Megami Buchigire - Chapter 44 - Huntsman Spider-san is Not a Harmful Insect

Chapter 44: Huntsman Spider-san is Not a Harmful Insect

Rice crop.

In Japan’s case, this came over to Japan from the eastern Asian continent from even before 0AD, which means there is more than 2,000 years of history. But as it turns out, Japan is a pretty difficult place to grow rice in.

The problem is not with the environment. The problem is Japan’s high temperatures and high humidity, which leads to a very large population of harmful insects.

In the first place, Japan is known for having many insects. When foreigners hear stories of insects coming into homes in Japan, they almost unanimously reply with “Are you kidding?!” and shiver in fear.

In contrast, the Japanese themselves are familiar and used to insects, to the point where listening to the sounds of insects makes them feel the seasons and refinement. Again, this is something that many foreigners do not get.

Which is why it’s awful that fireflies (fire / fly) have that name.

Not even a shadow of refinement whatsoever.

“I know that it’s a huge undertaking to take countermeasures against harmful insects, but specifically what is it that I’ll have to do? We don’t have pesticide here, and even if we did, we can’t very well spread that all over the place in another world.”

The one currently puzzling over such insects is Asuka-san in the village of Fito within the Republic of Keros, who is currently planning out how to get started with rice planting.

She already started a bit as a test, and it seems that the species she picked was a good one as the paddy fields before her are already filled with verdant rice-plants. It was worth it asking everyone else in the village to help carry water over.

Asuka-san had also activated Athena-sama’s protection to its utmost, digging a canal with the momentum of a human bulldozer.

It needs not be said that the sight caused the grandpas and grandmas of the village to worship in reverence and the young men of the village to draw back in aversion.

But the rice planting has only begun, and there are still many problems.

Asuka-san does have a certain amount of agricultural knowledge, but all of it is for modern day application. Most of it is unsuitable for a world with a cultural level similar to that of medieval Europe.

Nn, if we’re looking at next year, then there is a way to ensure that the harmful insects die off during the winter. But since we need immediate results, oil is probably our only option.”


The one offering advice to Asuka-san in the midst of her troubles is the diminutive giant Sukunabikona-sama.

Perched on top of Asuka-san’s shoulder, he has completely turned into a mascot character.

“If you pour canola oil over the water surface, it’d cause the insects to fall off and then suffocate to death. It takes quite a bit of effort to do, but it’s better than catching the insects one by one.”

“How about raising some ducks?”

“Ahh, that method. Weeds might be one thing, but it’s not that useful against harmful insects. In the first place, anything older than a chick would eat everything indiscriminately. The cost of having to catch new chicks every year would rack up like you wouldn’t believe.” 1

“Haah, I guess there really isn’t an all-purpose solution that resolves everything.”

Asuka-san drops her shoulders in disappointment.

The momentum of her shoulders dropping causes Sukunabikona-sama to begin falling, but he quickly climbs back up and settles himself again comfortable. It is a complete mystery what is driving Sukunabikona-sama to go that far.

“Stop trying to think of shortcuts. Plants grow only through daily care and attention.”

“Well, that brat is right for once.”

“Don’t call me a brat, you chibi.”

“Who the hell is a chibi huh?”

As expected of someone born and raised in a farming village, it seems that Saros-kun had intuitively arrived at the Truth of farming.

Then there is Sukunabikona-sama provoking Saros-kun again as if it’s the most natural thing to do. This has already become quite the common occurrence around here.

Unn, as we are on the subject of harmful insects, we should probably also look into the correct time to mow the stalks.”

Then lastly there is Asuka-san ignoring the fight between god and man(?) and proceeding with planning out the rice growing.

Today, too, this otherworld is at peace.

“Ane-ue. Recently gods from many areas have been reporting a very significant increase of prayers.”


At that time, in Takamagahara.

As Amaterasu-sama was in the middle of fiddling with her laptop while rolling around on the tatami floor as usual, she suddenly receives this news from Tsukuyomi-sama.

“Since we have been more actively interfering with the mortal world recently, the people have re-confirmed their faith in us gods, and there are also those who’ve newly come to believe in us.”

Un. I feel kind of iffy about whether that’s a good thing or not.”

As a god, she’s glad to be relied on by her people, but it’s a problem for humans to overly rely on gods.

With such thoughts in her mind, Amaterasu-sama looks over the prayer summary list, only to have her worries blown away within 5 seconds.

  • Please reverse-summon an orthodox elf.
  • The reverse-summons have all been ossans lately, please give us more girls.
  • Please summon more handsome men.
  • Inumimi girl pl0x.
  • Please give us a tasteful and stoic oji-sama (abridged).


Amaterasu-sama exploded.

At this rate, the sun is going to emit a massive amount of solar flare(?) which will send an electromagnetic pulse(?) that will descend upon Earth and cause all electronics to do whatever that does (vague recollection).

“What is this? You mentioned new faith and everything, but this is the result? Is this perhaps the recent issue of ‘generation gap’?”

“Generations have nothing to do with it, and in the first place generation gap is not that recent an issue.”

Amaterasu-sama’s raging tsukkomi is met by the always calm and yuri-loving Tsukuyomi-sama.

Actually, he had previously looked over the list himself and had the same reaction too, but this closet chuunibyou who puts full effort into posing cool would never let slip any indication of this side of himself.

“…… Is this country going to be alright?”

“By the way, the biggest trigger for the increase of prayers is because Ane-ue personally appeared in the National Diet to deal with that vampire that interfered with your reverse-summoning.”

“Damn you, vampire (monotone).”

Upon hearing that she was the one who caused it all, Amaterasu-sama immediately shifts the blame away.

Tsukuyomi-sama thinks once again about how useless his sister is, but the figure of her guiltily shooting him glances for fear of him not letting the issue go is too cute, so he lets it go.

Today, too, Takamagahara is at peace.

1 Actually I found quite a bit of material supporting rice duck integrated farming.