to perform until now.

The witty talkers already stood by online.

“Fang Qiu will come in a few minutes.”

“Fang Qiu is about to sing solo. Can he really manage to present the grand finale of the New Year’s Gala?”

“Is Director Li Huawen too confident, or is he so desperate to elevate Fang Qiu?”

“Since the New Year’s Gala was held, I’ve never seen a live broadcast accident. I hope I can see it once this year.”

Those who were dissatisfied with Fang Qiu’s performance being arranged as the finale at the New Year’s Gala started to criticize.

“Is a doctor going to present the grand finale of such a grand gala?”

“I’d like to see how a sophomore can present the grand finale of the New Year’s Gala since it is only the first time that he performed at this gala!”

“Director Li Huawen will definitely regret it once the gala is over!”

“He’s coming. Fang Qiu will appear on the next show.” At Fang Qiu’s home, Fang Qiu’s mother held the remote control with excitement and said to the relatives.

In the living room, everyone was also extremely looking forward to the show. They stared at the TV intently, waiting to see Fang Qiu’s performance with great expectations.

“He’s coming.” Fang Qiu’s grandmother also grabbed Fang Qiu’s father’s hand happily. When she heard that Fang Qiu was about to go on stage, she, who had been a little sleepy, immediately became energetic.

“It’s your turn, isn’t it? I’m watching you.” In Comores, Jiang Miaoyu, who was watching the New Year’s Gala live broadcast with her mobile phone, was lying on the bed with a happy smile on her face.

“It’s time for that kid to come on stage, right?” At Jiang Miaoyu’s home, Mr. Jiang who had finished the reunion dinner looked at his watch and asked with his eyebrows raised.

“Yeah, Miaoyu should be watching too.”

Mrs. Jiang nodded with a smile and said, “He can perform the New Year’s Gala at such a young age, and even presented the grand finale. This young man is not bad.”

“Humph,” Mr. Jiang snorted and said, “well, it’s hard to say. Don’t jump to conclusions so fast.”

Zhu Benzheng, Sun Hao, Zhou Xiaotian, and their families were all staring at the TV. Under the promotion of the three of them, their relatives, friends, and anyone they knew had been waiting for Fang Qiu’s show with great expectations.

At the same time, Zhao Shanlin was at his son’s house in Jiangjing, watching TV with his son and daughter-in-law.

“Dad, did Fang Qiu tell you anything about the details of his performance at the New Year’s Gala?”

“You’ll know when you see it.”

In Chinatown of a certain country, a 24-7 Chinese restaurant was packed with Huaxia people.

At the entrance of the restaurant, many children were setting off fireworks. Of course, they were all holding sparklers. The Huaxia people in the restaurant came from different places in this city. They were alone abroad and couldn’t spend the Spring Festival with their family and parents, so they could only gather together. While eating Chinese food, they were watching the New Year’s Gala.

A woman was sitting at one of the tables, He Xue!

She didn’t go home to celebrate the Spring Festival for a long time. After all, it was truly hard for her to face her relatives and friends in her family business.

Therefore, on every Spring Festival, she would go to a different country and sit in a restaurant in Chinatown with different Huaxia people to listen to their stories.

She did the same in previous years.

This year, however, there was one more thing that was interesting.

It was Fang Qiu’s performance at the New Year’s Gala!

“I’ve finished listening to the stories. It’s finally your turn.” He Xue smiled faintly as she watched the host introduced on stage.

A Huaxia man asked, “Are you also a fan of Fang Qiu?”

“A fan?” He Xue paused, then smiled and said, “you can say that.”

On TV, the host said, “Time flies. In the blink of an eye, it’s the end of this year. We only have ten minutes left before the next year.

“In ten minutes, please allow our singer to send the blessings of spring to you so that we can welcome the warm spring with blooming flowers of the new year together.

“Please enjoy the song—Warm Spring with Blooming Flowers! Performer, Fang Qiu!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a big round of applause was heard!

Everyone applauded in front of the screen.

The lights switched.

With all eyes on him, Fang Qiu took a deep breath and went on the stage.

No mistakes were allowed on such an occasion.

He would do his best to bring an audio and visual feast to those who were watching the New Year’s Gala and paying attention to him.

He thought, “Here I come!”

When the light fell on him, he bowed deeply to the camera and all the audience present.

He then straightened up and puffed out his chest.

Accompanied by the melody, he started to sing.

“If you want a drop of water, I’m willing to give the sea to you. If you want a maple leaf, I’d like to give the whole maple forest and clouds to you.”

When he finished the first two sentences, all the people present who were looking forward to Fang Qiu’s performance changed their expressions. They were all amazed!

His voice was so pleasant to the ear!

In front of the TV, everyone couldn’t help but tremble.

It was a kind of voice that could make people tremble.

Many people who didn’t like Fang Qiu were immediately absorbed in the song after hearing the first part.

Fang Qiu’s voice was extraordinarily wonderful.

Even the witty talkers were dumbfounded.

It couldn’t be like this.

Why was it so beautiful?

As for those who were waiting for Fang Qiu to make a fool of himself, they were even more stunned.

“What the f*ck. Fang Qiu, are you kidding me? Why are you so talented?”

“He’s not lip-synching, is he?”

No way. They needed to continue listening!

“If you want a smile, I’ll welcome you with my bosom passionately. If you need someone to go with you, I’ll accompany you to the future.

Looking at the close-up carefully, they found that his voice perfectly matched his lip movements.

Everyone was a little confused.

“Is he actually singing or lip-synching?”

“It would be awesome if he truly sang!”

“Even if it’s lip-synching, it’s still awesome if he can do it so perfectly!”

On the stage, Fang Qiu looked extremely relaxed and calm.

He completely immersed himself in the song.

“Flowers bloom in warm spring, this is my world. Every time they bloom, it’s to show love.

“When the wind blows, it’s how I and the sky communicate. In fact, happiness has always been with us…”

With the cooperation of the stage design, the audience seemed to be in a warm season, full of freshness.

The more they listened to, the more fascinated they became. People were simply drawn to the song.

In Fang Qiu’s singing, they felt the warmth of spring. They truly felt that spring was coming!

People would congratulate that spring came on the Spring Festival. As Fang Qiu was singing, the scenery of spring flashed in their minds.

There was warm sunshine, green scenery, rivers, and insect cries…

There was even hope for the future.

It was really a wonderful experience.

As the song’s name implied, it was actually a warm spring with blooming flowers.

It was indeed a song that matched the scene very well!

It was beautiful!

It was truly beautiful!

Whether it was the artistic conception of the lyrics, Fang Qiu’s singing skills, or the wonderful melody, they all fascinated people.

No one expected Fang Qiu to sing so well.

The song went on.

The second part of the melody began.

“If you want a smile, I’ll welcome you with my bosom passionately. If you need someone to go with you, I will accompany you to the future.

“Flowers bloom in warm spring, this is my world. Every time they bloom, it’s to show love.

“When the wind blows, it’s how I and the sky communicate. I sing what I have always expected to in a faint voice.”

After the second section, the professional singers and producers who focused on Fang Qiu’s singing also regained their composure after being amazed.

They were the most professional ones.

They were also the most shocked by Fang Qiu’s song.

They did not express their opinions in the first part.

But after listening to the second part of the song, they still found no flaws in the latter part of the song!

“His voice is incredible!”

“His natural voice is simply amazing. I didn’t expect him to be so skilled.”

“This song is written so well. Fang Qiu sang so perfectly that he completely delivers the essence of the melody and the artistic conception of this song.”

“This singing skill and performance can’t be smeared at all. No matter how hard I try, I can’t find a place to criticize. No wonder they dare to let him perform the finale at the New Year’s Gala. This boy is really competent.”

“He deserves to present the grand finale at the New Year’s Gala!”

Countless people in the related industries sighed with emotion.

In fact, it was impossible to say that no one could sing a song to this extent. Wouldn’t it be a slap in the face of a professional singer?

Was there anyone better than Fang Qiu?

Yes, but very few.

But could they sing so well on the stage of the New Year’s Gala?

It was not impossible, but it was extremely difficult!

No matter how awesome a singer was, his or her voice would be flawed at this time because of nervousness or excitement unless they were lip-synching.

But they couldn’t detect any flaw from Fang Qiu.

And he was not a f*cking lip-synching!

It was too steady. How did Fang Qiu do it?

One could do this unless he was blind so he couldn’t see what was going on on the stage. Moreover, he also needed to be deaf so he couldn’t hear the applause around him. Also, he needed to be dumb so he wouldn’t even know where he was and what would happen to him.

One needed to satisfy these three conditions to achieve this effect.

The professionals thought to themselves, “If you say that Fang Qiu was blind, deaf, and dumb, I’ll f*cking spit on you! You can insult me, but you can’t question my intelligence!”

Fang Qiu was awesome!

The professionals had to admire Fang Qiu’s incredible mindset.

Fang Qiu’s singing continued.

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