Megami Buchigire - Chapter 26 - Nonchalant Daily Life in Japan 2

Chapter 26: Nonchalant Daily Life in Japan 2

A brand new morning has come. A morning of hope. 1

“…… Just kill me and be done with it.”

The one who is sprawled out over the table on such a morning is the former duke who used to lead one of the three armies of the demon realm, Grauze-san the Duke of Fresh Blood.

For humans, it’s a refreshing morning, but Grauze-san is a vampire so he really shouldn’t be faulted for being groggy.

But with that said, the idea of sunlight being a fatal weakness of vampires is actually a rather recent idea. The famous Count Dracula and Carmilla might have been not particularly fond of sunlight, but were not troubled by it to the point of it being an actual weakness. 2

The notion of a vampire turning to ash upon exposure to sunlight was first adapted in a more recent film on vampires. The impact of that scene and that notion was so strong that it has by now pervaded the general masses’ understanding of vampires. 2

Besides that notion, there are also theories about how vampires are weak against silver bullets, crosses that might or might not require faith, and a large variety of other things depending on the stories.

These are drawn from a wide range of traditional stories and folklore, as well as whatever else authors decide to add to the setting of their works.

A similar modern-day example would be Acrobatic Sarasara. 3

Those who are going ‘what/who’s Acrobatic Sarasara?’, you can go Google it yourself. If you become unable to go to the toilet during the night as a result, I take no responsibility whatsoever.

“…… What a sullen face you are making first thing in the morning.”

Linbel-san looks on with half exasperation with a cup of green tea in hand at Grauze-san in his current state.

Despite her young appearance, as always her actions seem elderly. Actually, there have been people calling her ‘Babaa’4 on the internet, but for reason, each and every one of those people have been gifted with the ‘curse of stubbing their pinky toe on the corner-est of corners’ without fail.

What an immature thing to do.

“Umm…… if it’s truly that hard on you, I don’t mind giving you a little bit of my blood.”

The one who said that in a timid manner is the apprentice summoner who’s now a full-time middle school girl, Elte-san.

Same as before, she has not been officially adopted by Adachi-kun, but they are misunderstood as such so often nowadays that they don’t really put much effort into denying it anymore.

Perhaps due to that, the number of times that she accidentally calls Adachi-kun ‘Dad’ has increased, but everyone around just pretends to not notice it and merely watches on heartwarmingly.

“You’d best not. Despite how he looks now, he’s quite proficient with magic. If he returns to his full strength, my contract with him might be severed.”

“Eh……? Grauze-san is that amazing?”

“Indeed he was. Like you wouldn’t believe.”

“…… Are you two picking a fight with me right now?”

Elte-san is astonished at the surprising truth, while Linbel-san nods.

The title of ‘Duke of Fresh Blood’ was not just for show (lol).

“In the first place, if my presence is so unwanted, then why can’t you guys just send me back to my world. Alas, my Miraka must be feeling so lonely at my sudden disappearance!”

“From what I’ve heard, she’s assaulting the demon lord in her bed and making yuri flowers bloom every night.” 5

“Mirakaaa!! Your papa didn’t raise you up to be that kind of person!!!”

Grauze-san roars towards the sky at learning this shocking truth. Isn’t it great that he seems to have regained his energy.

“…… How amazing was he exactly?”

“Well, regardless of how powerful he was, all parents are like that.”

Elte-san’s eyes are now filled with suspicion, while Linbel-san continues sipping her green tea.

Today, too, Japan is at peace.

“Oh my, everyone cleaned out their lunchboxes today too.”

Time flowed, and it is now the evening.

Currently the mom of the Adachi residence aka Shiina-san is washing everyone’s lunchboxes. After confirming that not a single morsel is left in any of the lunchboxes, she smiles warmly.

“The food that Shiina-san cooks is delicious after all. Lately, opening my lunchbox has become what I look forward to most in the day.”

“Oh my, hearing that makes it worth all the time I put into it.”

Shiina-san is absolutely beaming after being praised by Adachi-kun. A girl in love is invincibly fabulous. 6


But there are eyes looking at this scene between Shiina-san and Adachi-kun. It is the elder of the Adachi family aka the dark elf Linbel-san.

She seems to have something to say, and is even giving off some pressure as she looks on.

“…… Shiina dear, are you sure you want to continue like this?”

After Adachi-kun leaves the living room, Linbel-san suddenly approaches Shiina-san.

“What are you talking about?”

“About Adachi. You love him, do you not? Being treated as a daughter like this, are you satisfied with that?”

Shiina-san attempts to act dumb, but Linbel-san replies with a tone that can even be said to be severe.

“Adachi is not looking at you as a woman. Do you not intend to inform him of your feelings or take other steps to make him aware of you……”

“If I do anything like that, Adachi-san will distance himself from me.”

“…… What?”

Shiina-san replies to Linbel-san’s opinion in her usual voice.

But the smile on her smile is colored with loneliness, and is painful to look at.

“Of course Adachi-san has already noticed my feelings for him. But he cannot answer to them, so that’s why he’s pretending to not notice.”

“Isn’t that terrible in its own way? If he does not intend to answer your feelings, then he should just……”

“I agree that ‘finding a new love’ is indeed a logical thing to do.”

Cutting off Linbel-san’s words, Shiina-san smiles brightly.

“I already understand such logic, and don’t need anyone to spell it out for me. Adachi-san ‘understands.’ That I won’t do anything silly from being blinded with love. That without anyone saying anything, I would be able to find a new path all on my own. He believes in me.”


“That’s why Adachi-san is fine with being together with me like this. This lukewarm relationship is the moratorium that that person has made for me. In faith that my ungrantable love would not drive me towards desperation or self-destruction, he is protecting me so that I can slowly search for a new path. It is truly ‘a father’s gentleness,’ is it not?”

Shiina-san’s face is not shadowed as she talks, yet somehow there seems to be a shade of wryness in it.

Seeing Shiina-san like that, Linbel-san sighs heavily as if tired.

“You two are just too good at controlling your emotions. Especially you, Shiina. Are you sure you’re actually under 20 years old?”

“My, is it not only natural for someone who stands above others to keep oneself in check?”

“You are no longer a princess. It is alright for you live a bit more selfishly. That’s what I think, at least.”

Fufu, it’s fine. I’m happy with how things are at the moment.”

——But when that moment comes, I will surely cry.

Even while thinking so in her heart, Shiina-san maintains her gentle smile.

Today, too, Japan is at peace.

1 This is lyrics from the first line of the first part of the Radio Taiso song, which accompanies a national exercise of Japan that everyone knows in Japan because all kids did it when they were young. The song (along with the exercise instructions) plays on the radio and TV every morning at 6:30am on NHK. Here’s more.

2 Apparently there were at least 7 mentions of Dracula doing something during the daytime in Bram Stoker’s book. The death-by-sunlight idea was first introduced in the movie Nosferatu from 1922. Here’s a quick explanation, and here’s tvtropes.

3 Also known by the name ‘Akusara.’ This is a occult existence with many eyewitnesses claims on BBS sites, said to be a tall girl wearing red clothes. Her hair is glossy (the Japanese onomatopoeia for glossy is ‘sara sara’), and her empty eye sockets somehow move incredibly frenziedly (ie. acrobatically). I couldn’t find any English sites mentioning her, so here’s the pixiv page (it’s in Japanese). She is often seen at the edge of tall buildings. She is said to bear similarity with Hasshaku-sama.

4Babaa is a Japanese word for ‘old woman; old maid’ in a quite rude and offensive manner. The word is also frequently used as an insult towards girls.

5 Yuri (lilies) is ‘a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving lesbian relationships in manga, anime, and related Japanese media.’ Wikipedia

6Muteki ni suteki’ is the most famous line from when Kamikaze Kaitou Janne does her magical girl transformation.