Megami Buchigire - Chapter 13 - Nonchalant Daily Life in Japan

Chapter 13: Nonchalant Daily Life in Japan

Japan’s Prime Minister.

With the sole exception of the Emperor, this is the person with the most authority in Japan, but even foreigners are familiar with this position’s high turnover rate.

Though one might ask whether it’s fine for such an important position to change hands so frequently, the country’s still running to this very day, so it’s probably fine.

At the very least, it’s probably better than Thailand, where the army frequently arrange coup d’état to overthrow the corrupt government and the king has to step in and calm everybody down every time.

Now that country has it tough.

Un. This should be about right.”

Currently in the kitchen of the house of Adachi-kun, the above-mentioned Japanese Prime Minister, there is a teenage girl working hard on making breakfast.

Her hair is a light blue color that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It is Shiina-san, an otherworlder.

Why is a princess living in Adachi-kun’s house? Why is she making breakfast? Why is she making a Japanese breakfast, of all cuisines out there? These are all questions that must not be asked.

Probably whoever dares to ask her these questions directly would end up puking rainbows. Adachi go explode.

“Oh, today’s looks delicious as always.”

The one who’s suddenly showed up and is peeking into the pot is another otherworlder, Graios-san.

He is another freeloader crashing at Adachi-kun’s place. More like, he’s become best buds with Adachi-kun, so they are together often on holidays too.

His recent obsessions are shogi and Annals of the Three Kingdoms. The fact that he’s also begun dabbling with gaming demonstrates quite adequately how much he’s enjoying life on this side.

Nn—, it smells great too.”

The next one to appear is the silver-haired dark elf, Linbel-san.

Though one might tsukkomi ‘are she fine with not living in a forest despite being an elf?’, upon actually posed that question, she replied ‘ok then I quit being an elf’ in an enigmatic expression of defiance.

When a ‘dark elf’ quits being an ‘elf’, then they’re just ‘dark’. What does that even mean.

Incidentally, elves are generally vegetarians, so as of late the miso soup at the Adachi house is made from konbu stock.

Apparently non-Japanese are unfamiliar with konbu and don’t really get the taste, so the point is to use both konbu and shiitake together.

It’s not a lie. You really can make soup stock with shiitake.

This is definitely not just the author endorsing shiitake again.

Fuwah…… good morning, everyone.”

The one who’s showed up while biting back a yawn is the apprentice summoner, Elte-san.

The reason why she looks so sleepy is because of studying. Unlike the other otherworlders, Elte-san is 14 years old, so she could not escape Japan’s compulsory education, otherwise known as ‘middle school’.

Thanks to the language translation skill provided to all transmigrators, she has no problem with Japanese and English, but social studies subjects like history and geography are killing her slowly everyday.

Incidentally, Elte-san didn’t have a last name before, so she’s taken on Adachi-kun’s and now become Adachi Elte.

Due to that, it is frequently misunderstood that she has become Adachi-kun’s foster daughter, but actually no such application has been submitted.

Her accidently calling Adachi-kun ‘dad’ when she’s sleepy is a secret.

“Good morning, everyone. Breakfast is almost ready.”

Thus Shiina-san begins slowly consolidating her position as the ‘mom’ of the Adachi house.

Turns out that the lovely and sophisticated Shiina-san is actually a carnivorous woman.

“…… It stinks of mud.”

“…… That it does.”

It is two of the ex-knights from another world who have joined the JSDF that are currently smoking cigarettes in an open area inside a forest.

Just as they say, their camouflage uniforms, and even their faces, are currently plastered all over with mud.

“I never would have imagined that grovelling on the ground was the real way to fight.”

“In our world, doing so would get us laughed at for being cowards. But after seeing something like that……”

In a battlefield where bullets and shells are flying every which way, sneaking around is the basics.

Furthermore, water puddles = lower ground so it is highly recommended to jump into them.

To my dear readers, if you ever suddenly find yourself in a battlefield, please jump into those puddles with all your energy.

“More like, what’s with that sweet smell coming from your cigarette?”

“It was recommended to me by a female squad member who brought over the supplies. This is pretty good stuff, actually.”

“As if. Eei, stop blowing your smoke towards me!”

The knights’ current location is a battlefield training group of the JSDF.

The JSDF has numerous training grounds in mountains all over the country, where they run all over and shoot all over and dig holes all over regardless of rain or shine or snow.

Incidentally, at times they shoulder baggage heavier than 20kg and run several tens of kilometers and then, without resting, immediately turn to charge full speed into ‘an enemy camp.’

Those people are not human.

“But to think that the training is almost over. It was short, but there really was so much to learn.”

“Their way of fighting is just too different from our world’s. But then what’s with the Prime Minister’s skill with the sword?”

“Apparently Prime Minister Adachi practices the sword as a hobby.”

“…… I see. So we lost to a hobby, huh.”

The knights are a bit sullen in regards to that, but actually Adachi-kun is quite the exception even among Japanese people so they really shouldn’t mind it.

If Adachi-kun ever gets summoned to another world, he would for sure build a kingdom.

“Break’s about over. Grind out your butt.”

“Oh, already? Erm, what is it that we’re doing next?”

“Digging holes for defense. Everyone’s quota is to dig three of them, large enough for someone to hide in.”

“Uwah~, as intense as ever.”

Thus the knights end their break with a fed up look.

But the fact that they’ve only summarized it as ‘intense’ while still heading off to do it is good proof that these knights have begun assimilating nicely into the JSDF.

Today, too, Japan is at peace.