Megami Buchigire - Chapter 53 - Don’t Put Fruits that Leak Juices into Bentos

Chapter 53: Don’t Put Fruits that Leak Juices into Bentos

Bento, or otherwise known as the lunchbox.

As a form of portable ration, this is something that can be found all over the world. But actually, a country that has developed and diversified their lunchboxes to Japan’s level is extremely rare.

A significant reason for this is because Japan’s Japanica rice, unlike the Indica rice of many other countries, is still delicious after turning cold.

For example, in China, cold rice is disliked to the point where it is said to be something that can only be fed to prisoners. However, such cultural taboos are far and few in between in Japan, so the bento was able to spread wings and develop like a blooming flower.

And it is such a bento that is currently being enjoyed with relish by a man in the Official Residence.

Un. This dashimaki tamago1 is just wonderful. Its simplicity is what allows the cook’s skills to shine through. It’s quite impressive indeed.”

The person who is enjoying a piece of dashimaki tamago is the Minister of Foreign Affairs Yagira-kun. After swallowing what’s in his mouth and taking a sip of tea, he breathes out a breath of satisfaction before reaching out with his chopsticks towards another piece of side dish.

Hou. This meat roll has ume shiso2 inside? They make a great balance. Goes great with rice too.”

“I, see. Thank you very much.”

“You don’t really have to mind him, Shiina-san. Yagira-kun is a gourmand. You can leave him alone and he’d still get zealous about it all on his own.”

There is Yagira-kun smacking his lips contently while digging into a bento, and there is Shiina-san looking at a lost at Yagira-kun’s words even while refilling his cup with tea. Then there is Adachi-kun also digging into his own bento while calling out to Shiina-san.

Though his words and tone may sound calm, the smile on his face indicates that he is also fully enjoying his bento.

“What a terrible thing to say, Adachi-san. And how how sly you are. If your bento is this delicious every day, it explains why you no longer visit the Diet’s and Official Residence’s cafeteria.”

“Haven’t I already asked Shiina-san to make an exception and make a portion for you like so? The privilege of being able to enjoy this bento is normally restricted to family members only.”

“Oh my.”

Yagira-kun’s complaint is decidedly refuted by Adachi-kun. Adachi-kun’s words must have made Shiina-san quite happy, as her face was colored with surprise before turning into a delighted smile.

Fuu, that was great. Gochisousama, Shiina-san. It was absolutely amazing.”

“”Gochisousama desu. Today’s was delicious again, Shiina-san. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you, both of you. Osomatsusama deshita.”3

After the fox and tanuki finish their bento, Shiina-san pours more tea for them. She is really growing into the role of the perfect wife.

“Well then. The bento was indeed delicious, but there is an actual reason why we had Shiina-san come all the way to the Official Residence.”

“As I had thought.”

Upon hearing Yagira-kun’s words, Shiina-san’s face changes into that of a member of royalty.

“The issue is about my treatment, am I correct?”

“You’re not going to ask ‘why now’?”

“The previous time when we had the gathering with Graios-san and Roman-san, Yagira-san brought up the topic of ‘what if we can establish contact with another world.’ Thus if we are to readjust our direction with the assumption that contact with another world will indeed become possible, the treatment of all of us who were gathered at that time will surely be placed under reconsideration.”

“To think that you have figured things out that far. You really are capable. It’s truly a waste to restrict you solely to the role of a housewife.”

Shiina-san’s words causes Yagira-kun to laugh jovially. Apparently Shiina-san’s speculation was right on the money.

“And so, with all that in mind, how do you feel about going to school?”

“How did the conclusion become that?!”

Yagira-kun’s conclusion that skipped over the entire process evokes a very rare tsukkomi from Shiina-san.

“It’s because we’ve never had the precedent of ‘another country’s royalty being entrusted with us,’ so for now we want to change it to ‘another country’s royalty is on exchange in our country’ and get your environment sorted out under that pretext.”

“Isn’t that stretching it a bit far?”

Stop nitpicking on the tiny details!

“It might indeed be a stretch, but this is also my request. Though all of us are under the care of Shiina-san in the way of chores and a lot else, due to that Shiina-san almost never has opportunity to go out. It is my belief that it would be greatly beneficial for you to go out more and meet and build more relationships with other people around your age.”


“I don’t need any of that as long as Adachi-san is here” is what Shiina-san wants to say, but she is a woman of common sense so she holds her tongue.

If she actually let those words slip out, then Adachi-kun would have felt danger in various meanings and implemented a plan to distance himself from Shiina-san.

The best way to deal with yanderes is to nip things in the bud before they fall seriously ill.

“Furthermore, Roman-san, who is in a similar position to yours, has already expressed his agreement.”


As if in answer to Adachi-kun’s words, the door is opened with a ‘bang’ and in the doorframe stands Roman-san in an enigmatic pose.

Today, too, he is his usual deplorable ikemen self.

“Which reminds me, Roman-san had been studying to become a court scholar in Fitzgald. Do you wish to become a bureaucrat in Japan then?”

“There’s that too, but there is an even loftier reason for going to school.”


So he is not going to school with the future in sight, but it is school itself that has meaning for him.

Unable to understand the meaning of this, Shiina-san can only tilt her head in puzzlement.

“Due to security reasons, it is but inevitable that we would attend the same school as Yayoi-san. In other words! It is also predetermined fate that the wonderful, happy, embarrassing school-life events as expounded on by innumerable literature (manga) would happen! As such! This occasion of matriculating into a school is the most ideal chance for yours truly to totally raise flags with Yayoi-san!”

Roman-san delivers his speech with passion and clenched fists. His deplorable-ness is the same as always, but the fact of his figure overlapping with the dreams of many boys in the universe seems to lend his words a certain persuasive power.

……Eh? A school-life love comedy sub-arc? Like hell that’d happen.

“As expected from the country said to be the most developed in its own world. The two from Fitzgald have displayed very high comprehensive ability towards our sub-culture indeed.”

“Ah yes, Graios-san has apparently gotten hooked on dungeon RPGs lately.”

“Umm. I feel a very serious sense of unease towards going to school now though.”

There is the two Japanese looking on heartwarmingly at Roman-san, then there is Shiina-san who wants to insist on not being grouped together with something like Roman-san.

Today, too, Japan is at peace.

1 Japanese rolled egg omelet. It’s absolutely different from the Western omelet so by all means look it up: dashimaki tamago (だし巻き卵)

2Ume is Japanese pickled plums; shiso refers to shiso leaves, also called Japanese basil. Apparently the saltiness of the plum contrasts nicely with the freshness of the leaves. For your searching: ume shiso (梅シソ)

3 When it comes to Japanese and eating, the phrase itadakimasu is very well known. Well, that’s to be said at the beginning of a meal, and indicates gratitude towards the ingredients. At the end of a meal, the phrase to be said is gochisousama [desu / deshita], and indicates gratitude towards the person who cooked the food. The cook’s appropriate reply is then osomatsusama [desu / deshita], which is an expression of humble acceptance of the gratitude.