Megami Buchigire - Chapter 6 - Isekai Onee Monogatari

Chapter 6: Isekai Onee Monogatari

In a nameless forest that sprawls west of the kingdom.

This used to be an important point of a trade route and thus has a road running through it, but as of several months ago, not a single person has gone near it.

The reason is…… ogres.

These demons with bodies almost double the size of humans have occupied this forest.

But these ogres have been auspiciously annihilated just the other day.

Pretty much all the credit goes to Onee.

“Oh dearie me, there’s a bloodstain even over here.”

The one standing in the middle of a field of mutilated ogre bodies while trying to wipe off a bloodstain is a tall man.

His build is also quite impressive, and his muscles almost seem in danger of bursting out from the tunic that he is wearing.

Them bursting out seems very likely to elicit a “now who’s going to sew these clothes back?”, but it was Onee himself who sewed these clothes and even added frills to it, so there’s no problem.

“Goodness, these don’t come off no matter how much I wash them. I already don’t have that many outfits, is someone going to reimburse me for these?”

This well-built man is, as mentioned repeatedly, an Onee.

Yes, an Onee.

Furthermore, unfortunately, he is also a Japanese.

This Onee who was accidentally summoned to another world is, as the Diet members predicted, living strong.

There might be some who might think him living too strong, but he’s an Onee, so there’s no helping it.

A perfect human possessing the strength of a man and the sensitivity of a woman is, in a sense, Ardhanarishvara in the flesh. That is who an Onee is.

(T/N: Ardhanarishvara is a half male and half female composite of the Hindu gods Shiva and his consort Parvati.)

“Yuki-dono really is strong.”

At a small tavern in the lower part of the royal capital.

The person who’s sharing a table with Onee is a female knight of the kingdom’s Knight Order.

In the past, she had been saved by Onee from a crisis, at which time she fell for his strength and gentleness.

But the other person is an Onee, so her feelings will never be reciprocated.

What a sinful person Onee is.

“Just one more time, would you consider joining the Knight Order?”

“That conversation again? No way, no way. How silly would a knight who can’t use a sword look?”

Yep, Onee has been fighting barehandedly this entire time.

The reason is because he is so strong that any weapon he brandishes gets destroyed.

The tsukkomi of “Who are you, Cú Chulainn?” seems appropriate here, but if Cú Chulainn himself hears this, he would very likely retort “don’t lump me together with him”.

More like, if Cú Chulainn is lumped together, then his Gáe Bolg would turn into Gay Bolg.

“But still…… why does Yuki-dono have such an…… interest?”


She’s asked it. She’s gone and asked it.

The words of the female knight that broach the subject without consideration for the atmosphere causes all the other customers in the tavern to stiffen in nervousness.

“A secret…… is what I’d normally say, but I’m in a good mood today so I’ll tell you. Actually, I…… had a woman that I loved.”

——Eh, fer reals?

The hearts of everyone in the tavern became one with the female knight’s.

“We had been together ever since we were young…… she was what people normally call a childhood friend. She was very strong-willed, and always protected the crybaby that was me.”

The female knight is troubled about where to start tsukkomi-ing from.

But the person speaking is giving off a “I’m telling a good story” vibe, so she cannot give voice to her tsukkomis.

“We became adults, and got married together as a matter of course. Us being together seemed like the most natural thing in the world.”

What a shock.

Onee turns out to have been straight, and married at that.

The female knight receives two different sorts of damage.

“But the happiness did not last long. She died, you see. Even though we had only just gotten married.”

The sudden heavy turn in the story enables the female knight to recover herself.

The other customers in the tavern are also listening seriously.

“I was there during her last moments, you see. And her parting words were ‘I won’t forgive you if you forget me and get hitched with another woman.’”

“Ehhh, isn’t that the part that normally goes ‘Please forget me and find yourself a new love’?”

Is it merely due to a difference in culture that the parting words sounded more like a curse?

The female knight really could not hold back her tsukkomi.

“Those words were really so like her. She seemed strong-willed, but was actually someone who easily feels lonely. So I decided to protect her parting words. But it’s just, I’m still young, so it’s really too lonely for me to live alone for the rest of my life after having lost her.”


“But then I realized it. She said to not get hitched with another woman…… which means that getting hitched with a man is fine!”


The conclusion that the past version of Onee had reached causes the female knight to pound the table with both hands in despair.

Because of his love for his late wife, he runs to men.

Even the one who’s writing this doesn’t know what’s what anymore.

…… Today, too, the otherworld is at peace.

“…… Tsukuyomi. Are you sure that that person did not receive any divine blessing whatsoever?”

“Yes I’m sure. Incidentally, he also does not have any magical or mysterious power. His strength is completely due to his muscles.”

Upon taking a look and finding Onee having gotten much stronger than expected, Amaterasu-sama double checks with Tsukuyomi-sama, but the answer is the same.

Apparently Onee himself is already that strong.

Onee, become a legend.

(T/N: Onee yo, shinwa ni nare. Evangelion’s opening song reference.)

“To think that such a person was in the modern world. What a waste for him to have gone to another world.”


The voice that had suddenly cut into the conversation causes Amaterasu-sama to freeze.



When she slowly turns around, she finds a gigantic macho male god standing there.

He is the younger brother of Amaterasu-sama and Tsukuyomi-sama. The youngest brother of the three Shinto pillars, Susanoo-no-Mikoto.

He is the super problem child who cried about wanting to see his mother and got kicked away by Izanagi-sama and in turn rampaged about Takamagahara and caused Amaterasu-sama to become a hikikomori. 1


“Hey slow down there, Aneki.”

(T/N: ‘Aneki’ is a more boyish way of addressing an elder sister, as opposed to Tsukuyomi’s more formal ‘Ane-ue’.)

Amaterasu-sama was about to rush off into the cave due to the various traumas that rose unbidden in her head, but despite being the youngest, the Susanoo-sama that seems like a leader in a yakuza gang is not going to let her get away.

Grabbed by the neck, Amaterasu-sama cannot do anything except quiver like a kitten.

Nnya—!? Leggo of me! Go back to Ne-no-Kuni!!”

(T/N: Ne-no-Kuni is also an underworld in Japanese mythology. There is no clear consensus on the relationship between Yomi and Ne-no-Kuni (and there’s a third one, called Tokoyo-no-Kuni).)

“Ah, I yielded my position to my adopted son-in-law, so now I have tons of spare time. That’s why I’ve come to play with Aneki.”

“Which connotation of ‘with’ did you mean?!?!”

“Oh, don’t sweat about the details. Let’s play some Puyo Puyo!”

“?! …… w-, with a handicap, alright?”


Tsukuyomi-sama merely watches on as Amaterasu-sama is taken away, still dangling from Susanoo-sama’s arm.

It might seem like Tsukuyomi-sama is heartless, but Susanoo is actually a siscon on top of being a mothercon, so he probably wouldn’t do anything too bad to her.

Putting that aside.

“Ah, Omoikane-dono? Ane-ue is being played with by Susanoo, so please inform all the gods to start preparations for a feast.”

Elder sister and young brother chance meeting = Hikikomori = Feast

This enigmatic formula that only makes sense in Takamagahara has been activated, and thus it is confirmed that there will be a feast tonight.

“Ahh, and also as an anti-Ame-no-Uzume measure, ensure Sarutahiko (husband)’s attendance. That god tries to strip at any little excuse. Also, tell Takemikazuchi to announce beforehand if he plans to unveil a new gag or trick. Then……”

Thus Tsukuyomi-sama rapidly proceeds with the preparations for the feast.

Today, too, Takamagahara is at peace.

1 This is referencing the Ama-no-Iwato incident which was explained in Chapter 2. Click here to read up on it, if you didn’t the other time. This is the article mentioning how he was crying over the death of his mother Izanami.