Megami Buchigire - Chapter 23 - Nekomimi Mode

Chapter 23: Nekomimi Mode

Today the Diet members are seriously debating in the National Diet like they always do.

They are serious. There might be some who are napping, some who are throwing out jeers, some raising questions that no one cares about like the price of cup ramen and Twitter subscription fees, but they are all serious. Probably.

“Prime Minister. Recently there is a rumor going around the streets that you are in a relationship with Shiina-san. If that is true, are you aware that this is a problem?”

And today too, someone from the opposition party is mercilessly thrusting out a question on an extremely delicate manner that pretty much no one else cares about.

It is true that it would be a problem if Shiina-san and Adachi-kun are going out together.

Though Shiina-san might look like an adult due to her identity as royalty that has granted her exposure to education and all the good and bad of life, she is actually still underage.

The two of them would be a high school girl and middle-aged man couple. If they walk around town together, they could very well be stopped by a policeman with the latter questioned about his occupation.

Incidentally, at the same time this question was voiced, a certain princess who just happened to be watching the Diet proceedings on Kokkai Chuukei crushed the cup in her hands, causing a certain apprentice summoner who had been watching the TV together with her to begin quivering in fear. But that’s not related now.

“Prime Minister Adachi-kun.”

“There is not a shred of truth to that rumor.”

In contrast, Adachi-kun is calm.

In truth, the feeling of love is only single-sidedly coming from Shiina-san, whereas Adachi-kun is interacting with her as if towards a daughter.

“I still love my departed wife.”

And he follows up with a declaration of love for his late wife. That figure of him openly saying so is the very model of manliness.

A certain princess murmurs “Adachi-san……” and falls even deeper in love, while a certain apprentice is almost on the verge of tears while saying “I really don’t get how Shiina-sama’s brain works……”

“H-, however……”

“Ahh, sorry for the interruption.”

“…… Yes?”

Just when the opposition party Diet member is about to quibble further, a dignified female voice cuts him off.

“I have arrived under the guidance of Amaterasu-sama. Am I correct that this place is Japan?”

A black haired teenage girl has appeared all of a sudden.

What she is wearing bears extremely great resemblance to Japanese kimono, but the circumstances give no room for doubt to the fact that she is an otherworlder.

Her manly kimono and the sword on her waist grants her the image of a samurai, but on her chiseled face are heterochromia eyes of blue and gold. As a finisher, there is a pair of cat ears sprouting from the top of her head.

――Nekomimi girl KITA━━(゜∀゜)━━ !!!!

――Inumimi girl KONE━━(‘A`)━━!!!!

A holy crusade has once again broken out in a certain place, but it’s not related to the story so we’ll omit it.

“Welcome to Japan. I am serving as the Prime Minister, and go by the name of Adachi.”

Adachi-kun handles her in a practiced manner, while the Chairman makes a ‘T’ sign with his arms.

It is the so-called ‘reverse-summoning time.’ When this is in effect, any and all debates are paused, and all troublesome matters are thrown at Adachi-kun to handle.

“You have my deep gratitude for the courteous greeting. I am the daughter of a military family from the country of Homura, by the name of Yayoi.”

(T/N: Yayoi uses the pronoun ‘sessha’ to refer to herself, which is used exclusively by samurai/ninja.)

She is a warrior. So she not only looks like a warrior, she actually is a warrior.

A nekomimi samurai girl with heterochromia eyes. She’s got too many character attributes that it’s unclear what direction her character is heading towards.

“Yayoi-san. Does the fact that you were guided by Amaterasu-sama mean that you acquiesced to a reverse-summoning request in response to the summoning of a Japanese person near to you?”

Umu. I am a samurai, despite my appearance. Many of us samurai are also proficient with magic. I also happened to be blessed with talent in that area and thus was on exchange in Magic Academy. However……”

“……? What happened?”

“N-, no, it’s just…… Anyways, so that’s where I met Kagato-kun, the young man from Japan.”

Halfway through her speech, Yayoi-san’s face begins to scrunch up and her nekomimi are folding down.

However, upon Adachi-kun’s prompting, she and her nekomimi jump up in a start and continues speaking.

“Despite being older than me, he seemed somehow so unreliable and was only pitifully thrown around by his surroundings. But the way he approached everything so seriously and continued aiming to better himself gave off a very favorable impression.”

“So that young man also has talent with magic?”

“Indeed. His latent magic power is high, so even the academy has high hopes for his future.”

Yayoi-san says that with pride, almost as if she is bragging about herself. But her nekomimi then once again folds back down.

“Anyways, because that was the kind of guy he is, he ended up being very popular with many girls. I had no interest in romance, so we were able to get along well as friends.”

By this time, Yayoi-san’s ears are completely flat on her head, and her face is shadowed.

Uh oh, this isn’t going to end well.

The Diet members have grasped the general direction of where this is going.

“However, emotions turn out to be something that can’t be controlled. Before I knew it, I came to hold feelings of love towards him, and confessed. But he turned me down emphatically, almost as if he was a different person from his usual indecisive self. His decisiveness almost made me fall for him all over again.”

Yayoi-san is making an effort to sound bright, but both her ears are down, and there are tears trickling down from both eyes.

——Kagato go explode.

Such a curse was sent from the entire country of Japan towards the otherworld.

“…… You have had it rough indeed. Please find healing under these new skies.”

“*Sniff*. Thank you very much.”

As if to comfort the Yayoi-san who has finally broken down crying, Adachi-kun gently pats her head.

——Adachi go explode.

Such a curse was sent from the entire country towards the Prime Minister, but it got deflected and all the unpopular guys in the country exploded instead.

Today, too, Japan is at peace.

“Yes…… you are entirely correct…… I am so very sorry!”

At the same time, in Takamagahara.

Amaterasu-sama, the one who’s supposed to be the god above all gods in Japan, is facing towards empty space while apologizing with teary eyes.

“…… Aniki, what is Aneki doing?”

“She is receiving a prayer from Prime Minister Adachi in the mortal world where he is basically lecturing her and she is reflecting on it.”

“…… Why did that reach Aneki directly?”

The one that Amaterasu-sama is apologizing to turns out to be Adachi-kun.

Apparently he has a great many things to say in regards to the reverse-summoning this time that seemed like an exploitation of the weak point of Yayoi-san while she was hurting.

“People from the ancient age and other worlds aside, that guy is way too abnormal for someone living in the modern era. Who is he anyways, that ossan?”

“There aren’t any blessings on him that I can notice either. I actually have a faint suspicion that he is a reincarnation of Father.”


Tsukuyomi-sama looks half convinced of his own theory, but Susanoo-sama looks at him like he’s looking at an idiot.

“What is it?”

“Come on, no way that’s true. If that ossan is Pop, then he’d be a lot more hetare.”

“…… What do you think your own father is?”

Tsukuyomi-sama wants to retort in his father’s defense as Susanoo-sama is usually much harsher on their father on account of being a mothercon, but being someone who also leans more towards Izanami-sama himself he couldn’t manage to do it.

The last ray of hope aka Amaterasu-sama is still in the middle of being prayed to. Today there is no one in Takamagahara who will ally with Izanagi-sama.

“Well, mortal reincarnations are more like avatars than the god him or herself, so they can change under various influences in their environment.”

“Aniki. I feel bad for raining on your theory that you seem so sure of, but you’d best not mention it too often.”

“Why is that?”

“Think of what would happen if it reaches Ma’s ears……”


Susanoo-sama’s words causes the usually calm and yuri-loving Tsukuyomi-sama to freeze.

A thousand people died as collateral when Izanami-sama got mad at her husband. If it is confirmed that Adachi-kun is a reincarnation of said husband, then there is no telling what she would do.

“…… Well, he might just be an exceptional human. It’s not like there hasn’t been a precedent before.

“…… Yea, sure. Precedent, yes.”

The one that they are both thinking of is the Dragonkiller muscle-person Onee.

If that one is just a normal human, then Adachi-kun can be a normal human too. That’s how they convinced themselves.

Today, too, Takamagahara is at peace.