Megami Buchigire - Chapter 5 - Boy Meets Girl (30 secs)

Chapter 5: Boy Meets Girl (30 secs)

“Wh-, where is this?! Who are you people?!”

Today, too, the disorderly National Diet is interrupted by the out-of-place sound of a young girl’s voice.


Even the Diet members have started to get used to it.

“Ehh, please stay calm, young lady. I am the Prime Minister of this country of Japan, going by the name of Adachi. Did you not meet Amaterasu-sama before arriving here?”

The one who had suddenly appeared smack dab in the middle of the Diet is a blond teenage girl wearing loose clothing.

That girl is being addressed in a gentlemanly manner in sharp contrast from his usual scheming self by Adachi-kun, who had job changed from ‘Minister of Foreign Affairs’ into ‘Prime Minister’ before anyone had noticed.

It is said that Amaterasu-sama’s antics had caused a hole to open up in the previous Prime Minister’s stomach, but the truth of that statement is undeterminable.

(T/N: The Japanese believe that stress leads to ulcers in the stomach, and that severe cases can lead to perforation (holes) in the stomach lining.)

“A-, Amaterasu-sama? Umm, no.”

Clearly not having been informed, the teenager shakes her head quiveringly.

Apparently even though Amaterasu-sama took one step forward with last time’s reverse-summoning, now she has taken two steps back.

——Amaterasu-sama, please do your job.

The Diet members’ hearts united.

“Actually, blah blah blah.”


“…… Young lady?”

Upon hearing Adachi-kun’s explanation, the girl hangs her head and sinks into silence.

——Again? Wait, seriously, again?

The Diet members feel a sense of foreboding.

“Does something come to mind?”

“Umm…… I was under attack and surrounded by demon monsters, so I clubbed together a random summoning circle and tried activating it without actually expecting anything. But then suddenly a man came out……”

Apparently this time’s summoning is a boy-meets-girl story starting with saving the girl from a crisis.

But then the girl herself got reverse-summoned, so that was that.

What’s the boy to do now with this story?

“Eh, wait, Prime Minister! If that is true, then the Japanese person this time is currently being attacked by ‘demon monsters’……”

So shouts a young Diet member upon coming to a serious realization.

He’s got a point. At the current rate, the story would become boy-meets-monster (dead).

If, upon allowing an otherworld summoning to succeed, and the summoned Japanese person dies immediately afterwards, Izanami-sama would plow right through ‘geki oko’ straight to ‘geki oko-stic finaleality punpun dream (godly)’. 1

“Ah, actually, he’s fine, I think.”

But such worries of the Diet members are immediately dismissed by the teenage girl.

“The man who was summoned had a really large build, but the first thing he did was shout “Iyaaan! Don’t approach me you perverts!?” while pounding the demon monsters into the ground.”


Apparently the one who was summoned was not ‘boy’ but ‘Onee.’

(T/N: ‘Onee’ is an address for drag queens. Yes, the word is the same one for ‘Onee-san’ (elder sister). It’s like, elder ‘sister’ (wink).)

Even in this world, there isn’t anyone who can match up to an Onee, so he would most likely live strong in the other world also.

“Ahhh, Chairman. For the near future, how about I take on the responsibility of looking after this child?”

“Uh, yeah, why not. Those in favor, stand.”

Everybody stands up in unison in response to the Chairman’s words.

At this moment, in this place, there is no ‘government party’ and no ‘opposition party.’

Everyone’s hearts are united.

——Adachi-kun is the only one capable of handling this incomprehensible state of affairs.

…… Today, too, Japan is at peace.

The scene changes to Takamagahara.

“Wh-, whew. So he’s still alive, that person.”

“He’s apparently quite strong. He is pretending to be scared, yet accurately gouging the demon monsters’ vital points. Those disgusting gestures must surely be a part of his acting.”

While watching the Onee in question going monster hunting in the other world, Amaterasu-sama and Tsukuyomi-sama heave a sigh of relief.

It seems that they’ve escaped a lecture from Izanami-sama (Mom).

Even though Tsukuyomi-sama normally acts all cool, he’s also scared of Mom (Izanami-sama), so he’s secretly feeling very relieved.

“Thank you, Tsukuyomi. It happened all too suddenly, so I couldn’t deal with it in time.”

“What? I didn’t do anything though. Wasn’t it Ane-ue who blessed him?”


The crisis has passed, but the unexpected state of affairs has caused both gods to freeze.

It seems that Onee-san had transmigrated into the other world without any cheat nor divine blessing, and is in the middle of monster hunting while relying only on his own strength.

“…… Oh well! He seems to be doing well anyways.”


This is the part where Tsukuyomi-sama understands that her “Oh well!” is merely a glossing over of her failure and in no way indicates a motivation to do better next time. But he knows better than to expect any improvements to this quack goddess’s character this point in time, so he maintains his silence.

Today, too, Takamagahara is at peace.

1 There is a Japanese meme detailing 6 stages of anger, in this order:

Weak: Oko (Angry)

Normal: Maji Oko (Seriously Angry)

Stronger: Geki Oko Punpun Maru (Ultra Angry Punpun Boy)

Strongest: Muka Chakka Fire (Angry Fire Burst)

Explosion: Kam-chakka Infernooooooh (Come Fire Inferno)

Godly: Geki Oko-stic Finaleality Punpun Dream (Very Angristic Finaleality Punpun Dream)