Megami Buchigire - Chapter 36 - Really Cannot Help But to Drink

Chapter 36: Really Cannot Help But to Drink

Today, as always, the National Diet is in the middle of deliberations.

Many might wonder whether deliberations really do take so long, but actually they don’t, barring any significant extension.

Incidentally, some people have been wondering what would happen to the reverse-summonings when the Diet happens to not be in session, but even the author does not know.

It’ll be fine. Surely Amaterasu-sama will do something about it. Maybe.

“Ahh, I just remembered. There will be a reverse-summoning today. So then about the matter that Councilman Okita had been drawing attention to since quite a while ago……”

“Did you just offhandedly mention something of extreme gravity, Prime Minister?!”

The importance announcement that Adachi-kun slipped into his response as an offhand comment evoked a tsukkomi from the Tsukkomi Onii-san aka the young Diet member.

Whereas the other Diet members have somewhat given up already, this young member who is still going strong with his tsukkomis is actually surreptitiously enjoying a rise in popularity. But the person himself is not glad at all about the fact that his ratings are rising because of his tsukkomis, so he has been secretly considering whether he should give up as well.

“In the first place, where did you get such information from?”

“From Linbel-san.”

“Excuse me? Why Linbel-san?”

The surprising answer causes all Diet members to turn their gazes towards the corner of the Diet hall where Graios-san and Linbel-san are together on standby.

“Actually, Linbel-san’s deep religious faith has been acknowledged by Amaterasu-sama, and she has been officially ordained as Amaterasu-sama’s miko.”

“Miko?!” 1

Shocking news. In the modern world is born a dark elf miko who serves the Sun Goddess.

When she comes to the Diet, she wears a suit out of consideration for the place’s atmosphere, but it seems that the time for her to wear her true uniform as a miko is not too far off.

“So from now on, Amaterasu-sama’s august words will all come through Linbel-sa—”


As if to overwhelm Adachi-kun’s voice in the middle of his explanation, a hoarse, manly voice reverberates throughout the Diet hall like a bomb.

Kuh…… finally, finally my greatest wish has been granted.”

The one who’s seemingly shedding tears of deep emotion is an ossan with a splendid beard who’s around the height of Adachi-kun’s waist.

He is shouldering on his back a rucksack that seems like what a mountaineer would use, on top of which are alarming items like swords and hammers. Everything about him just screams ‘dwarf!’ so clearly that it’d be more shocking if he turns out to not be a dwarf.

“Welcome to Japan. I am the one serving as the Prime Minister, and my name is Adachi.”

“O-, ohh. Sorry, I was just too overcome with emotion. I am Ognil, from the Dwarven Kingdom. I have answered the summons in Juuzou’s place.”

Seemingly affected by the calm-as-always Adachi-kun, Ognil-san returns to his senses and introduces himself, confirming the fact that he is indeed a dwarf.

In spite of that full-chested roar at the start, he turns out to be a rather reasonable person who can be talked to.

“Is the Juuzou-san that you mention perhaps someone from Japan?”

“Indeed. He’s a chef who recently just randomly wandered over. Everyone had their guard up against him at the start, what with him being an outsider, but for some reason everything that he makes is just too delicious. Now he’s so famous as a chef that there probably isn’t any dwarf who hasn’t heard of him.”

Apparently the Japanese who wandered into another world this time is a chef with remarkable skills who is able to flexibly adapt to his surroundings.

It’s great that he’s safe and all, but the fact that a person of such skill has been lost to another world is a regrettable fact indeed.

“Previously you mentioned something about your wish having been granted. Does that mean you have some specific aim in coming to Japan?”

“Do I indeed. Thing is, Juuzou wasn’t the first Japanese that I had met. When I was a wee brat, I saved a man who was lying by the roadside on the brink of death. He gave me this katana as thanks.”

“A katana…… please pardon me asking, but how long ago was this?”

“Roughly 500 years ago, I think?”

A number beyond any Japanese’s wildest dreams was just raised like it’s nothing, but in comparison to Linbel-san’s it really isn’t that much, so all the Diet members are calm. By no means is it because they’ve all stopped thinking entirely.

“This katana’s sharpness. Its beauty. I’ve tried for centuries to make another just like it, but I’ve never even come close. Which brings us to this time’s reverse-summoning to Japan. I’m totally going to go all out, alright?! I’m going to learn all your techniques and mass produce katanas hell yea!!”

“It would be troubling for us if you mass produce them, but I understand how you feel.”

Turns out Ognil-san is a sword fanatic who’s been entranced by a Japanese katana.

But actually, making a katana requires permission from the government, and earning this permission requires at least 5 whole years of training.

Taking in a quick tempered and moody dwarf as an apprentice? Let’s all pray that the swordsmith master who takes him in does not get a hole bored through his stomach.

“And there’s one more thing too. When Juuzou opened his shop, he treated us to something that he said to be alcohol from his hometown in celebration……”


Ognil-san’s suddenly depressed mood causes the Diet members to exchange glances in puzzlement.

But Linbel-san alone is covering her ears. Elves and dwarves get along badly. Thus she could predict what is going to happen next.


Ognil uses Noble Roar!

Council member A is Intimidated!

Council member B is Intimidated!

Young council member is Intimidated!

Adachi is not affected!2

“…… Graios-san. Let’s make a reservation at the pub that we went to that other time.”

“Consider it done!”

The Prime Minister is instructing a former emperor to make a reservation at a pub, in response to which said former emperor is raising a thumbs up while displaying a beaming smile.

The scene is just filled with material to tsukkomi on, but unfortunately the young Diet member is still affected by Intimidation so there’s no one to do the tsukkomi-ing.

Today, too, Japan is at peace.

1Miko = ‘shrine maiden’ Basically the Shinto counterpart of priestesses, as in girls dedicated to serving their god through various duties and rituals.

2 This is a Pokémon spoof.