Megami Buchigire - Chapter 1 - The Too Many Summonings from Japan Have Caused the Goddess to Flip Out

Chapter 1: The Too Many Summonings from Japan Have Caused the Goddess to Flip Out

On a certain day, a certain thought came to the Sun Goddess, Japan’s chief god.

(T/N: Amaterasu is the goddess of the sun, and the chief god in the Japanese Shinto pantheon.)

——Aren’t there too many Japanese people being abducted to other worlds?

Well, perhaps that cannot really be helped.

After all, the large majority of Japanese are diligent and docile and soft-hearted. Considering their high aptitude as slaves, the fact that their country has yet to be taken over by another foreign power should almost be considered a miracle.

It’s pretty much like, if you have a request, just turn to a Japanese person and you’d be set. No wonder otherworlders have a penchant for summoning from this specific group of people.

“But recently it’s just gotten way too out of hand.”

Previously, it was only a single person at a time, or at most just a small group. But lately, there’ve been increasing numbers of cases of entire classes from a school, or even randomly selected groups of several hundreds being taken all at once.

If this continues on as is, it would lead to a significant decrease in the country’s population.

It’s even led to Izanami-sama, the one who manages Yomi, to shout “Why the hell are the number of souls coming to my place decreasing ahh?!” at the Sun Goddess in disregard of her position as the chief god.

It’s a secret that she got scared by her mother and even cried a bit.

(T/N: Yomi is Japanese hell. Izanami is Amaterasu’s mother.)

“But the other worlds have their own troubles, so it’d be pitiable to stop their summonings……”

At the point where unrelated Japanese are being dragged into this troubles unrelated to them, all worries about pity or whatnot is already worth less than a penny. But as the chief god of the Japanese, the Sun Goddess herself is also soft-hearted.

Surely her brother Tsukuyomi-sama would laugh from his nose if he heard her worries. He’s an “I’m so cool” poser chuunibyou after all.

(T/N: Tsukuyomi is one of Amaterasu’s siblings, and is the god of the moon.)

“Surely there must be a good solution……!”

So the Sun Goddess ponders hard. That moment, a certain incident of her parents, who are currently living separately, flashes in her mind.

——If a thousand people die from curses everyday, then why not simply cause a thousand and five hundred babies to be born everyday? 1

Uwah, so much haughtiness!

Gods from polytheistic pantheons are mostly—judging by worldly standards—failures as gods or assholes.

“Oh, I’ve got it! Whenever a Japanese person is summoned, I just have to summon an otherworlder!”

Uwah, so much hau— (abridged)

After pondering too much, Sun Goddess-sama arrives at her brilliant solution.

Her figure is exactly like that of a mid-level manager tired from his job.

“Whenever a Japanese person is summoned to another world, I’ll summon an otherworlder to Japan then☆”

——Why the fuck.

Upon the abrupt appearance of Yatagarasu in the sky above Japan to deliver Sun Goddess-sama’s message, the Japanese populace tsukkomi-ed as a whole.

(T/N: Yatagarasu is the divine messenger of the gods. It’s conventionally understood to be a three-legged crow.)

But what can they say to Yatagarasu, who’s merely the messenger? So all they can do is watch it coolly depart.

They expected it to get pissed at being seen by “unworthy people,” but nothing of that sort really happened.

——Now what, oi.

The sudden announcement has thrown the National Diet into absolute chaos.

Otherworlders are coming. And it is now their duty to provide hospitality befitting of their status as the representatives of Earth.

The way how “those who were abducted” turned into “how to make those who arrived by abduction feel welcome” inside their heads speaks volumes about their soft-hearted nature.

If this was America, the instant an otherworlder arrives, they’d be sued and dragged to court for being an illegal immigrant.

“Wh-, where is this place? Who are you people?!”

In the middle of the Diet building, a girl suddenly appears.

She is wearing a white dress and has light-blue hair, something that’s impossible on Earth. Clearly she’s an otherworlder.

It seems that Sun Goddess-sama has summoned an otherworlder in the literal heart of Japan.

Furthermore, without any explanation whatsoever to the summon victim. The girl, who appears to be in her early teens, is terribly bewildered.

“P-, Prime Minister!?”

The members of the Diet are also equally bewildered. For starters, they turn towards the one who seems older and the calmest for instructions.

“…… Minister of Foreign Affairs, Adachi-kun.”


(T/N: Whenever the line is spoken by many people, I’ll use quadruple quotations.)

Apparently the potato was too hot for him too.

“Ahhh, may I have a word, young lady?”

“Y-, yes……”

“Ah, I apologize for having startling you. Oi, someone bring her a chair!”

But the one who had the ball thrown to him, Minister of Foreign Affairs Adachi-kun, is smiling gentlemanly and handling the situation with great adeptness.

Even though he normally has a face not any less scary than a yakuza and goes around saying “you bloody fool!” to people, now he’s the very picture of a gentle uncle.

As expected of the schemer who’s got an iron fist on Japan’s loophole-filled foreign diplomacy.

“…… and that’s what happened.”


“Young lady?”

After listening to Adachi-kun’s explanation, for some reason the girl’s face has turned pale.

“We do apologize for having involved you in our country’s probl—……”



The moment Adachi-kun attempts to apologize, the girl cuts him off by lowering her head with surprising vigor.

And with good reason. It turns out that it is her own country that has been going wild with the otherworld summonings.

“Our country has the age-old tradition of summoning a bride for our crown prince from another world. The tradition has actually already been abandoned more than two hundred years ago, but the Head Priest who got ordained recently really wanted to distinguish himself with an achievement and managed to forcefully get the tradition re-implemented……”

Apparently the summoning this time is not a battle story, but a court story.

The danger level is indeed a bit lower, but there’s still the possibility of a battle within the palace’s ladies’ chambers happening.

A moment of prayer for the summoned woman’s ability.

“If only I and my father had properly prevented it……”

“Your father? Young lady, are you perhaps……”

“Ah, pardon my belated introduction. I am Shiina, the First Princess of the country of Galteia.”

——W-, wuuuuuutttt?!

What kind of person do you think you’ve summoned?!

The rows of slack-jawed members of Diet all sent the same tsukkomi to Sun Goddess-sama.

1 Izanagi (husband) and Izanami (wife) are married. Izanami went to Yomi (Japanese hell), and Izanagi chased after her. But it turns out that she had eaten food from Yomi and thus her body became rotten and all that. Shocked at her new look, Izanagi ran away and sealed the entrance to Yomi with a stone, upon which Izanami threatened to kill 1,000 people each day with curses, to which Izanagi retorted he would just make 1,500 babies be born everyday. See here for the full story.