Megami Buchigire - Chapter 61B

Chapter 61B: ‘Serious’ Is Meant to Be Setup so It Can Be Chucked Out the Window (Part B)

“SO CUTE! Is this the rumored Sukunabikona-sama?”

““…… Hah?””

The tenor voice that abruptly rings out causes everyone present to let out a stupified voice.

A man large enough to tower over everyone has appeared seemingly out of nowhere and is now crouching before Sukunabikona-sama and looking at him with great interest.

“Since Sukunabikona-sama is on your shoulder, you must be Asuka-chan, right? Nice to meet you. I am a Japanese same as you, my name is Yuuki.”

So saying, he throws a wink that seems to evoke a ‘pachiko—n’ SFX in the background.

Seeing that, both Saros-kun and the soldiers all draw back.

“Ohh, so you have finally arrived. I’ve heard the rumors about you, Yuuki.”

“Oh my, are the gods gossiping about me? But what have I done that’s worthy of gossip?”

With complete disregard of their surroundings, Onee and Sukunabikona-sama strike up a conversation.

As for what he has done, it was enough to make the gods at times clutch their heads and at times roar with laughter, but apparently the person himself is not conscious about it.

“Wh-, who are you, you bastard?!”

“Didn’t you hear me introduce myself to this girl? Ahh, it seems that I would need a different kind of self-introduction with people like you.”

So saying, Onee turns his heels and stands before Asuka-san and the others as if to protect them.

“Vice-Commander Yuuki Kokushou of the Imperial Knight Order of Meldeia Kingdom. Or would things resolve easier here if I go by my title of Dragonslayer instead?”

“Wha-…… the Ogre of Meldeia?!”

The soldiers’ faces that had been expressionless are now all colored with bewilderment.


Dragons are existences that can be said to be an entirely different level of being. Yet a man defeated one, without the use of magic nor magical tools.

Thus he is called the ‘Ogre.’ With no need for magic, rising to claim the title of the strongest with his strength alone, Onee is feared as the incarnation of the terrifying ogre.

“So it seems that you’re doing something quite childish here, hm?”

Kuh, what of it! If you really are a knight of Meldeia, then you can’t raise your hand here! Do you think you can live after making an enemy of my country!?”

“Oh my, to say something like that. So you really don’t understand the true value of this child.”

Onee places a hand on the shoulder that’s not occupied by Sukunabikona-sama.

“I’m sure you people are trying to bring this girl to Central to make her re-enact whatever she did here that caused the large increase in production from this village. But what if I bring this girl to Meldeia and have her do it there? What do you think would happen then?”


Finally realizing this fact after having it pointed out by Onee, blood quickly drains from the man’s face.

Keros’ neutral position is maintained through its export of food.

But if another country becomes capable of exporting food also, then what would happen to Keros’ position?

“Hmm, if it’s only Meldeia, then it might be a bit touch and go. But if we get Galdeia involved too, then I’m confident the two of us can put up quite a fight over market shares with Keros. In such a situation, which side do you think the other countries would take?”


Galdeia Kingdom and Meldeia Kingdom. If these two sister countries join hands, then they would have enough military strength to go toe to toe with every other country in the vicinity.

Even if they cannot immediately reach the level of production that Keros has built up to over the years, just reaching a level close to that of Keros’ would cause severe tremors.

It would be akin to giving an ogre a metal club.1 It would be akin to giving Onee a holy sword (blunt weapon).

Because of the Japanese, the entire southern part of the continent would become unified.

“It’s not like I want to start a war. But what would be best for all parties involved…… should be clear, yes?”


Onee smiles sweetly, which causes the man to spurt cold sweat while stepping backwards.

It seems that after understanding the current situation, he’s realized how dangerous Onee is.

At this rate, he would be finished (sexually).

“R-, retreat! Retreat! Protect your asses!”

“How rude! I don’t have any interest towards men who look like toads!”

So if he is interested then he might do it?

That question comes up in everyone’s minds, but no one voices it out loud.

“So you would actually do it if you’re interested?”

“You actually asked it?!”

But perhaps due to the casualness of being from the same place, Asuka-san asks the question out loud.

Which evokes a full-strength tsukkomi from Saros-kun.

“Hmm…… that boy is actually quite cute, so maybe…”


The one that Onee has locked onto is Saros-kun, who immediately goes to hide behind Asuka-san.

He might look pathetic for doing so, but his dignity as a man is at stake, so it’s understandable.

“You would even eat straight guys?!”

“Well, I don’t really want to force anyone. But that look of fear on his face is just……”

Unfortunately, Saros-kun’s shield is a girl of the age where she’s also deeply interested in this kind of topic.

Asuka-san’s eyes are sparkling when she is questioning Onee. At this rate, Saros-kun might really become dinner.

“I offer my greetings, Sukunabikona-sama. My name is Soga Juuzou.”

“Ohh, so you’re the rumored chef. I look forward to seeing your skills.”

After a brief side glance at Onee, it is Juuzou-san who calmly appears and respectfully greets Sukunabikona-sama.

Today, too, this otherworld is at peace.

1Oni ni kanabou (鬼に金棒) is a phrase that means to give someone who is already strong something that makes them even stronger. Such as a famous goalie joining an already strong soccer team. A powerful vocal joining a popular band. Etc.