Megami Buchigire - Chapter 14 - The Duke of Fresh Blood (lol)

Chapter 14: The Duke of Fresh Blood (lol)

National Diet, Diet building.

Everything is summed up under the name ‘National Diet,’ but actually it is made of ‘ordinary sessions’ and ‘extraordinary sessions’. The difference? Please go look it up on WIkipedia yourself.

And there are people who confuse ‘Wikipedia’ and ‘encyclopedia,’ but this work itself is something like an encyclopedia, so don’t worry about that.

“Prime Minister. I am of the opinion that Linbel-san should come under the country’s protection.”

The one who suddenly brings this up is the party leader of the weakest opposition party.

Indeed it is true that Linbel-san is a dark elf, a species that does not exist in this world.

There is persuasive power in the opinion that she needs protection.

“Prime Minister Adachi-kun.”

“Well, you’re right that all the otherworlders, Linbel-san included, ought to have protection against possible dangers. With that in mind, I did try to assign them guards, but……”

The party leader smirks inside his heart at seeing the Prime Minister struggle for words.

From the way he’s speaking, it seems that something has happened which the guards were unable to handle.

As long as he forces Adachi-kun to bring it up, then it would be easy to irresponsibly question someone else’s responsibility.

“Thugs that assaulted Graios-san were turned into training dummies for pro wrestling techniques, covert operatives that attempted to kidnap Linbel-san were bewitched into turning themselves in at the nearest police station, and an unidentified man who attempted to approach Elte-san was suddenly attacked by a giant anteater and suffered serious wounds.”


The Prime Minister’s report causes the National Diet to sink into silence.

It is true that the guards could not do their job, but the reasons why are in a completely different direction than expected.

Let alone questioning responsibility, what is there to question after hearing something like that?

Incidentally, there was also an attempt to kidnap Shiina-san, but Adachi-kun just happened to be nearby and turned the tables on the kidnapper.

The end result was Shiina-san falling even deeper in love with Adachi-kun go explode yourself, but there’s no way that the Adachi-kun who somehow managed to avoid even Amaterasu-sama’s ‘riajuu explode’ would be affected by a mere human’s cursing.

“Ahem, so then……”


Upon attempting to move the Diet onto the next topic, an unsettling laughter echoes out.

“I intervened with that silly plan of reverse-summoning, and lo and behold, there are now so many weaklings before my eyes.”

All of a sudden, there is a man cloaked in black standing in the center of the Diet hall.

His handsome face is pale, and there are nail-like fangs sprouting from his mouth.

From every which way he looks like a suspicious person, causing the Diet members to stiffen nervously.

Kuku, are you afraid, humans? Mine honored name is Grauze. Leader of one of the three armies of the demon realm, the duke who bears the name of ‘Fresh Blood’! Come, all of you shall now pay the price of your foolishness!!”

“Sorry, coming through~”



One moment this duke from the demon realm or whatever was in the middle of some grand speech, then suddenly some young girl in white appeared and now he’s wailing in pain.

The Diet members are struck dumbfounded at this abrupt change in atmosphere.

“…… Amaterasu-sama.”


The words of the only one still calm, Adachi-kun, causes the Diet members’ brains to freeze entirely.

The chief goddess has descended upon the National Diet. Everyone gets off their chairs and sits in seiza in honor.

Several people have gone straight from seiza to dogeza as sign of their faith.

By no means is it because of something they are trying to hide.

“Ah, sorry guys. I was facilitating a reverse-summoning, and a strange thing cut in so I came to make sure that everything’s alright.”

“Is that so. We express our deepest gratitude for your benevolent consideration.”


There is Amaterasu-sama and Adachi-kun speaking nonchalantly.

Then there is the Duke of Fresh Blood (strange thing) writhing in the background.

Apparently Grauze-san is a vampire.

In spite of whatever resistance he has against the sun that he is bad with, having the Sun Goddess standing right there in front of him is like throwing salt onto a slug.

Nn, for starters, this cursed sword is confiscated.”

“Th-, that’s our ducal family’s heirloom!!”

“And this necklace has too much magical power imbued, so it’s dangerous!”

“That was my birthday present from my daughter!!”

So Amaterasu-sama mercilessly begins seizing various dangerous items from the Grauze-san whose body is being burnt and emitting steam.

Grauze-san just looks pitiful now in this scene.

Un, this is about it. So see you guys~”

Amaterasu-sama immediately returns after doing what she came to do.

It seems that she intends to come again. What is she even coming to do?


All that’s left is the Grauze-san (duke from the demon realm) who has been stripped of, well, various things.

He is looking downward so his face cannot be seen, but from the sounds of it he is crying.

“Let’s make use of this opportunity to have Linbel-san cast a Curse of Submission on him.”

Thus falls the final nail in the coffin from the merciless Adachi-kun.

…… Today, too, Japan is at peace.